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Enlist: meaning, synonyms, antonyms and examples of use

The word «enlist” means that someone or something is written down on a list or that it is registered by itself. It is mainly used when it comes to the registration of the armed forces or those who affiliate with a political party or movement.

The Royal Spanish Academy defines «enlist» as a verb synonymous with «enlist», that is, sign up or register on a list for a specific purpose. Meanwhile, in countries like Mexico or the Dominican Republic it means «recruit», that is, request the help of people for a specific activity.

This word is used more than anything in the military field, that is, in the armed forces, be it the army, navy or related bodies, such as the police or the fire department. It is also used to indicate that someone affiliates or enrolls in a social, political or university movement.

Its use is quite common in popular use, also in the media, or academic texts.



Some words with a similar meaning to “enlist” are “enroll”, “affiliate”, “recruit”, “engage”, “list”, “raise”, “register”, “enroll”, “register”, “score” , «associate», «congregate», «incorporate», «unite», adhere», «gather», «initiate», «lead», «turn on», «gather», or «enlist».


Meanwhile, the words that mean the opposite of «enlist» are «desert», «abandon», «forsake», «betray», «separate», «get away», «escape», «disjoin», «flee», «run away», «sneak away», «resign», «neglect», «neglect» or «empty».

Examples of use

-«José thinks about enrolling his brother in a drug recovery clinic because he doesn’t listen to medical advice.»

– “Today some army officers passed by the house. They were enlisting interested parties.

-“Tomorrow I will go to the command. I enlist in the army.»

– “Raquel enlists in the party today. She adds her to the guests.”

-«With my friend we enlisted in the youth movement of the university.»

– «Hundreds of thousands of volunteers enlist in campaigns to help those affected by the floods.»

– “The main candidate did not list her faithful side on the election ballot. There is talk of a betrayal in the internal ”.

-«I would enlist in the navy, but first I want to finish my studies.»

– «We would enlist in the party that interests us, but politics is very dirty.»

– «If you are going to wait for them to enlist, you are dead.»

-«The party must answer for the list of deceased in the electoral roll.»

-«If you are the head of the family and have a good job, it is easier to enroll in the mortgage loans that the bank gives.»

– «TripAdvisor listed the 10 best destinations to visit in the United States for this year.»

-«The technical director finally did not enlist the youth on the payroll for the Soccer World Cup.»

-«I must list the food to buy in the supermarket».

– “I can list up to fifteen reasons why I left my ex-girlfriend”.

-«I will enlist the children in the club’s summer colony.»

-«The team will receive a penalty because they wrongly listed a player in the first phase of the tournament.»

-«In the enlistment of the volunteers there are many foreigners.»

-«In the list of those waiting for a transplant there are many listed before you.»

-“We should list the tasks to be carried out in the hostel by the volunteers who will arrive”.

– «Getting ready for the boat’s departure was a difficult task.»

-«List your things and come live with us.»

-«I would not enlist in the army even if it is the only job available in the world.»

-«Finally the approved lists of the casting that took place today were known.»

-«The names of those listed on the list of dead have not yet been released to the press.»


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