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Dedications for thesis: types and examples

The dedications for thesis They are texts made with the purpose of congratulating or thanking someone who has helped or has been an inspiration to carry out the thesis. They are usually written at the end of the thesis with their own words, experiences and feelings. These sections are made by the author with great affection for whoever he considers.

These dedications are usually placed on the first pages of the thesis and before the main content. They are generally short and to the point, spanning two to three lines, though there are no limits to the size. In them you can name whoever you want, from a loved one, an institution or even a pet.

It is usual to find a dedication to God, relatives, teachers or someone who will show support in the middle of the process. Said writings may be made to individuals or to a group of them. Also, there are no restrictions on the number of people who can be appointed.


Types of dedications for thesis

Dedications to God

It is common to find theses with dedications to God, as the creator of everything. In them they are commonly thanked for the guidance and help they received from him. In addition, for the fulfillment of the requests made.

Other religious beliefs

Additionally, in this same context you can find other religious dedications to virgins, saints, according to the author’s particular beliefs. They all have the same meaning as those made to God.

dedication to the family

The dedication to the family is one of the most common in theses. Family members generally provide great support for this type of work, both financially and morally. These words can be expressed to a group or individually, some of them are:

Undoubtedly, parents offer great support when a thesis is being written. In many cases, a personal dedication to the mother and father is usually named separately, with particular points for each one.

Likewise, it is possible to name the couple, boyfriend (a) or husband (a) in the dedications. They are given credit for the help they represented for the author. You can express the feelings you want, but always keeping the regulations of said thesis.

Dedication to the brothers

Siblings also play an important role for many people and may be named in the dedication. In the same way, it can be done individually or in groups as the case may be.

Dedication to grandparents

Completing a thesis is an achievement that makes the family proud for being a goal achieved. Grandparents in many cases are a fundamental pillar of this process and can be highlighted in said dedications.

Of course it is permissible to dedicate to children a job done with great effort and knowledge. It is important to name them, such work can be an example for your future.

Dedication to other relatives

Additionally, you can refer to other relatives that you consider prudent to name such as uncles, cousins ​​or any other member.

Dedications to the university

Some authors thank the study center where he completed the degree that ended with said thesis. Likewise, he can dedicate to the faculty of said career. In addition, it is possible to do them to those within the university who will provide support during work.

Dedication to teachers

A dedication that cannot be missing is to the teachers, since they provide great support to the students. It can be dedicated to any teacher who in the career was a guide and marked a moment of it. In the same way, to those who contributed their knowledge within said thesis or at some point in their lives.

Dedication to institutions

In many cases, in the investigative process of a thesis, there is interaction with external institutions to which said work can also be dedicated. It is possible to name them in the dedications, they can be from companies, government institutions or communities.

dedication to friends

On many occasions theses are dedicated to friends who were of great help and support in their preparation. As in other cases, it can be named individually or in a group according to the wishes of the author. It can be from the best friends of childhood to all those with whom they made new ties during the race.

Dedication to fellow thesis

On many occasions theses are done in groups. If you want to dedicate it to the person or group of them with whom the work was done, it is totally possible. Naming them would be a good recognition of their effort and contribution to this thesis.

Dedications to deceased people

Many authors dedicate their works to relatives, friends or acquaintances who are no longer present on the earthly plane. In this way, they give their work as an offering to honor said people.

Dedications to admiring figures

It is possible to make dedications for someone who served as inspiration or represents something important in the author’s life. Some of them may be scientists, poets, doctors, artists, among other characters that you consider.

dedications to pets

There are those who include pets in their dedications because they consider them important in their lives. There are many people who consider these characters as part of their family and it is allowed to name them.

Tips for making a dedication for thesis

Don’t forget anyone

It is important that before concentrating on writing the dedications, a list is made with those people that you consider naming. Start with major family members, friends, and teachers who have been very helpful at work. In addition, you can add those who stand out throughout your career or your life in particular.

