8 junio, 2024

Filled job application: data it contains and example

A job application filled out contains personal and work data, such as place of residence, training or desired salary. This is a form that must be filled out by a person who wants to apply for a particular job. It is the preliminary foundation needed to begin building a new worker’s file and to better understand the employee’s skills.

It is an essential instrument for the employer and for the future employee. It turns out to be an excellent resource often used by the recruiter in order to know certain information of interest to the person who is applying for a certain position. Filling out this type of form is easy.

What is sought is to obtain information that the employer considers important, such as certain personal data, work experience and skills. It is an introduction that tells the company if the applicant has the required profile for that particular position.

Data contained in a job application

Personal information

It refers to the name of the applicant and the other information that the company will need to contact them if necessary.


Information that can be verified with physical documents is requested. If you do not have any of them, put «not applicable».

Health status and personal habits

He asks about the applicant’s general state of health, as well as the habits that are considered healthy.

Family data

It refers to the information of the relatives (parents, spouse, children) that the applicant is in charge of.


This section is related to the applicant’s academic studies and general education.

General knowledge

It seeks to learn as much as possible about the additional knowledge that is added to academic studies.

Work experience

Jobs are listed in chronological order, with the current job first or the most recent job immediately. From there, the previous jobs that have been held.

Personal references

They are the data of the people who can provide the company with good references of the applicant as a trustworthy and responsible person.

General data

These are general questions that the company formulates to verify that the applicant meets the desired profile.

Economic data

Questions designed to find out if the salary that is planned to be paid is sufficient to cover the needs of the applicant.

Example of completed job application

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