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Homophones: Definition, 100 Examples and Sentences

Homophones are words that are pronounced the same, but are spelled differently. Also, their meaning is different. Examples of homophone words are «casa» and «caza», «raza» and «rasa», «rebelar» and «revelar», «a» and «ha», «varón» and «barón», «errar» and » shoeing”, among many others.

Homophones are easily differentiated when they are written, but in spoken language the context is needed, that is, the rest of the sentence. For example: «I made the cake» and «Laura, raise the flag, please.»

Examples of homophones

TO (preposition).
oh (exclamation).
Ha (from the verb to have).

softening (from the verb to soften).
Talking (from the verb to speak).

Dent (to hit an object).
Buoy (you place buoys).

embraced (from the verb to embrace).
scorched (Burned).

opened (from the verb to open).
There would be (from the verb to have).

Dock (plant).
maker (which can be done).

Bitter (rough, sour).
collection (set of goods or things).

I shake (from the verb to shake).
garlic (small garlic).

To the (to fly).
hello (interjection).

Learn (know, know).
Apprehend (grasp, take).

I will (from the verb to plow).
I will do (from the verb to do).

stream (from the verb to trample).
Stream (creek).

Art (mastery, knowledge).
harte (from the verb to fill up).

Ace (letter).
have you (verb to have) / do (bunch).

Asia (continent).
Toward (preposition).

Pole (horn).
Until (preposition).

ato (I tie).
Herd (cattle farm).

Avía (from the avian verb, to fix).
There was (from the verb to have).

Oh (interjection).
There is (from the verb to have).

Governess (woman who cares for and educates children).
Is (from the verb to have).

Roof (luggage rack).
Cow (ruminant mammal).

basin (vessel).
Empty (without anything).

Bacillus (bacterium).
I hesitate (from the verb to hesitate).

Bah (interjection).
Goes (from the verb to go).

bale (from the verb bleat).
OK (which has value).

Calf (young whale).
Vallenato (Colombian music).

Baryta (barium oxide).
Wand (small rod).

Baron (title of nobility).
Male (male).

Coarse (rough).
Vast (big).

berries (fruit).
go (from the verb to go).

Spleen (body organ).
Glass (bowl).

Be (second letter of the alphabet).
Go (from the verb to see).

Beautiful (beautiful).
Hair (short hair on the body or face).

Beta (second letter of the Greek alphabet).
Vein (reef).

bident (with two teeth).
Seer (fortune teller).

Biga (carriage carried by two horses).
Beam (architectural element to support ceilings or walls).

Coil (reel).
bovine (related to cattle).

Boat (boat).
vote (from the verb to vote).

Cape (range; landform; chord).
I dig (from the verb to dig).

Reserved (silent).
Crook (walking stick).

Callus (hardness).
Fell (island; food).

Callus (from the verb to shut up).
Fell (from the verb to fall).

Channel (of a river).
causes (from the verb cause).

dig (from the verb to dig).
fits (from the verb to fit).

Bait (food to attract animals).
Tallow (solid fat).

strain (part of a tree).
know (from the verb to know).

Deer (deer).
servant (slave).

Cook (cook).
Sew (sewing).

I combine (from the verb combine).
agreed (from the verb agree).

Disposal (rest).
Undone (from the verb to discard).

defoliate (remove the leaves).
undo (strain your eyes).

faint (remove a mesh).
pass out (become unconscious).

Threw out (from the verb to throw).
Made (from the verb to do).

Hey (interjection).
I have (from the verb to have).

On (above).
Enzyme (protein).

Juniper (bush).
I thread (from the verb to thread).

Err (make a mistake).
Shoe (put horseshoes).

gauze (bandage).
Loop (Middle East Territory).

Tour (journey).
Tour (piece of cloth).

Engrave (play, sculpt).
tax (to put taxes).

record (from the verb record).
Serious (serious, important).

find (from the verb to find).
Is (from the verb to have).

have you (from the verb to have).
Beam (from the verb to do) / haz (bunch).

Grass (vegetation).
boil (from the verb to boil).

Did (from the verb to do).
izo (from the verb hoist).

Leaf through (turn pages).
peek (have a look).

Hello (greeting).
Wave (wave, movement).

Hour (sixty minutes).
pray (from the verb to pray).

Coal (coal).
run away (from the verb to flee).

Spindle (instrument for spinning).
Use (from the verb to use).

Ice (from the verb hoist).
I did (from the verb to do).

Ingest (eat something).
ingest (include).

Libido (desire).
Livid (pale).

Mesh (grid).
Maya (Mesoamerican culture).

Nabal (field of turnips).
Naval (marine, navigation).

Nobel (prize).
Novice (new, novice).

EITHER (conjunction).
oh (interjection).

Vibe (motion).
Sling (deep).

Chicken (bird).
poyo (Stone bank).

Sediment (sediment).
Well (deep part of a river).

Taunt (humiliating expression).
puja (steel tip).

Rasa (flat).
Race (group, family).

Ray (Meteorological phenomenon).
Grater (from the verb grate).

rebel (insurrection).
Reveal (discover).

Laughter (laugh).
riza (from the verb to curl).

Knew (Who knows).
Sap (of the plants).

Silk (tissue).
give in (from the verb to yield).

Campus (local, place).
give in (from the verb to yield).

Senate (legislative charge).
dined (from the verb to have dinner).

Mushroom (fungus).
Zeta (letter).

Temple (lateral part of the head).
Hundred (number).

Mountain range (Mountain range).
close (from the verb to close).

Chasm (vertical caverns).
Top (summit).

Rate (percentage).
Cup (bowl).

Tube (metal cylinder).
Had (from the verb to have).

Valid (to worth).
Bleat (from the verb bleat).

Fence (barrier, fence).
Oh (from the verb to go).

vasar (shelf).
Base (support on a base).
Bazaar (store).

You come (from the verb to come).
Estate (objects, properties).

you vote (from the verb to vote).
Boots (footwear).

Examples of sentences with homophones

Come to the party? / She Over time she recovered her property.
The river got out of its way / It can stay as long as it doesn’t cause trouble.
They say that Pedro is cool / The changes cause deep concern.
He wants to base his ideas on the story / The glasses are in the vase.
I found this mushroom in the forest / The z is the last letter of the alphabet.
Nelson has a nice laugh / Mariana curls her hair.
She wants to shave the hair on her legs / It’s a beautiful day for a walk.
We are going to study chemistry at your house / Ah, the beach! He hasn’t gone yet.
She would have looked for another job if she could / Manuel opened the door.
Gustavo wants to sew his pants / We have to cook the meat now.
To err is human / They are going to shoe the horses.
We saw a calf cross the bay / They want to hear vallenato.
Put the mesh to play / It was an ancient Mayan town in Yucatan.
Coal mining has little future / I don’t think the rabbit will run away.
Susana’s right temple throbs / We want one hundred euros.
It is the waste of the harvest / I am exhausted from so much studying.
Do your homework and you can go out and play / Thank God you’re back.
The chicken runs through the patio / I was waiting sitting on the bench.
The chasm was deep and dark / They ascended to the top of the mountain.
Peter Handke won the Nobel Prize / Hector is a new engineer.

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