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ICT at home (with examples)

What are ICT at home?

The ICT at homeor Information and Communication Technologies, are those tools, such as computers, cell phones, tablets or any device, that can connect to the internet, with which we solve daily problems and facilitate all kinds of tasks.

Currently, ICTs are a vital tool in all areas, both business and at home, allowing anyone with a computer with internet access to connect with people anywhere and at any time.

Due to the importance of ICTs and the great help they provide, they have become an indispensable element in homes. In this way, any member of the family can carry out tasks or solve different problems with the help of these technologies.

On the other hand, thanks to ICT, activities such as education or learning are available to everyone, since they have helped to shorten the distances in terms of the availability of information. This is due to the fact that more and more homes in many countries have internet connectivity and access to devices connected to it.

Examples of ICT at home

To better understand the importance of these technologies at home and how they can be used, some examples of these and how they work will be presented.

Smartphones or smartphones

Cell phones or mobile phones have undoubtedly become one of the most important tools for anyone in recent years, not only because they are a communication channel, but also because they allow access to different sites and services through the Internet.

Smartphones are a fundamental device in any home today, as they allow communication between family members easily and quickly. On the other hand, they bring people who may be at great distances around the world closer together.

Smart TV or smart televisions

Due to the technological advances that occur every day, smart televisions have become a basic component in most homes and families around the planet. This is due to the fact that televisions have become very complete entertainment centers thanks to their access to the Internet.

Additionally, smart TVs bring together a large number of services and applications that not only provide entertainment for families, but also help learning and discovering new things.

smart home appliances

Years ago, household appliances such as coffee makers, microwaves, refrigerators, ovens or washing machines had unique and basic functions for which they had been developed. However, due to technological advances in recent times, these devices have gone beyond their primary functions.

They are said to be intelligent because they are connected to the Internet and various programs can be established according to the needs and preferences of the users. They are part of what is called the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart homes, that is, homes connected to the internet and to each other.


Today refrigerators have internet access and can be operated remotely thanks to their connectivity. This has allowed functions such as cooling or freezing to be programmed in different ways depending on the food they contain or the temperatures they require.

On the other hand, the configuration of the new refrigerators allows you to give orders according to the needs of the home. In other words, families or users of the refrigerator can program its functions in order to save energy.


One of the elements within the home that has developed its smart technology the most are microwave ovens, which can now be controlled from a smartphone and heat food according to the needs of the home.

For example, if a person comes home late at night after work, they can order their microwave to heat up their dinner on the way home, so that when they get home, their food is ready to eat.

Washing machines

Another of the household appliances that have advanced the most in accordance with what ICT proposes are washing machines. Previously, their functions were to wash according to instructions given and they were limited only to fulfilling this task.

Today, smart washing machines can be controlled via the internet, where families can give more washing and drying instructions to these appliances. Thus, greater efficiency is achieved in the use of this equipment and makes life easier for household members.

Smart home applications and devices

Within the ICT used at home, there are devices and applications that facilitate the control of multiple elements of the home, such as lighting, curtains, air conditioning or even the temperature of the water.

Applications for smart homes can be installed on a cell phone and thanks to internet connectivity, different components of the house can be controlled from it. Thus, it can be achieved that families can control the environment in their homes according to their tastes or needs.

Smart Homes have advanced so much in recent years that they can already count on artificial intelligence. This means that the requirements of a family are automatically identified by these teams and create the environment that they consider suitable for the home, without the need for the user to give orders to these technologies.

smart cars

One of the most important factors inside a house is mobility, whether it is to go to work, study or some other need. Therefore, many families have at least one car for this.

ICTs have advanced so much in recent years that cars are not only vehicles for transportation, but have gone further, giving a much more complete experience to those who use them, reaching the point of parking or driving autonomously. under the supervision of the user.

smart pet feeding devices

Because many families have pets, and due to their multiple occupations, they must leave them alone at certain times of the day, there are teams that can monitor pets through a camera and know how they are doing.

Additionally, these devices allow you to see if pets have enough water or food. In the event that the animal needs one of these two, its remote owner can give the order to provide it.


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