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Half a page: how much, size, in Word, in a notebook

What is a half quarter?

A half sheet, also known as a leaflet, is a sheet of paper that has preset measurements (16 x 11 cm), as well as the number of words (approximately 130) and its margins.

Thanks to their small size, throughout history half pages have been used, for example, as pamphlets for the dissemination of political thoughts. Currently, one of the most common uses of half pasterns is as flyers or advertising brochures.

This type of paper format has been replaced since 1922 by another, governed by the DIN 476 standard, in most of the world. There is also another type of format, known as the American Format, used in the United States and in several Latin American countries, among others.

When doing work or research in schools or institutes, the term «half a page» is often used. In this case, it refers to approximately 130 words and 10-12 lines of writing.

How much is half a quarter? words and lines

The number of words that a half page or leaflet should have is around 130 words. The text must be written with a font size of 12 pointsso that an amount of 10 to 12 lines or lines of writing, depending on the size of the words.

These measurements derive from the page, whose measurements are 22 x 16 centimeters, for which approximately between 200 and 250 words are used, and a quantity of 20 to 25 lines, depending on the length of the words contained in the text.

Half pastern size

The size of a half sheet or leaflet is 16 x 11 centimeters. Said measure comes from the subdivision of a sheet of paper, whose measure is 31.5 x 43 centimeters.

This subdivision is carried out in halves, always cutting half of the longest side. Therefore, when dividing a sheet, two sheets of paper are obtained. 31.5 x 21.5 centimeters each.

By dividing one of these sheets, two sheets of paper are obtained. 21.5 x 16 centimeters each. And, by dividing a page, you get two half pages of 16 x 11 centimeters each.

These paper sizes are currently out of use and have been replaced by the DIN format, the size being DIN A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm) the most similar to the half-quart.

Half a page in Word

Below is an example of what a half page looks like using the Word word processor.

The text is on a size sheet 16 x 11 centimetersand has a number of 123 wordswhich occupy about 20 lines total.

Half a page in a notebook

The size of a half page or leaflet in a physical notebook must be 16 x 11 centimeters. This measurement comes from the division in half of a page.

Because these sizes (pastern and half pastern) are no longer used, the A5 format as a replacement for the pastern, and the A6 as a replacement for the half pastern.

On the other hand, the half-page size sheets used in a notebook can be completely white, without any markings. Although they can also be striped with horizontal or grid lines.

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