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Automatically: meaning, synonyms, antonyms, examples

Automatically is an adverb that derives from «automatic», which means that something is executed immediately by itself. It is a widely used adverb, not only in academic texts, literature or newspapers, but also in popular speech.

For example, a weapon can be automatic, an alarm can be programmed to sound automatically in the event of a robbery, or the heart is an organ that works automatically and not by the will of the individual.



The Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (DLE) defines «automatic» as any mechanism or device that works by itself or almost completely automatically. This can be transferred to various processes or ways of working and actions between people.

In addition, the RAE says of «automatically» that it is a science that seeks to replace the human operator in a process with others of the mechanical, electronic or robotic type.

This word is in very common use today in the field of technology, due to the expansion of automation. For example, at the industrial level, there is what is known as an “automatically guided vehicle” or AGV.

These are self-guided units by an unmanned cargo transport system, generally propelled by electricity stored in batteries. These vehicles can be programmed to pick up a load at one point and “automatically” transport it to another location.

His writing

Some doubt now whether or not to check “automatically”. The truth is that it is an esdrújula word that has a prosodic accent with a tonic vowel in the second “a”, so it does.

In addition, adverbs ending in «mente» have a tilde if the adjective from which it emerges has it. In this case, automatic takes it and, secondly, esdrújula words always take tilde.


Some words that mean the same thing as “automatically” are “suddenly”, “involuntarily”, “unconsciously”, “unthinkingly”, “thoughtlessly”, “indeliberately”, “instantaneously”, “mechanically”, “mechanically”, “abruptly” , “suddenly” or “on purpose”.


Meanwhile, the words that mean the opposite of «automatically» are «artisanally», «manually», «manageably», «meekly», «docilely», «submissively», «peacefully», «delicately» or «gently».

Examples of use

-«When I entered, the lights in the room turned on automatically.»

-«The car has an electronic lock, so the doors lock automatically when you start driving.»

-«The team automatically qualified for the next edition of the Copa Libertadores since a place was released due to the relegation of the first classified.»

-«When he proposed the new job, I didn’t hesitate for a second and I automatically said yes.»

-«The fire occurred because there was a gas leak in the house and when the entrance light was turned on, everything burned automatically.»

-“I downloaded a very useful application that automatically cancels all subscriptions when the free trial period expires.”

-“How should I automatically update the Office suite on Mac?

-«This is an automatic machine gun, that is, it loads, shoots and extracts the ammunition automatically.»

-«If you do not send an email to cancel the service, it will be renewed automatically.»

-«At the technology fair, washing machines were presented that automatically inform the dryer what type of garments were washed for efficient operation and energy savings.»

-«After his repeated misconduct, he was automatically expelled without the need to call a meeting between the partners.»

-«Due to the serious situation of insecurity that exists, they ask that despite the fact that the doors close automatically, those who enter accompany them to make sure they close.»

-«Today, influencers work with programs to automatically post their photos on the Instagram feed.»

-«An automatic gearbox in a car is the one that passes the relations automatically without the driver having to step on a clutch and constantly use his right hand.»

-“I bought an autonomous lawn mower. I just demarcate the area to be covered and it mows automatically. I don’t make any effort and I get discouraged from using it”.


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