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Futbeis: what it is, history, how to play, rules, pitch

We explain what soccer is, its history, how it is played, its rules and what the pitch is like

What is soccer?

He football It is a sport that is played between two teams and that shares many aspects with baseball, with the difference that the ball is not hit with a bat, but with the foot, as in soccer.

The soccer ball is also different from the baseball, bigger, made of vinyl or inflated rubber. It lunges at the designated kicker, who tries to kick it as far as possible and, just like in baseball, runs to the bases avoiding being put out. The winner of the competition is the team that scores the most runs.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the game has become increasingly popular among children and young people, and is practiced in schools as an introduction to baseball. Adults play it too, and leagues and competitions have even been created for this fun game for all ages.

Brief story

Soccer has been played for more than 100 years, but the first recorded description of the game dates from the early 20th century, thanks to physical education instructor Emmett Dunn Angell, who included it, along with about thirty other games, in his book Play: Comprising Games for the Kindergarten, Playground, Schoolroom and College; How to Coach and Play Girls’ Basketball, Etc.

In this 1910 book, the first description of the game appears, which was called kick ballsince the ball was kicked («kick» in English) instead of being hit.

Later, in 1917, the author Nicholas C. Seuss, a supervisor at the Cincinnati Park Playgrounds in the city of Cincinnati, also described the fundamentals of the game in another book, called The Playground Book. It includes the rules and diagrams of the playing field.

game evolution

In its beginnings, the ball used was soccer or volleyball, wrapped in leather, and the playing field was a baseball field. Over time, the game evolved, becoming more like baseball, and the ball changed to a softer, rubber ball.

Soon the game began to be included in the physical education programs of public schools in the United States, with the aim of familiarizing the youngest with baseball. It is also known that American soldiers came to practice it to keep busy during World War II.

Over time, soccer or kickball came to be played throughout North America, not only in school but during summer camps, and today it is very popular throughout the continent. Some schools in Europe include it in their programs, and there are leagues in South Korea and Japan.

Basketball court

Soccer can be played on a baseball field, softball field, soccer field, or any flat surface where four bases are marked out in a diamond, spaced 20 feet apart.

Of course, if the space is limited, the dimensions must be modified accordingly, but the space destined for the game must be clearly delimited.

In the center of the field the launching strip is demarcated, aligned with home plate, first and third base.


He home or main base, is the base from where the ball is kicked off and runs are scored.

It is very important that the bases are clearly marked, so that the players know where to run. Stones, wooden planks, or pads attached to the ground can be used.


Futbeis does not have special footwear, sports shoes can be used with which the player feels comfortable to kick and run.

How do you play soccer?

The object of the game of football is to score as many runs as possible by running around the bases, just like in baseball.

In general terms, soccer is played like this: the designated kicker of the attacking team is located at the main base or home plate. In the remaining bases, and in other parts of the field, the defenders are distributed, whose objective is to prevent the opponent from making a run.

This is accomplished in several ways:

-By means of a «balloon»: catching the ball with the hands or feet, without it touching the ground.

-Catching and throwing the ball towards the base, before the runner manages to reach it.

An inning begins with the pitcher on the center mound, throwing the ball to the opposing team’s designated kicker. Behind this stands the receiver or catcherin the area delimited for it.

The kicker attempts to punt the ball, giving it as much lift as possible, and immediately runs toward first base. If the ball crosses the outfield boundary, the runner continues to run unopposed toward home base, scoring a run, but fielders will try to catch it and throw it toward the base the runner is heading for.

The game is allocated a certain number of tickets. Each one ends by eliminating three players from the attacking side, after which the roles are alternated.

Basic rules

-Number of players per team: between 5 and 15, but the most recommended is between 8 and 11 players.

-The game must have at least one referee.

-The court is a flat field with 4 demarcated bases in the shape of a diamond, separated by a distance of 20 feet.

-Number of innings: often five, but as many can be played as agreed between the teams, depending on the time available. Each entry can last between half an hour and 90 minutes and ends when three are achieved. out or deletions.

-The launch of the ball is valid as long as it is done below the shoulder of the pitcher. Some variants of the game contemplate that the ball must roll on the ground without bouncing, others, that the bounce of the ball must not exceed the height of the kicker’s waist.

-The kicker must hit the ball with only one foot, using the area between the foot and the knee, and ending his turn kicking with the same foot with which he started. If he misses three shots in a row he is out.

-If, on the other hand, the pitcher misses three consecutive pitches with the same kicker, the kicker moves to first base and the next kicker takes his place.

-The ball consists of an inflated vinyl or rubber ball, the circumference of which is between 8 and 16 inches, although a normal soccer ball is considered appropriate for play.

-Unlike baseball, in soccer there are no strikeouts or stolen bases.

-Once each team meets the agreed innings, the one with the most runs scored is the winner of the match. If there is a tie, no additional innings are played, as the «precision kick» is then used to break the game.

The precision kick is carried out by a designated kicker on each team, who kicks to second base. Whoever gets the ball closest to the base scores the winning goal. Another criterion in the event of a tie is to declare the team with the most home runs or home runs the winner.

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