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Examples of simile in sentences, poems, songs and stories

He simile It is a literary figure that allows establishing differences, comparisons and similarities between two elements, whether they are objects, people, animals, thoughts, ideas or emotions. A characteristic of this literary resource is that the participating elements are named in the statement, which differentiates it from the metaphor.

An example of a simile is the following: «His skin was as white as snow.» As shown in the sentence, the simile is formed by links that allow comparisons or similarities to be made, these can be «like», «which», «similar to», «same as» or «so».

The main purpose of the simile is to give the text or statement a different point of view, which in turn gives it simplicity and gives it a certain aesthetic character. This literary device is commonly used by poets, singers and writers to transfer a quality from one object to another that may not be manifested in an obvious way.


Examples of simile in sentences

– His lips were red like burning fire.

– The soldiers remained motionless as statues.

– Teachers teach as well as parents.

– Manuelito swims like a fish in the ocean.

– The party was as boring as a summer without sun.

– Maria’s hair is blonde like gold.

– The neighbor apologized and was meek as a lamb.

– Think like a genius and you will do great things.

– Daniela was as euphoric as a rock band.

– I feel sad as a winter day.

– Luis spent the day singing like a happy bird.

– Their love relationship was like a roller coaster.

– His eyes shine like two stars.

– The street was pitch dark.

– The thief is dangerous as a tornado.

– Daniel eats like a new lime.

– It vanished like soap bubbles.

– The children stood still as statues.

His hands were shaking like jelly.

– Baby’s skin is velvety soft.

– Love is sometimes sweet as honey and bitter as gall.

– The mattress on my bed is already hard as a rock.

– Miguel left the shoes as shiny as mirrors.

– Daniel acted as cold as a freezer.

– His hair was as black as jet.

– His black clothes made him look like a bat.

– His tongue was as sharp as a sword.

– From the fright she turned white as a wall.

– He’s crazy as a goat.

– The cave was darker than a pitchfork.

– The streets of the city twisted like a maze.

– I have hair like a lion’s mane.

– The athlete was as fast as a gazelle.

– The singer’s voice was sweet as honey.

– The clouds looked as soft as cotton.

– His teeth were white as pearls.

– He is so kind that he looks like an angel fallen from heaven.

– This door is hard as a stone.

– He’s as slow as a turtle.

– That boy is as tall as a tower.

Examples of simile in poems

Grateful lover to the lying flattery of a dream by Francisco de Quevedo

“… My flames with your snow, and with your ice,

which usually opposite arrows of his quiver,

I mixed love and honest I mixed them,

with my admiration in his carelessness…”.

Triumph of Love by Vincent Alexander

“The moon shines in the autumn wind,

in the sky looking like a long-suffering pain.

But it will not be, no, the poet who says

hidden motives, indecipherable sign

of a liquid sky of ardent fire that drowned souls,

if souls knew their destiny on earth.

The moon like a hand

share with the injustice that beauty uses…

When a body adored;

upright in his nakedness, shines like stone,

like the hard stone that kisses ignite…

But an air breeze that runs through my body

like an echo of spiky reeds singing

against the living waters, bluish with kisses.

…everything lives, survives, survives and ascends

like a glowing ember of desire in the heavens.

… It is the water that kisses some adored feet,

like a mystery hidden from the vanquished night…”.

naked by Pablo Neruda

«Naked you are as simple as one of your hands:

smooth, terrestrial, minimal, round, transparent.

You’ve got moon lines, apple paths.

Naked you are thin as naked wheat…

… Naked you are small as one of your fingernails:

curved, subtle, rosy until the day is born

and you get into the underground of the world

as in a long tunnel of suits and jobs:

your clarity goes out, dresses up, leaves off

and again it becomes a bare hand.

Examples of simile in songs

On the edge of the fireplace by Joaquin Sabina

“I can get cheesy and say

that your lips taste the same to me

that the lips that I kiss in my dreams…”.

I want to give you a kiss Prince Royce

«Loving you as I do is very complicated.

To think as I think of you is a sin.

Staring the way I stare at you is forbidden.

Touch you like I want is a crime.

My pretty Girl of Chino and Nacho

«… This love that rises like foam

that when I take you by the hand in the park

I walk in the clouds

It seems incredible that I no longer remember anything

when i was alone

nothing can compare

with something so special…”.

Examples of simile in stories

In this town there are no thieves by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

– “… For a quarter of an hour, the crowd blocked in the solar observed a respectful conduct, as if there was a dead person behind the violated door…”.

– “… It was something so difficult but so momentary as condolences…”.

Cleopatra by Mario Benedetti

– “My brothers had many friends, among them Dionisio and Juanjo, who were nice and treated me with affection, as if I were a little sister…”.

Hunch by Mario Benedetti

– “Then the lady came, impressive. smiled like a virginbut only as…”.

«… Not so the daughter, Estercita, twenty-four years old, a pituca of ocai and rumi who he treated me like another piece of furniture and he was very little in the house…”.

Examples of simile in literary works

Maria by Jorge Isaacs

– “… And her eyes were still moist when she responded with a smile to my affectionate expression, like those of a child whose crying has been silenced by a maternal caress…”.

– “… I admired the underside of her arms, deliciously shapely, and her hands cared for like those of a queen…”.

– “… The abundant and half-curly hair shaded his smooth forehead, ordinarily serene as a porcelain face…”.

Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo

– “… Your lips were wet as if the dew had kissed them…”.

– “… On the other side the drops slipped in thick threads like tears…”.

– “… the hissing of the rain like a murmur of crickets…”.

Miss Barbara by Romulo Gallegos

– “… The carob tree of the step vibrates like a melodious harp…”.

– “… White and beautiful as a heron…”.

– “… dressed in clean clothes and their heads adorned with savannah flowers, as if for a party…”.

Being on the threshold by Howard Phillip Lovecraft

“I trust that my readers will judge the elements that I will be relating, compare them with the known evidence and come to wonder If someone could have behaved differently from mine in the face of a horror like the one I must have experienced, before that being on the threshold“.

A series of unfortunate events: A bad start by Lemony Snicket.

«All the building leaned slightly, like a tooth distorted”.


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