6 junio, 2024

Gigachad: what is it, meaning, meme, origin, real person

What is gigachad?

gigachad is a term used on the internet that refers to an extremely muscular and attractive man, with a body that is considered ideal. The term is derived from the word «chad,» which refers to a confident, physically attractive man who is desired by women.

Adding the word “giga” at the beginning reinforces the idea that the chad in question is extremely muscular and impressive in his physical appearance.

The term “gigachad” is mainly used in memes, in the context of internet forums and social media. It is often used ironically or satirically, and is usually related to the cult of musculature and physical appearance.

The term gigachad and its meme is also known in the incel (involuntary celibate) community, since their high physical attractiveness and supposed success with women are often compared to that of other men.

Uses of the gigachad meme

To refer to a successful and masculine man.
Memes to contrast gigachad with more feminine men.
To refer to the incel community or MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).
To contrast the maximum representative of masculine attractiveness with other people who are not so attractive.

physical characteristics of gigachad

He is extremely muscular, with a very low percentage of body fat.
Thick hair without baldness.
He measures 2 meters and 3 centimeters, and weighs 98 kilograms.
He has a wide jaw.
Symmetrical face, with a thin nose and small ears attached to the face.
He has a modern haircut, with short hair and a short beard.
Both beard and hair are dark black.
He has a beautiful body.
On his physique, his legs (quadriceps), shoulders, pectorals, biceps and highly developed abdominals stand out.
In general, gigachad is used in a humorous or satirical tone, resulting in sympathy for a very wide audience.

Is it real gigachad?

The person behind gigachad is real. It is a Russian model, although not well known outside the internet.

origin of gigachad

An anonymous Reddit user posted a link to the Instagram profile @sleekntears on the topic /r/bodybuilding on October 15, 2017. In less than four years, the post garnered over 495 points (92% upvoted) and 100 comments.

Later, an image of Khalimov was uploaded to the 4chan /pol/ board on October 17, 2017 with the following description: “Gigachad. The ideal human being chosen to lead us in our fight against the reptilians.»

Who is the person behind the gigachad?

The man behind the gigachad meme is Ernest Khalimov (born 1969), a Russian bodybuilder and men’s fashion model, though not well known outside of memes.

Khalimov made a post about gigachad memes on his Instagram page (@berlin.1969) on April 24, 2021, stating that he knew about the meme, that he is not very social and that he is very flattered by the words about his physique .

On his Instagram Khalimov showed 2 brothers, a girlfriend, and seems to be an introverted person, with common tastes and a reserved life. He has a collection of NFTs that he sells on an online platform.


‘Thanks for your kind words’: GigaChad finally responds. Taken from pop.inquirer.net

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