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Communicologist: field of work, skills, functions, salary

A «communication specialist” is a professional who specializes in the science that studies communication between people or from government entities, associations or organizations.

With the advancement of new media, such as social networks or the proliferation of blogs or other websites, the «communication specialist» has seen his field of work broaden considerably, being his figure highly valued in recent times.



The Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy indicates that a «communication specialist» is a specialist in communication sciences. For his part, he defines it as the interdisciplinary science that studies the methods of human communication and the means by which it is carried out.

In other words, communicology is the set of communication sciences applied to research, teaching and communication management through the different symbolic, discursive or rhetorical facets that an organization can have and from a general approach.

Differences between communicator, communicator and journalist

A communicologist is the person who studied the university career of Communication Sciences, within the area of ​​Social Communication. His field of work is not only limited to the media, but as we will see later, it is much broader.

He is a professional who analyzes the communication processes between people, private or public companies and brings abstract concepts to the level so that the majority can understand them.

Its central task is to transform loose or abstract data into complex facts of reality into tangible and understandable messages for various audiences. His professional role is a process with a result, which materializes at the same time, in a transfer of knowledge. It could be said that it is a didactic transmission, transforming the invisible into the visible.


Meanwhile, the job of a journalist is to tell the facts that happen truthfully through the different media that exist.


Finally, a communicator is a professional who narrates the facts, who takes them to the people, without having to be a journalist or have studied social communication. An example of the latter can be an announcer or conductor of a radio and/or television program.

In addition, a communicator has a natural facility to reach the masses, an example of this being an opinion leader or, as they are known today with social networks, an «influencer».

In other words, the difference lies in the knowledge in Communication that a «communication specialist» has, the foundations that a Bachelor’s Degree gives in the matter and its ethics.

labor field

Those who study communication sciences may work in the following fields:

– Traditional media: includes radio, television, movies, magazines or newspapers.

– Organizational communication: companies, advertising agencies, political campaigns or government organizations.

– Digital world: media, animation producers, institutions specialized in audio and video streaming, web design or social networks.

– Educational communication: institutions, companies and organizations or government associations or NGOs.


Within the wide range of tasks that a communication specialist can perform, their skills could be divided between the online and offline world.


A communication specialist must have mastery of statistics, that is, know the audiences, know what interests them and how the content broadcast by the medium or issuer had an impact. All based on data.

In addition, those people who want to be «communication scientists» must have a sense of innovation. This is perhaps the aspect that has the most to do with current events in the media, since it is based on the behavior of the public before what is exhibited. When people get bored, they don’t go back to that medium or stop having it within their priorities. Thus, innovating in the message is always a good practice.

A communication specialist in the digital age must also be multiplatform, that is, know what the language of the different social networks or websites is like.

Another vital point is constant learning. Be up-to-date and aware of the latest trends in existing media and anticipate what is coming. This will ensure that the digital communication specialist does not stay on the road or become outdated.

Finally, in relation to the online world, a communication specialist must have knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which allows the content or website to be better positioned in search engines (such as Google or Yahoo!).


In this case, there are many skills other than those listed that a communication specialist must master.

As regards organizational communication (whether business, political or of an association or organization), this defines the communication policy to be carried out, following the guidelines of a strategic plan for that purpose.

For this, this professional must know the objectives of the organization or company, guide the communication to the established strategy and specify what is stipulated.

It will also be responsible for evaluating the quality and scope of what is proposed within each stage detailed in the strategy. For this, it is good that they get involved in the communication of the message and not be left alone as a mere strategic designer.

To do this, they must master theories and trends in the field, and know the particularities of the media through which they will broadcast the message.

Whether in the online or offline world, a «communication specialist» must be creative, have empathy for others, trustworthy, flexible, resilient, proactive, and have the ability to work as a team.

In addition, they must have a strategic vision, leadership capacity and, depending on the case, cost and budget management. And of course, being skilled in interpersonal management, not only physically, but also in writing.

In all cases, a «communication specialist» assumes the challenge of thinking about theory from praxis and theoretical education as critical thinking and denial of the object. He renounces the comfortable assumption of instrumental rationality to assume a responsible rationality, an educational philosophy understood as a public service, as a space for meeting and social dialogue.

Average salary (Mexico)

According to data obtained from the CompuTrabajo.com website, which in turn were obtained by the average of more than 600,000 sources of companies, users and employees in the last 12 months, the average salary or salary of a communication specialist in Mexico is 7280 Mexican pesos. To the change of the American dollar they are 375 dollars.


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