7 junio, 2024

I had faith / meme: what it is, origin, meaning, variants

What is the “I had faith” meme?

«I had faith» is one of the most popular memes of the moment, related to the iconic character Dominic Toretto, from the saga Fast and furious. Many users have asked us to talk a bit about it, which has led us to dedicate this post to it.

Continue reading if you are interested in knowing the origin, meaning and the craziest variants of one of the fastest and furious memes on the entire web. And it is that in 2021 fast and furious 9 premiered, which has been the trigger for the meme.

Origin of the meme «I had faith»

As has happened with the origin of many others, «I had faith» is a meme that originated from a film production. Do you know the franchise Fast and furious?

It is a saga where action, cars and speed are the main elements. It is likely that you have ever come across one of his 9 movies, his video games or short films.

One of the main characters in this story is Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel), a lover of auto racing who is always involved in irregular situations with the law.

Dom’s personality (as his family and friends call him) has made him jump from the movie screen to the screen of computers and mobile devices. The above thanks to his beliefs and his iconic phrases.

The scene that gave rise to the meme

Everything is due to a scene from the Fast and Furious 9 movie, where physics and the sense of the possible are challenged. In the sequence, Toretto and Letty (a character from the first films who reappears as the protagonist in this installment) are chased.

Well, Dom and Letty are each in their vehicle. They drive in a parallel direction on different levels of the highway. In the middle of the chase, Letty crashes and from the impact she is thrown out of the car.

Realizing this, Dom decides to jump into the void to rescue her. And she does it! She lands on the hood of a vehicle that is also at the location. After falling, Letty asks Dom how she knew they would be saved, to which he responds with the mythical phrase: «-I had faith».


Hundreds of users of social networks have used this phrase and the image of Vin Diesel to refer to extraordinary situations that only find a solution in faith.

For example, how did you manage to pass the year if you never studied? The answer would be: «I had faith.»


Along with the importance of counting and protecting family, Dom’s faith has become a target of memes. So that the imagination and creativity on the part of the users have not been long in coming.

There are many Marvel characters, and other stories, who have starred in a variant of this meme. Some of the funniest can be found on the web.


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