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Gastronomy of the Andean region of Colombia

The gastronomy of the Andean region of Colombiaof indigenous, Spanish and African heritage consists of a delicious mixture where tubers, dairy products, meats and flours are the main ingredients.

The Andean region is located in the central zone of the country, being the largest and most populated in all of Colombia. The traditional typical dishes of this region come from the departments of Antioquia, Tolima, Huila and Santander, which combine legumes, various cheeses and meats to warm the palates of all who visit this cold region.

The preparation of soups and main dishes, beginning with the most typical of all, the «bandeja paisa» together with a rich and varied coffee culture, is what makes the gastronomy of this region one of the most special.

The best of the gastronomy of the Andean region of Colombia

1- The paisa tray

Cataloged as one of the typical dishes of Colombia, it has survived for generations becoming the most popular in the department of Antioquia.

Of peasant and indigenous origins, the bandeja paisa is synonymous with abundance, which is why it is usually served on a large tray and consists of ten strong main ingredients: beans, white rice, ground beef, pork rinds, chorizo, black pudding, fried egg, plantain slices. maduro, arepa and avocado.

This dish is usually served to eat among several people, being a popular custom to share it with the family.

2- Sancocho antioquia

Typical dish of traditional Colombian cuisine that consists of a thick soup of great flavor and ideal for sharing with the family.

The Colombian sancocho is usually that of «three meats», being a soup that contains beef, pork and chicken or hen. The broth is usually cooked with various tubers, corn and plantain, seasoned with spices and herbs.

It is customary to serve it with rice, avocado and a mince of garlic. It is characterized by looking like a stew, since the broth becomes thick when using various types of Colombian potatoes.

3- Lechona, the typical dish of Tolima

Every June 29, Tolima celebrates the «National Piglet Day», a typical Colombian dish that arrived with the Spanish conquerors.

It is made up of pork traditionally served with white corn arepas and the popular “bland” custard. A cream made from panela and corn dough that is usually left to heat until it forms a kind of delicious curd.

The pork is mainly marinated with onions and garlic, although in some areas it is usually seasoned with a pea stew.

The suckling pig must be cooked in a wood-fired clay oven for at least twenty hours, and it is in this cooking that the charm of its flavor resides.

4- Tamales, a delicacy from Tolima

The tamale, a typical dish from pre-Hispanic times, consists of a cooked corn dough wrapped in cob or banana leaves.

Its name comes from the Nahuatl language where «tamalli» meant wrapped, and that is where its preparation comes from.

Tamales are usually filled with different meats, vegetables, fruits or sauces, and can be prepared sweet or savory.

However, the Tolimense tamale is one of the most recognized. It is made of chicken, pork bacon, pork ribs, egg, carrot, peas, potatoes, rice, and different seasonings wrapped in a banana leaf. The result is a delicious dough full of flavor and color.

5- Ajiaco, the soup of the chibchas

This dish comes from colonial times, originated after the mixture of Creole and Spanish culinary traditions.

History tells that the Chibcha culture used to prepare it in the past, which is why it is classified as an icon of Colombia.

It is a very popular soup or sancocho that is usually served in a ceramic plate or in the traditional casserole. It is a delicious chicken soup that has several types of potatoes and is seasoned with garlic, hence its name.

It is said that this dish reflects the miscegenation of the region, since it contains Creole ingredients such as potatoes, basil and corn on the cob; and in turn European ingredients, after adding chicken, milk cream, capers and onion.

It is usually served with rice, avocado, banana, vegetables or salad.

6- Changua, the traditional breakfast

It is the typical cundiboyense dish from the Andean region that is usually part of most breakfasts. It consists of a creamy soup that is accompanied with bread, toast or arepas.

The broth is prepared with milk, eggs, onion and coriander. In the changua paisa it does not usually have potatoes and pieces of toasted bread are usually added to the broth, as well as a little chicken soup to increase its flavor.

7- The typical corn arepa

Arepas, considered the most traditional dish of pre-Hispanic America, are usually served as an accompaniment to the main dishes of the Andean region.

The typical arepas are chocolo, which are prepared with threshed corn that is left to soak for three days.

The arepas paisas are prepared without salt and without filling only to accompany. However, in the Andean region it is also common to prepare them with corn and ground pork rinds and then brown them and fill them with chicken, meat, cheese or curd.

The arepa is the main typical food when accompanying any dish in Colombia. It is usually prepared in the oven or fried in small round shapes.

The three most exquisite desserts of the Colombian Andean region

8- Brevas with arequipe

It is a typical dessert prepared with small figs stuffed with arequipe or dulce de leche.

9- Pionono

Also known as “gypsy arm or queen arm”, it consists of a rolled round sweet dough filled with fruit, arequipe or strawberries with cream. The traditional one is usually filled with arequipe and sprinkled with sugar on top.

10- Bunches

In Colombia, different types of golden or puff pastry are known as “parvas” that are usually filled with fruit, cream, meringue or chocolate and serve to accompany rich drinks, generally chocolate or coffee with milk.


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