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Evening shift: what is it, meaning, examples

what is the afternoon shift?

He afternoon shift It is the working day that takes place during the afternoon hours or after the morning. It is usually associated with any activity that takes place between morning and night. The other shifts are the morning shift, which occurs during the morning, and the night shift, which occurs during the night.

The use of this word began due to the newspapers, newspapers and newscasts that circulated in the afternoon, as well as the shifts of workers who did not work during the morning.

Currently, it is associated with all kinds of events such as jobs, schedules, sports and other events in general.

Examples of evening shift jobs

Some examples of evening shift jobs are:

-Security guards


-Maintenance of buildings or technology

-Call centers

-Hosts of live television and radio programs in the afternoon

-Afternoon/night shift teachers at universities and institutes

The evening shift and its uses

The contexts where the use of the evening shift is applied are incredibly numerous and very diverse, since practically any activity carried out between noon and the beginning of the night can be described as evening.

Although the hours considered pm they can vary slightly from one country to another, evening events are not exclusively tied to a specific time, but are taken almost implicitly for the hours to come after midday.

In many cases evening shifts and activities are recognized as such by simple common sense.

The most frequently found examples of evening shifts are usually the work schedules that take place in the afternoon and frequently extend into the night hours.

In schools, evening shifts are also common, applying to both teachers and students.

Other evening jobs are in the written press and on the nightly televised news, the circulation of newspapers that begin to circulate in the afternoon and the news programs broadcast after 12 noon.

Criticism of the evening shift

Various studies and research have revealed that evening shifts are often inefficient for the development of student activities.

Compared to the morning shifts, the afternoon classes have a higher percentage of failing students and less attendance.

The most accepted cause of this drop in academic performance is usually associated with the apparent lethargy or fatigue present in a large number of people (especially in the youngest) after a strong meal, such as lunch.

The evening shift in the press

Historically, most of the written newspapers and journals are printed at dawn and distributed throughout the cities in the early hours of the day, containing news and events. fresh happened the day before and next to happen the day of publication of the newspaper.

Morning editions typically cover news up to the night before they go into circulation.

The evening newspapers cover the need for new information and news that have occurred in the morning and early afternoon.

Disuse of evening newspapers

The rise of the Internet and its penetration as a mass means of disseminating information has caused an accelerated decline of the traditional press and especially of the evening newspapers.

The usefulness of these is practically nil when, thanks to the networks, people find out about the events of the day almost instantly.


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