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Desired reality: what it is, what it is for, characteristics, examples

What is the desired reality?

A desired reality it is an experience. It is an imaginary world; a kind of parallel reality that we create to our liking and to which we consciously access through different techniques. These realities are worlds in which we can be what we want, be with who we want, and where we want.

People who manage to create and access the desired reality are known as “shifters”. This term is a word in English that indicates the ability to scroll or move from one side to another, in this context from the present or current reality (RP) to the desired reality (DR) and back.

What is the desired reality for?

Some view desired realities as visualization exercises. A way of seeing ourselves as we would like to be, with the life that we would like to have. This can be very useful and stimulating to achieve our goals.

However, most people use different methods to access desired realities in order to experience what it would be like to live in fantastic worlds. It is very common for these realities to involve magical worlds from popular movies like Harry Potter, different animes, famous series, and even manga or comics.

It is as if we were able to trigger controlled hallucinations without the use of drugs, but with the power of our mind. The appeal of the desired reality is very easy to understand: it is the perfect way to escape from an unpleasant or disappointing reality, in a safer way.

Characteristics of the desired reality

We access it mentally, through our consciousness, not physically. It is as if we entered a world of virtual reality and disconnected from the real world.
It is a world created by ourselves, although this does not prevent it from being based on stories taken from different sources.
We manage and control it as we please, that is, it follows a narrative that we define.
It can be populated by both real people, known or not, as well as fictional characters and fantastic beings.
In theory, once this reality is created, we can access it whenever we want, going in and out as we please.

Methods to go to a desired reality

There are any number of methods to access the desired reality. However, most are based on some technique of meditation, visualization, positive affirmations or suggestion by subliminal messages.

In all cases it is suggested to try again and again until successful. The most common methods are the following:

The Raven or Cuervo method

It is a very popular method. The steps are:

Read the script 3 or more times.
Lie down in the shape of a star and relax (guided meditation helps).
Just before falling asleep, count to 100 and imagine your desired reality including everything you want to happen there.
When you open your eyes, it should be there.

pillow method

It is very similar to the previous one, but with a couple of differences. The steps are:

Write the script on a piece of paper.
Read it 3 or more times.
Place the script under the pillow.
Meditate until you relax.
When falling asleep or asleep you should wake up in the desired reality.

train method

It is based on visualizing shifting as a train ride. The steps are:

Read the script three times.
Relax through meditation or another technique.
Visualize yourself in a train station and getting on a train that has just arrived.
Find an empty seat and meanwhile concentrate on the desired reality.
Visualize that halfway through the journey there will be a notice that says «Desired Reality».
Get off at the station indicated with the notice.
In the new station visualize a large mirror and next to it a large door. In the mirror they will physically see themselves as they wished in their script.
Walking through the door, you will be in your desired reality.

The Desired Reality Script

Regardless of the method used to access the DR, most of those who have managed to access it stress the need for a script.

This script is nothing more than a general description of the basic characteristics of the reality that we want to create. In other words, writing the script of our desired reality means putting basic information about ourselves on paper, such as:

Name (we can use whatever we want, although most use their real name).
place where we live
Profession or occupation
Social status
economic level, etc.

It is very common for people to alter their physical appearance and describe it in the script as well. It’s common to include a general description of how the world works in this new reality, specifying things like how fast time runs.

On the other hand, all scripts include protective statements such as:

I can’t die in my DR
I can’t traumatize myself
Pain does not exist in my DR
I won’t hold on to my DR

These serve as protection for our mind and to ensure that the new reality is what we think we want. Finally, some kind of key or password is usually included to return to the present reality.

Examples of Desired Realities

Each person is capable of creating their own desired reality. For this reason, it is not surprising that there are countless accounts of «real» experiences in various desired realities.

The Wattpad platform is a very popular place where hundreds of people post their own stories.

Some of the most common examples of desired realities that we can find on said platform are:

RD at Hogwarts (or in the Harry Potter universe in general)
The Marvel Cinematic Universe (the avengers or any of the individual characters)
RD with Korean pop music artists (RDs K-pop)
DR in the universe of Twilight (the famous vampire saga)
Different animes like dragonballetc.

Desired reality at Hogwarts

Hogwarts and the Harry Potter universe is one of the most common themes of Desired Realities. This has to do with the immense popularity of both the books and the movies, as well as the fact that the length of the production managed to connect with different age groups of people.

Accounts of desired realities at Hogwarts are widely varied. Some stories are from Harry fans who want to experience all the adventures of the eight books alongside him, or in some cases even star in the adventures themselves.

We can also get examples from some fans of the series who prefer Malfoy and Slytherin house over Harry and Gryffindor. There is one for every taste.


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