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Clothing of the coast of Peru (female and male)

The clothing of the coast of Peru It is characterized by the use of cotton scarves, silk skirts for dances, tunics, shirts, rubber shoes and, finally, the straw hat to protect from the sun.

The Peruvian people have a culture that loves crafts, which is reflected in many aspects of their daily lives. Many of the typical costumes and clothing for festive events, even those for daily use, are currently handmade.

Color, joy, and industriousness distinguish the beautiful clothing of the inhabitants of the Peruvian coast. The costumes of this region are closely related to the beautiful and colorful forms of crafts throughout the country.

As is logical, the higher temperatures force the fabrics to be cooler and, in turn, some accessories are eliminated. These pieces are described below by genre.


The women’s costumes from the coast of Peru have at least four fundamental pieces; the skirt, the shirt, the hat and the scarf or shawl for the shoulders.

The shawl is one of the most important pieces of the wardrobe. Its objective, in addition to being decorative, is utilitarian. It receives various names:

The llica is the most frequent shawl in the towns.
The k’eperina and the awayu have a larger dimension and are used to transport babies or some objects, as if it were a bag.
The unkuna, which is used to transport food.

The hats may or may not be colored, generally made of straw and are a fundamental part of the wardrobe. During dances, such as the marinera, they are used as an expressive element in each movement.

The shirts, usually in light colors, have embroidery and lace on the cuffs and on the front.

The skirts, called polleras or melkkhay, are made of cotton for daily use, and of silk for dances, to achieve a better drape of the fabric with the movements.

Floral or geometric decorative elements and very striking colors are also present in them, especially for use in traditional dances.

In addition to these pieces, ponchos, dresses, tunics and blankets are used very frequently.

Men’s clothes

For men, the hat is a fundamental element. In the case of the coast, the most common is the pirua, made with palm leaves and white. They can also be made of straw.

The shoes, just like how women wear them, are made of rubber, similar to a sandal. They are called flip flops and are made by hand at home, so they are very cheap.

The pants are simple and fresh fabrics. For the upper part they use shirts, vests, sweaters and scarves.


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