7 junio, 2024

Departments of the Amazon Region

The departments of the Amazon region from Colombia are Amazonas, Caquetá, Guainía, Guaviare, Putumayo, Vaupés, Meta and Vichada. The Amazon region is the largest and the least populated in Colombia.

It is dominated by the Amazon River, its tributaries and the equatorial jungle. It is located in the southeast corner of Colombian territory, where all the borders with Brazil and Peru are located.

Through the Putumayo River, it also covers a part of the border with Ecuador. The Amazon region occupies 42% of the territory of Colombia. It is made up of an extensive plain densely populated with humid forests, with a large number of tributaries of the Amazon.

The departments of the Amazon region

1- Amazon

It is the largest department in the region in terms of territorial extension. Its territory is made up mostly of the Amazon jungle.

youIt has great cultural diversity, with indigenous tribes such as the Ticunas, Huitotos, Camsás, Yaguas, Nukaks, Ticanos and Ingas. Its capital is Leticia.

2- Caqueta

It is located in the southeast of Colombia. The main activity is livestock and its capital is Florence.

It covers the natural parks of the Picachos mountain range, Sierra de Chiribiquete, Alto Fragua Indi-Wasi and Serranía de los Churumbelos Auka-wasi.

3- Guainia

It is located in the east of Colombia and its main activity is tourism. It has the Cerros de Mavicure, the Laguna de las Brujas and the Raudal de Sapuara.

Its capital is Inírida. It is the department with the smallest population in Colombia.

4- Guaviare

The main activity is agriculture. Its capital is San José del Guaviare and it is one of the least populated departments.

The most important crops are cocoa, banana, rice and corn. The main crop for many years was coca, but it was declared illegal by the Colombian government.

5- Putumayo

Located in the southwest of the country, it receives its name from a tributary of the Amazon: the Putumayo. Its plains are characterized by high temperatures of more than 27 °C.

They are also very rainy, so they have rainfall with more than 3900 mm as an annual average. Its capital is Mocoa.

6- Vaupes

Its main economic activity is agriculture. It is the second department of Colombia with the least population and its capital is Mitú.

Lately, tourist activity has begun to take an interest in its natural attractions and its ancestral cultural richness, since various tribes inhabit its territory.

7- Goal

It has great water wealth, thanks to the numerous tributaries of the Orinoco River. It partially forms the Amazon region and is the tenth department with the smallest population in Colombia.

Its main economic activities are agriculture, livestock and mining. It has oil and gas deposits. Its capital is Villavicencio.

8- Vichada

It also partially forms the Amazon region. It is located to the east of Colombian territory. It is another of the departments with the least population in Colombia, since it occupies the third place.

Within this department is the El Tuparro Natural Park. The economy of the department is based on agricultural activity, mainly floral, and livestock.

Due to geographical isolation, coca has been cultivated for many years, which has led to confrontations with the public forces. Its capital is Puerto Carreno.

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