8 julio, 2024

Happy 40th birthday: phrases to dedicate

pretty list happy 40th birthday quotesan age that is usually associated with being complicated because those who reach it begin to feel older and in some cases are ashamed of it.

However, the appearance of gray hair, the arrival of the menopause or the appearance of wrinkles are offset by an age in which the energy of youth is still preserved, with an added advantage: financial stability that allows you to enjoy the fruit of labor To fullness. You may also be interested in these dedications for birthdays.

In the same way, it is an age in which one already has experience, perspective and judgment, which helps us to take advantage of opportunities, anticipate and plan, as well as correct the mistakes of youth.

-You are not 40 years old, you are 18 years old, with 22 years of experience. Happy forty years!

-The forties are like wine, one ages and becomes a fine product. Happy Birthday!

-Happy Birthday! What all the dreams you’ve had for the last 39 years on your 40th birthday!

-You’re not thirty-something anymore. Now you are forty! It’s time to make this birthday something wonderful. Congratulations!

-You’re not getting old, you’re just getting better, forty years better. Happy Birthday!

-The older I get, the more I realize that the more I think about age, the older I feel Happy 40th Birthday!

-Keep calm and remember that forties are the new thirties. Happy 40!

-Even though you are forty years old, I am happy that we can eat cake and not feel guilty. Congratulations!

-You look like 18, you feel like 14 and you act like you’re 8. All these together add up to 40. Happy four decades of life!

-You look amazing. To be honest, you should start aging like a normal person and give us a break. Happy 40 years!

-The first forty years of childhood are always the most difficult. Happy Birthday!

They say that the real secret to staying young is to lie about your age. Happy 40!

-Life begins when you turn forty. Treat everything that happened before this as a rehearsal.

-Happy Birthday! I hope your forties feel as incredibly new and exciting as your twenties or thirties.

-In your forties you have the opportunity to achieve what you did not achieve in your thirties. You have a great chapter ahead of you. Happy 40th birthday!

-Happy birthday to the man/woman who found the elixir of youth! You will always look younger than us. Happy 40!

-The best 10 years of a woman’s life are those 10 years between 39 and 40.

-Your fortieth birthday is the right time to take a look at that list where you wrote the places you want to travel to.

-Turn 40 years is a celebration of life, a watershed of achievements, wisdom and adventures. Look how far you’ve come. Congratulations and happy birthday!

-Life is like a book, and your forties are like the chapters where everything begins to make sense. Happy 40 years!

-At the age of twenty, the will dominates; at thirty, intelligence; and at forty, the trial. Happy forty years of life!

-If there is something good about turning forty, it is this: you can blame everything and everyone for having triggered a midlife crisis in you. Happy forty years!

-You really do justice to the saying: “age is just a number”! You are still fabulous and I hope you have a very blessed year ahead of you. Happy 40!

-Turn forty years is the beginning of a new phase in your life! It will bring with it a new focus in everything you do, indicating that the best is yet to come. Congratulations!

-Birthdays have a moment that sets the precedent of the year. Your 40th birthday represents how full your life has been and will be, even far from your birth. Happy 40!

– “One of the many things that nobody tells you about middle age is that it is a good change from youth.” -Dorothy Canfield Fisher. Happy 40!

-Up to 40, most of us are busy making mistakes and regretting them. The 40s are the right time to celebrate and focus on us. Happy 40!

-They say that to stay young, the secret is to start lying about your age. How old are you? I think we won’t know. Happy forty years!

-Congratulations! The 40 is the best thing that can happen to you; it is a wake-up call. Make every day count so that when you’re 50 you can say, «I gave meaning to my life.»

– Turning forty implies that you have experienced enough to know what you want, and that you are still young enough to pursue it. Happy Birthday!

Forty is the perfect age. You are old enough to admit your mistakes, but you are young enough to make a few more. Congratulations!

-You realize you are forty when Facebook becomes just another means to spy on your children. Happy Birthday!

-With so many wonderful achievements you’ve accumulated, I’m sure you have no regrets at this point in your life. Celebrate this beautiful achievement. Happy Birthday!

-A new chapter of your life begins today. May your year be full of blessings, surprises and opportunities. May God bless you with all the things you dream of and need. Happy 40!

-At your fortieth birthday, your life is still developing vigorously. May this special day be filled with events that serve to cheer you up! Happy 4 decades of life!

-Life gives us a lot of wonderful experiences, and they do not stop at a certain age. When you turn forty, remember, there is still a lot to see, do and want. Happy 40!

-Happy Birthday! Even at forty, you look half your age. You should consider bottling and selling whatever you’re using to preserve that youthful appearance.

-They say that inside a mature person, there is someone younger thinking: what happened? For you, the right thing happened. Age suits you. Happy four decades of life!

-The forties prepare us for new opportunities. But more important, you have enough experience to solve life’s problems, plus wisdom. Happy Birthday!

-Being forty years old is not bad if you understand some truths, since these years give you more perspective, style, experience and intelligence. Learn to value these things. Happy 40 years!

-Life begins at age 40. But also gray hair, rheumatism, visual disturbances and the tendency to tell the same story to a person 3 or 4 times. Congratulations!

-Up to this point in your life, you have touched many lives and have set a good example for those around you. It’s still so radiant and inspiring. Happy forty years!

-Can you believe it? You have endured forty years of hardship, heartbreak, and challenge. Only someone strong could have made it this far with a smile on their face. Happy Birthday!

-Happy Birthday! At 40, your body may not always do what you want, but your mind is sharper than ever. That is why you should only exercise the mind and not the body.

-Even if you are forty, being young is a state of mind. Free yourself from tomorrow’s worries and ties by loving what others offer you today. Happy 40th birthday!

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