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Exclamatory pronouns: types and sentences with examples

What are exclamatory pronouns?

Exclamatory pronouns are those words that replace the noun in exclamatory sentences. Exclamatory sentences are those that express excitement, surprise, anger, or some other intense emotion, as in “How beautiful is that girl!” or «What a nuisance!».

Like all pronouns, exclamatives do not make sense by themselves, but refer to a noun that must already be known, the antecedent or referent. For example, if we say «How beautiful she is!», the referent could be «that girl», or someone mentioned before the exclamatory sentence.

Exclamatory pronouns, like interrogative pronouns, always have accents to differentiate words from other uses. For example, it has an exclamatory use when you say «!Who I would say it!”, but not in “It was Marcos who he said it!».

It is also common that exclamatory pronouns can be confused with exclamatory adjectives. For example, in «How fast!», the that is a pronoun, but in «How fast!» It’s an adjective. In the first sentence, fast is an adjective and that replaces the antecedent noun; and in the second, speed is a noun, so the that works as a demonstrative adjective.

Exclamatory sentences are easy to identify because they are usually framed by exclamation points (!), although, as with interrogative questions, there may be indirect exclamatory sentences, as in “How much he had to invest to achieve this”, which can be written without exclamation marks.

What are exclamatory pronouns?

As. Example: How you have grown!
How. Example: How beautiful it is!
how much Example: How much will they have found.
How many. Example: How many did you pick up today!
How much. Example: How much did they get tonight!
How many. Example: How many arrived in less than an hour!
Where. Example: Where has such a thing been seen!
That. Example: What will they say when it is known!
Who. Example: Who would have thought!
Who is it. Example: Who wouldn’t want to do it!

It should be noted that in Spanish the exclamation mark is used to open and close sentences. It is incorrect to put only the final sign.

Examples of sentences with exclamatory pronouns


ohAs They have bloomed this spring!
ohAs They show up at this time of the morning!
ohAs they will come from loads that have not arrived yet!
ohAs they knew right away it wasn’t them!
You know as are the things here.
ohAs they get when they are teased!
ohAs Days go by when you have fun!
ohAs fly that pair of hawks over our heads!
He was surprised by how he had behaved in that situation.
ohAs They will be sold when the holidays arrive!


ohHow great is what I feel for you!
Imagine how It must have been beautiful for you to decide to live there.
I don’t know how fool must be to believe Paul.
ohHow It must be serious to talk about a will!
ohHow ridiculous ended up being everything!
I had no idea how far away was the castle.
ohHow It must be wonderful to travel the world without worries!
ohHow He got deep on his first try!
ohHow You must be deluded to believe that this is going to happen!
ohHow He must have felt smart to solve such a problem!
ohHow green and fertile was my valley!
ohHow far away is my country of origin!

how much / how many

ohhow much it fell last night while we were sleeping! Great snowfall.
ohhow much You won’t want to see him singing!
There is too much fruit. ohhow much it has not been lost without being collected!
ohhow much It was his joy to see that Raúl had returned!
Think how much we can get if we start looking now.
ohhow much you drink! Sodas can hurt you.
Look how much brought! We can make bread all week.
Many people found out here that there would be no concert. ohhow much did not lose the trip!
There are more poor people since last year. ohhow much there will be no this year!
I have homework for a while,how much for one person!
There is a lot of sardine. ohhow much swimming in a shoal!
ohHow many they came this year! The herons are recovering.
ohHow many they will not have escaped dangerous situations!
The rose garden full of roses. ohHow many open and gorgeous!
They are thousands or more. ohHow many should count!
ohHow many we took this year!
ohHow many they mourn his death without having known him!
I’m going to add the tablespoons of flour. Tell me how many!
The sky full of stars. ohHow many impossible to count!
ohHow many Keeping up, praying for his recovery!
Questions and more questions. ohHow many no answers!

How much how many

Many miss him since he left. ohHow much ask for his return!
ohHow much this boy loves his dog!
ohHow much He has changed his town in twenty years!
They tried. ohHow much they wanted to win the competition!
ohHow much they must have spent on that ostentatious marriage!
ohHow much It will have been since the last time we met!
ohHow much you have changed with experience and years!
No matter how much I loved her, with time I even forgot her name.
ohHow much I wish I hadn’t seen that scene!
ohHow much worth a good friendship! Priceless.
ohHow many they will come when they hear of your arrival!
ohHow many they think you are wrong!
surprised him how many fans followed him.
ohHow many They must get sick for us to start being cautious!
ohHow many they won’t want to go out with Laura now that they know she’s separated!
Miguel’s birthday tomorrow. ohHow many they will come to your meeting!
Service claims are coming in. ohHow many arrive throughout the day!
ohHow many looking for a way to solve his life!
Look how many They run after the offers!
ohHow many we ate before we were satisfied! Too many.


Until where you will arrive with your impertinences!
ohWhere if not find the latest novel by Vargas!
It surprised him where some stories end.
look for where come on!
Let’s see where they hide now!


ohThat Are you saying!
!That this year went fast with everything and pandemic!
ohThat Silent is Álvaro’s house in the morning!
ohThat smooth rides the car on the pavement!
ohThat could happen now!
ohThat Nice when we could see each other without masks!
ohThat well you’re early!
ohThat remarkable way to play the sax!
ohThat she was beautiful that night!
ohThat they will be doing in that heavy rain!
ohThat They did it in such a short time!
But that they meant with all that jargon!

Who who

ohWho You haven’t known him all your life!
ohWho I couldn’t imagine it would go this far!
ohWho I would have thought you would manage to swim that much!
ohWho He would like to take care of us!
ohWho I would have thought Diana would take the initiative!
ohWho I would have thought the world would be paralyzed by a virus!
ohWho better than you to take on that challenge!
Listen who sing that song!
and exclaim who He will be able to defend them, like Chapulín.
ohWho You can walk on water! Not just anyone.
ohWho they could try it!
Look who they arrive right now! Your friends.
ohWho they fear the Covid-19 vaccine at this point!
ohWho sow hope for a better future!
ohWho they act for such miserable pay!
ohWho They will endure another year like the one that just passed!
By who We are ready to fight!
TO who you can win the lottery!
ohWho they can be so happy!
ohWho they will have lost everything with the hurricane!

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