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How to write an official letter: data, examples and formats

What is a trade?

The official letter is a type of document that is made to deliver an official communication to a particular recipient and that can be issued by both private and public entities.

Some time ago, only public institutions were the ones that gave official validity to this kind of document, but currently private companies also do it.

The official letter is generally made up of one or two pages, depending on the information that you want to show. In the same way, the usual thing is that the size of the paper is letter (21.59cms x 27.94cms), although this does not mean that you cannot choose the legal format (21.59cms x 35.56cms) or A4 (21cms). x 29.7 cm).

According to this, an official letter is written with the purpose of communicating or notifying, but based on a strictly formal writing or writing.

In other words, knowing this will make it easier to understand that the answer to how to write an official letter refers mainly to fulfilling the conditions determined in the formality of writing the document.

Types of trade

To learn how to write an official letter, it is essential to know this kind of categorization system, since this way it will be much easier to form a relationship between the organization from which the document is issued and the recipient.

Trades by origin and institutional destination

inner office

It results when the office is for internal use, being mobilized within any government office. In the corporate case, it is mobilized only within the company. Under this aspect, the trades can be called

Local interior office: if the issuance and destination of the office is in the same building or institution. It does not leave the premises.
Foreign internal office: when the office is transferred to other institutions or government buildings.

foreign office

This type corresponds to official documents issued by agencies for private entities outside the government or for the general public. In the case of companies, it is when it is issued to anyone who is not from the same company or branch.

Trades that are intended for one or more people

Simple or direct office

The simple trade or also called direct trade is the one that makes a statement that is addressed to a single institution or person in particular, this being generally called the owner.

If it is issued by a government institution, it has official validity, and if it is issued by a business institution, it will then have business validity.

Certain trades are officially valid, even if they are not issued by government institutions, such as trades issued by credit institutions or banks, or school trades from private schools, among others.

Multiple trade

This job has the same structure as a simple job. However, it is addressed to several people at the same time, which makes its wording more universal, so that it is understandable by everyone and not by someone specific.

What information should an official letter include?

Place and date

The official letter begins with the inclusion of this information, so that the date and place of issuance of the document is clear.


It consists of showing the data that will allow this document to be identified through, for example, the initials of the office that elaborates it, the issue number and the current year. Depending on the institution, this may vary.


It is given as a suggestion that the full name of the person, his position and the place of destination be included. It is best that this does not occupy more than four lines in the document.


You can optionally specify the subject on which the document deals, followed by a summary of it, with which a brief explanation of the content of the official letter is given.


When talking about how to write an official letter, it must be clear that this part turns out to be the key point of the official letter, since it is where the message is made known.


You must remember to say goodbye in a friendly way, so that the relationship can be maintained on good terms. Do not forget to write a «Sincerely» at the end, with the name and signature of the issuer.

In addition, the best thing to do is to be able to stamp the official letter with the organization’s logo, since it gives the document greater validity.

Trade Examples

Shareholders meeting letter

Mexico City as of February 14, 2021.

Office Number: 29/2021.

Importer Ignacio SA of CVB

Citizen director of offices.

Attention: Ing. Fernando Hernández Miranda.

Esteemed Mr. Hernández, by means of this official letter you are notified of the decision that the board of directors resolved regarding the request of your dispatch department, mainly regarding the need for cargo vehicles for daily transportation, which resolved the following:

Obtaining a fleet of 14 panel-type Mercedes Benz cargo units, with a six-cylinder diesel engine, which will be provided within a period of no more than 30 days, is granted.

These new units must be exchanged for the units that are currently in service, which will go to tender to be auctioned off to the general public and thus be able to redeem a portion of the investment.

In this way, it was resolved by the shareholders’ meeting, which is chaired by Eng. Rodolfo Pérez González, supported by the general secretary, Lic. Luisa Flores Guzmán.



Eng. Rodolfo Pérez González

Chairman of the shareholders’ meeting

vehicle delivery office

Mexico City as of June 18, 2021.

Official Number: 395-2021/6.

Auto Transport Alemán SA

Mrs. Carla Valdez Contreras.

Subject: Vehicle delivery notification.

Please use this letter to notify you that your new car can be picked up at our dealership, which is located at Av. Agustín de Iturbide Number 5116.

You can come to pick it up from June 20 of this year. In the same way, you are informed that your vehicle already has the first stickers and license plates.



Mr. Julián Torsillo Méndez

Dealership Manager

Official format to download

On request

Below is a format/model of the petition document for Mexico to be delivered:

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

delivery of documents

The following is a format/model of document delivery document for Mexico:

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

Of labor estrangement

The following is a format/model of job estrangement document for Mexico:

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.


Below is a format/model drafted by commission official letter for Mexico:

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

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