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Black sun (symbol): origin and history, meaning

He black sun It is an ancient symbol, linked to the Germanic and Aryan peoples. It represented the end of the world, the jotuns’ battle against the gods and, in Scandinavian mythology, Ragnarök.

These are two concentric circles, one external and the other internal and smaller; This has the shape of the sun from which twelve lines or rays come out that, when they reach the outer circle, twist and form swastikas (these are the sōwilō runes).

Its meaning has been associated with pagan esotericism, of uncertain roots, and like the swastika, the black sun was used by the Nazis in their practice of occult philosophy, mainly by the Waffen-SS.


Origin and history

Its origin dates back perhaps to the Bronze Age of the original Indo-European settlers, and the symbol later acquired various meanings.

Despite the fact that there is not enough archaeological evidence to determine its Nordic origin, it is a symbol that has appeared in various everyday objects, such as jewelry, clothing, utensils and coins, all attributed to the Indo-European culture.

This image has also been associated with the Celts, since these objects have been found in many parts of the world, in regions where these peoples have lived. The truth is that since ancient times, the absence of the sun (during the night and eclipses) called the attention of those primitive peoples.

meaning of the black sun

For the ancients, the sun was the source of life, it provided heat and energy. The lack of it is the opposite. Precisely the periodicity, the continuity of day and night, suggested the existence of two suns, one bright and the other black. One represented life and the other death.

This could only mean the balance between light and darkness, the connection between the world of the living and the world of the dead: the dawn alluded to the rebirth of life and renewal.

That is why eclipses were so important for all primitive and ancient cultures: astronomical observation, among other things, was in charge of predicting them, since during them the sun disappeared in broad daylight. They thought that eclipses brought great changes, and that even the world could come to an end.

Meaning of circles and rays

The black sun symbol has two concentric circles, one inner and one outer. Twelve rays come out of the inner circle and reach the outer one. These twelve rays are twelve sōwilō runes, the so-called victory runes.

The meaning of these runes is interesting: Sol. In the protonordic alphabet, in the old futhark, in the futhorc and the young futhark, it is equivalent to the letter S, called Sigel and Sōl in the last two alphabets. In all, it means Sun.

In the Old Futhark alphabet, it was written with a sign similar to the Greek sigma: Σ. In later alphabets, such as the later Old Futhark, Younger Futhark, or Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, it was written in three strokes: ϟ. From here derives the emblem of the SS.

The meaning of these runes is the sun as the light of the world, prevailing over the darkness. It is also associated with the goddess Victoria, who in German is sieg.

Associated with alchemy

Alchemy was the first proto-scientific practice that used different elements such as metallurgy, chemistry, astrology, physics, medicine, mysticism, art, and spiritualism to explain natural phenomena.

It was widely practiced in the ancient Mesopotamian cities, in Persia, ancient Egypt, India, China, in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, by the Islamic and in Europe until the 18th century.

It was a deeply hermetic philosophy, that is, it was based on symbols whose meaning was not always explained. From it derives modern chemistry.

Alchemists used the symbol of the black sun as an indication of the first phase in the creation of the philosopher’s stone. As you know, the Philosopher’s Stone was a substance said to be the source of eternal life, and it could also transform base metals, such as lead, into gold.

For them, the Nigredo, or the Black, alluded to the purification of the black matter, transmitting it a new state (that is, new life). It was the first stage for transmutation.

In psychology, this term refers to a depressive state in a person, to the crisis that precedes renewal (it is known the black sun, depression and melancholy bookby the French psychoanalyst of Bulgarian origin Julia Kristeva, who deals brilliantly with this topic).

Associated with the occult

The occult, on the other hand, has also used the symbol of the black sun. Occultism studies the «hidden arts», being magic, alchemy, fortune telling, astrology, numerology or cartomancy some of them.

Its base is religious magical thinking, and its practice, such as alchemy, is from remote times of human civilization. Mystery and esotericism are deeply linked to the occult.

The black sun was associated with a black hole, whose center was the full concentration of power. In more recent times, the esoteric Vril society and other secret societies used the symbol of the black sun as an important part of their rituals.

Associated with the sun wheel or sonnenrad

The primordial and most primitive symbol is the circle. The sun wheel is an evolution of the circle to which several internal axes were added. In many cultures, from the Bronze Age, it represents the constant movement of the sun.

They were used as protection and have been found in statuettes of goddesses, headstones and warrior weapons, all dating back almost 4,000 years. It refers to the solar cycles, the balance between cosmic forces and the rhythm of the celestial elements.

In this sense, it symbolizes renewal and transformation, just like the black sun. Depending on the number of rays, the sun wheel changes its meaning.

with 4 rays

They are two perpendicular axes that represent the four spatial dimensions, or the four seasons or the four lunar phases.

with 6 rays

It is a solar symbol. In Christian art it is common, and resembles the six-armed cross, or Chrism.

with 8 rays

It symbolizes the 8 directions in space, which also mean regeneration and renewal.

with 12 rays

It is the one that interests us because of its similarity to the black sun. The twelve rays symbolize the annual solar cycle.

with 30 rays

The 30 rays symbolize the lunar movement, and it is used as a symbol of the moon, such as in Chinese culture.

Associated with Nazism

It is not a secret that the Nazis used symbols of Germanic and Aryan mysticism. The swastika is a good example of this. As for the black sun, for them the sun was the most visible and strongest representation of God, and the number 12 was the number of perfection.

It was part of a set of rituals and other symbols that sought to replace Christianity with a racial religion, based on the reconstruction and reinterpretation of ancestral Indo-European culture.

In this religion, the black sun meant a hidden sun that provided wisdom and superior strength to the Aryan race. A large black sun can be seen on the floor of the Hall of the Lieutenant Generals, on the ground floor of Wewelsburg Castle, near Paderborn.

This castle was built in 1603 and acquired by the command of the SS with the aim of turning it into the control center of that same institution. In the III Reich, the castle became the ideological heart of the SS.


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