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Communication devices: concept and examples

The communication devices They are devices that generate and/or receive analog or digital signals, allowing the exchange of information. These media were created by human beings throughout their historical evolution.

In a broad sense, a communication device is any device that can be used to transmit a message. In current times, they are the main protagonists of communication technologies (ICT).

Computers or computers are the most representative communication devices. These electronic machines have been designed to receive, process data and convert it into information.

As communication devices, computers are faster and more efficient than other traditional devices such as the telephone and mail.

Examples of communication devices

1- The modem

It is a device that transforms digital signals into analog through a process called modulation, and analog into digital through demodulation.

Its function is to send the modulating signal through another signal called carrier. The modem arose from the need to communicate computers to share data between them.

2- The switch

It is a digital device that is used for the interconnection of computerized equipment, or segments of a network made up of them. It is also called a switch.

It operates logically by merging sections of the same network, filtering the information in order to optimize it in terms of performance and security.

3- The router

It is also called a router or packet router. This device allows the use of several IP addresses within the same network, allowing the creation of subnets.

4- The cell phone

It is a wireless electronic device for access to mobile telephony. It is called cellular because each of the repeater antennas that are part of the network is made up of cells.

5- Long distance devices

These types of devices connect through an elaborate network that achieves long-distance communication by having a built-in LAN.

Long distance telephone calls occur by digital modulation of signals from analog carriers.

6- Satellite telephone

Satellite phones allow efficient communication in the most remote places on Earth.

These devices use the same mobile technology locating low-orbit satellites that rotate in space.

When the link to the satellite is established, the signal is redirected to a communication station on the ground.

7- Based on VOIP

VoIP technology consists of the transmission of telephone signals back and forth through the Internet.

Telephone conversations based on devices of this technology are clearer compared to conventional telephony.

8- GPS

This device makes it possible to determine the exact and precise position of an object on Earth. It is used to locate children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

It is also used for the location of vehicles as a preventive measure against theft.

9- Augmentative devices

Augmentative or assistive, are communication devices that give voice to people with disabilities, allowing them to express themselves without the need to be assisted by other people.


Bluetooth devices allow various devices to be connected to each other at a short distance, with the peculiarity that any type of wiring can be dispensed with. Thanks to its low-frequency radio waves, we can comfortably exchange information at high speed.

11- Infrared

Before Bluetooth was developed, infrared was the main wireless data transmitter. However, its technology was not very powerful, as it required the devices to be practically glued together and the transmission speed was not particularly fast.

12- FAX

Using the telephone signal, the FAX could transmit documents and other types of text from one device to another over long distances. It was the evolution of the teletype, working like a photocopier. However, new technologies have left it in disuse.


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