23 junio, 2024

How do you say friend in Argentina?

In Argentina, the most used term to refer to a friend is «******”. The use of this expression among friends, as a greeting full of complicity, is extremely common among Argentines.

According to the Argentine writer, poet and journalist Juan Gelman, ****** is the word that best represents the informal Argentine lexicon to date.

According to the Dictionary of the Spanish Language, the word ****** means to be “foolish or stupid”. However, the current use of this expression is very ambiguous, and in Argentina being called ****** can have different meanings.

What is the origin of the word ******?

The origin of this term takes place in the war formations of the Argentine natives during the independence battles.

The gauchos did not have artillery comparable to that of the Spanish army, who, in turn, possessed the most advanced technology in terms of firearms and military strategy.

To counteract this fact, the gauchos formed into three lines: the first line carried large stones. Given the nature of the cargo, the freighters in this row were popularly called assholes.

In turn, the second row was made up of the spearmen, who defended their guard with spears and sharp knives. For its part, the third row was the row of the auction. It was made up of the boludos, who carried boleadoras weapons, that is, balls tied to ropes that were thrown from a distance.

The three lines operated in sequence, one after the other, and consequently, the line of boludos was the last to take sides during the war. In view of this, this figure was associated with cowardice.

At the end of the 19th century, this relationship between the word ****** with fear, and even with stupidity or foolishness, was strengthened. Society also associated this expression with people with large genitalia, and the belief that this characteristic prevented individuals from moving easily.

Given this last analogy, the word ****** was also associated with clumsy gestures. From there, its use was assumed as an insult in the Argentine collective imagination.

Use of the word ****** today

However, in recent decades the word ****** has also been adopted as a term to call one another commonly among friends.

The diversity in the use of this word basically depends on the tone of voice of the issuer and the associated social context. It is worth noting that the word ****** is usually used among mutually trusted friends, as a catchphrase for everyday stories, within the framework of informality.

It is a very common word, especially among young people. It is quite familiar to greet each other like boludos in the student, family or work environment, without this implying an insulting character at all.

Although it is true that there is an ambiguous nature in the use of this word, in recent years the balance has leaned much more towards the greeting between friends, instead of the derogatory term.


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