11 julio, 2024

I am Admin: what is it, meme, meaning, history, origin

What is I am Admin and what is its origin?

I am Admin is a meme that is popularly used on social networks, especially those that have a group moderator or administrator. It has been spread for a little less than a year in WhatsApp, Facebook and Reddit groups, among others.

The I’m Admin meme arose from an image posted by user Oppressor in 2020 of the Lich King from the game Warcraft III with a menacing expression frozen on the Throne of Ice. The image shows in the form of text the phrase «I am Admin.»

The meme became popular in WhatsApp groups, where administrators have great power. Then it began to be used in other social networks where there are also moderators such as Facebook groups.

Story of I’m Admin

The original meme was published by Oppressor on April 26, 2020. A short time later it went viral on different social networks. As often happens in these cases, this gave rise to a large number of variants in which the Lich King was replaced by other mythical figures of power.

Later, other related memes emerged that sought to challenge the power of the admin. In other words, I am Admin came to represent a declaration of power, while the other memes became expressions of rebellion against power.

The meaning of I am admin

The famous I am Admin meme is used to declare that one has power. In many ways, the admin or administrators have the power of a king in their respective groups. They can remove group members or allow them in, they can mute them, delete posts, etc.

On the other hand, I am Admin is also used by people to declare themselves bosses or leaders before others in different contexts. In these cases, it does not mean that they are literally administrators of a group, but that they are influential and powerful people in their environment (or would like to be).

Variants of I’m Admin

There are essentially four variants of memes related to Soy Admin.

#1 Those who share the same meaning

Many of the variants of the I’m Admin meme consist of an image of a power figure with the text I’m Admin above it. This includes mythical characters such as gods, kings, or other types of strong leaders. In some cases they are characters from other games and animes.

#2 Those that are used to challenge or defy the established power

A branch of memes consists of those that seek to challenge the admin. This represents the desire to overthrow and replace the leader of a group, be it a social media group or an actual group.

In these cases, the phrase I’m Admin is replaced with things like:

I want to challenge the admin
I want to be admin
Bring me to the admin etc.

#3 Those that are used as nostalgia for lost power

Another variant consists of the use of phrases that suggest having had power in the past, but not in the present. They usually use images of the same mythical figures, but with a somber expression and in a state of depression.

#4 Those who make fun of the same meme I am Admin

One aspect that became very popular was the image of a fat kid sitting on a throne of Pepsi packages with the phrase I’m Admin. This image was posted on Twitter by @FrannLizondo after Maradona’s death, to indicate that Messi was finally admin.

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