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Indian script: what is it, devanagari, hindi

What is Indian script?

The indian script modern is Devanagari, with which several languages ​​spoken in that country are written. It is somewhat similar to the Latin alphabet with which various languages ​​are written, such as Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Swedish or Danish, among others.

India is a huge nation, with a remote history that has influenced over time to create different cultures that developed different languages ​​and languages.

Among the languages ​​written with Devanagari you can find the official language of India, which is Hindi, and Sanskrit, considered sacred.

In addition, there is Bhili, Bhoshpuri, Bijari, Kashmiri, Konkaní, Marathi, Nepali and Sindhi, for a total of 21 official languages.

Devanagari, the script of India

It is believed that this writing system originated in the 11th century, originating in turn from the Gupta script, which arose from Brahmi 300 years BC. At first it was believed that they were only symbols and not a writing system like such.

There is a record of 400 different symbols, by the time anthropologists and Devanagari scholars assume it was its beginning.

Currently, much of the scripts related to the languages ​​of India are called the Indo-Aryan language family.

What does the d consist of?evanagari?

It is written in the same sense as the Romance languages, that is, from left to right. Languages ​​like Arabic or Hebrew are written from right to left.

The writing system is a combination of sounds in a syllabary and an alphabet to form words.

Spanish has five vowels, unlike Devanagari, which has twelve vowels, or svara. In addition, it has 34 vyanjana or consonants, while Spanish has 21.

Unlike Western languages ​​written in the Latin alphabet, which have different grammar rules for writing in upper and lower case, languages ​​written in Devanagari do not have this difference.

Each consonant has an associated (inherent) vowel that is changed when written with another word. That is why it is an alphabet of the abugida type, that is, an alphasyllabary.

How is Hindi?

This language is spoken by more than 70% of Hindus, mainly in the south of the country. As in Latin, in Farsi – the language of Iran – and in Japanese, in Hindi, the grammatical structure is subject, followed by the object and then the verb: SOV.

This is somewhat complicated for those who speak Spanish, which always has the subject order, followed by the verb and ends with the object: SVO. For example, the phrase «I am rich», in Hindi, would be said: «I am rich», placing the verb last.

About Sanskrit

The meaning of the word Devanagari is language of the gods or divinities. It is believed that it was brought to Earth so that men could communicate with the gods.

Today Sanskrit is a dead language, but it has widespread liturgical use in Buddhism and Hinduism, and it is written with Devanagari.

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages ​​in the world, and many others derived from it, such as Hindi itself.


Devanagari Writing system. Recovered from britannica.com

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