Do not limit yourself when making a dedication, remember that you can individually name whoever you consider necessary. In addition to grouping those who also gave their grain of sand, even if it was little. It is the perfect moment to express gratitude to those people whom you consider important and who have marked important moments in your life.

concise phrases

It is recommended that the dedications be brief and have concise words that express those feelings to the person. You can make a draft that helps to make it simple, but without detracting. A long text can tend to be boring and the essence of the dedication can be lost.

respect the rules

It is essential to remember that the dedications of a thesis are part of its structure. Therefore, the rules of spelling, margin, font, line spacing must be respected, in addition, education must predominate in said wording. In short, everything that the APA standards indicate.

Express feelings

Making dedications is much easier if you clearly express your feelings. It is useful to look for the correct and meaningful words so that the text has coherence. Keep in mind the happiness that it will cause in the person to whom said work will be dedicated, this will help to find the correct phrases.

look for examples

If you can’t find how to start such dedications, you can choose to read examples to help and guide you. It is advisable to review other theses or examples on the web that allow you to open up to writing an original text for your work. Remember to use your own words, avoid copying and pasting.

place names

When making dedications to a particular person, it is recommended to use their name. In the same way, you can include your last name, nickname or profession depending on the case. Similarly, if you want to refer to a particular institution, community or entity, it is recommended to use its name.

Examples of dedications for short theses

religious dedication

– “I want to dedicate this thesis to God for allowing me to successfully complete my long-awaited career, giving me good health and strength at all times.”

– “I dedicate this thesis to God, for being my spiritual guide on this long road, thanks to him I overcame the difficult moments and got up to complete it successfully. To Jesus of Mercy, for listening to my requests and comforting me every moment. I trust in you! And I will always trust.

– “Thanks to the Virgin Mary and all the saints, for listening to my prayers and enlightening me in difficult situations, your blessing was essential”.

– “I dedicate this work firstly to God, for being our creator and helping me achieve this great goal of my life. In addition, to offer me his protection, he was there for me every second, to listen to my anxieties and fill me with encouragement and strength.

– “To my Virgin of Guadalupe for giving me her daily blessing and accompanying me at every moment, as well as listening to my mother’s prayers.”

– “To Saint Joseph, for whom I bear my name and who I always keep in mind. That he listens to my every request and gave me strength in difficult moments ”.

Dedications to the family

– “I dedicate this work with great love to all my family for their unconditional support, for always pushing me to be better and successfully achieve my career”.

– “To my parents, for being a fundamental pillar in my life, for having brought me into this world, instilling in me good values ​​and giving me the best education”.

– “With all my heart I dedicate my thesis to my mother, because without her I had not achieved it. Your daily blessing throughout my life protects me and leads me on the path of good. That’s why I give you my work as an offering for your patience and love, my mother, I love you.»

– “To my father, for giving me his support from day one, both financially and morally, his advice and education have been one of the best”.

– “To my sister, for always being there for me, you know that this achievement is also yours”.

– “I dedicate this work to my mother Luisa for her support and contribution throughout my life and my studies, I love you”.

– “To my father José, for always being there for me when I needed him with my mother, for encouraging me every day to be the best of all, your advice was always effective, I love you”.

– “To my husband Francisco, for giving me his strength and inspiration. For always believing in me and telling me every day that I could do it. This achievement is also yours, I love you.”

– “I want to dedicate this thesis to my parents, they were my impetus to keep going and achieve my goals.

– “To my grandmother María, who gave me her blessing and good wishes when I left home every day.

– “To my late grandfather Pedro, for your good advice that I will never forget. You were always present for me. I dedicate my success to you from the bottom of my heart, my old man.»

Other dedications to the family

– “I would like to dedicate this thesis to my entire family, for always being there for me at all times”.

– “To my parents and my siblings, for all their blessings and collaboration at all times”.

– “To my cousin Fabián, for contributing his knowledge to my work and guiding me in what I needed”.

– “Thesis dedicated to God and my parents for being the driving force behind my career”.

– “To my brother José, he was a great example to follow and he always took the time to listen and guide me”.

– “To my girlfriend Amalia, for walking this path with me and being very patient with me”.

– “To my grandparents for their blessings and their calls that comforted me in the most difficult moments”.

– “To my brothers, who together with our parents…

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