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How to start a conclusion: 30 phrases and examples

Starting a conclusion often leads to problems among students when they write their reports. The conclusion is the part of the report, thesis, research, etc., where the points addressed are summarized and where the scope of the study is established, defining in a certain way the author’s position.

It is the closing of a topic, and therefore, it is the final part of a dissertation, essay, article, etc. A conclusion is expected to clarify what has been discussed throughout the text and to record the results (for example, in scientific research), as well as to raise new questions or paths to follow.

It is not exactly a summary of what has been written, but rather to point out the items developed in the research and emphasize results (or the absence of them, depending on the nature and type of research).

Nor is it a space for opinion, although in a certain way the point of view of the work is defended. It is about exposing as clearly as possible the results of a research work.

As we know that it can be a real headache for many students, we present a series of sentences that will serve as an example to begin a conclusion, be it for essays, research, interviews, theses, monographs, reports, etc.

Examples of sentences to begin a conclusion

of all the above It follows that the investigation should be taken up by other professionals.
In conclusionthe study agrees with the authors regarding the causes of the problem, but not regarding the solutions.
In summarywe believe that the potential of the studied drug will be favorable for the eradication of malaria.
OK With the stated objectives, the study has been successful.
we agree with the ethical principles exposed but not with the form of punishment.
concludingthe contributions made by the study are not enough.
Inside the analysiswe can elucidate two possible aspects: one scientific and the other historical.
The above It leads us to think that more research is needed to obtain conclusive data.
Thusit has been possible to establish the relationship between disease and economic situation.
By virtue of the studiednow we know that the objectives will have to be changed.
summarizingall people are capable of learning from adversity.
Finallyit should be noted that Aristotle was a disciple of Plato, which supports our thesis.
pointing outwe do not agree with the premise exposed at the beginning of the study.
In conclusionwe will say that the universe is continuously expanding.
Thusthe futility of those who are against progress is revealed.
reading the article leads us to think that extreme behaviors are ultimately different sides of the same coin.
Research indicates that only a quarter of the city’s population was infected with the virus.
For all the exposedwe conclude that the high levels of gluten in wheat may be harmful for people with irritable bowel syndrome.
The conclusions indicate the need for a much more exhaustive study.
Although Given the premises, we believe that a change in policy is possible.
In relation to the above Throughout the thesis, we agree in distinguishing several stages in the growth of plants.
as a last thoughtWe believe that women and men should have the same rights under the law.
Finallyit should be noted that the community agreed to accept the hospital expansion plans.
around the theme that occupied us throughout the essay, we clarify that our position is favorable.
Retaking the ideas exposedwe emphasize the need for an education free of prejudices.
Considering the various theories put forwardwe must conclude that we accept the first one.
We came to the conclusion that both girls and boys can present traits of different intelligences.
The analysis of the statistics suggest an exponential growth of violence in cities.
of everything arguedit can be said that Flaubert was one of the most important French realist writers of the 19th century.
The evidence suggests that there are no substantial differences between the brain of a man and that of a woman.

Examples of conclusions

conclusions of an essay

At this point, it is inevitable to think that in the face of future generations we have a responsibility to care for the environment, otherwise this text will be a prophecy.
We came to the conclusion that it is necessary to educate children, young people and adults in sensitivity towards nature.
By virtue of the above, more than COVID-19, social distancing has affected people in dimensions that we will only be able to gauge in the future.
To recap, the 21st century pandemic has not been as deadly as the 14th century Black Death.
Global warming, in short, deteriorates the quality of life of all living beings and promotes the disappearance of species.

Conclusions of a monograph

Our intention in developing this research is to demonstrate that during the last 150 years of industrial processes, global pollution has reached levels never seen before, as we have stated in the objectives of our monograph.
Throughout the work we have seen that COVID-19 had a more aggressive behavior in its early stages of contagion.
Taking into account the proposed recommendations, it can be concluded that if put into practice as soon as possible, global warming could be reduced in the coming decades.

conclusions of an interview

As we have already seen, our interviewee believes that global contamination can be a real problem if it is not attacked now.
Q: In conclusion, what would you advise governments on the issue of global pollution?
A: I would recommend massive campaigns in schools about the dangers of pollution.

Conclusions of a scientific investigation

According to the study carried out, everything indicates that the MHY567 nanorobot can be very useful for decontaminating water in record time.
The preliminary results obtained allow us to affirm that the drug Hypersoxil eliminates the symptoms of pneumonia in patients with COVID-19.
As seen in this research, high levels of CO₂ in the atmosphere (415 parts per million, according to the US Institute of Oceanography) have a huge impact on the planet because they cause solar energy to accumulate faster than it is radiated.

conclusions of a thesis

The goal of this study is to highlight that small actions (such as turning off the tap while soaping the dishes) can help reduce contamination levels.
In accordance with the objectives set, we can conclude that on the subject of COVID-19 it will still take some time to understand the economic, social and health implications.
All of the above establishes a logical conclusion: the world population cannot be subjected to absolute confinement.
According to the measurements carried out in the present investigation, we can conclude that CO₂ levels in the atmosphere have increased by more than 100% in the last 150 years.

conclusions of an interview

Q: Finally, what do you think is necessary to reduce the impact of COVID-19? A: Naturally expose the population to general contagion to create antibodies.
Thus, the representative of the World Meteorological Organization highlighted the catastrophic consequences for the planet of not reducing CO₂ levels.
To end this interview, I would like to emphasize the importance of focusing on finding clean alternatives to generate energy.

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