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Areas of opportunity: what they are, types, characteristics, examples

What are the areas of opportunity?

The opportunity areas They are a set of skills that we can acquire and develop, and that will help us achieve goals and meet objectives.

There are basically two types of opportunity areas: personal and business.

The personal ones are those related to the person and to the abilities and factors that can be improved. The business ones are related to the workplace, and they can be detected to improve the performance of a company.

Areas of opportunity for a person

On a personal level, not taking advantage of areas of opportunity is exemplified in events that become bad habits that could harm or impair our lives, causing serious problems.

The main thing is to identify what are those bad habits that have a negative influence and begin to eradicate them. Obviously, it is a slow and complex process, but with small daily actions we can achieve the different goals that we set for ourselves.

In the long term, these changes that are made on a personal level will translate into success and a better quality of life in every way. The person will be more constant, committed, responsible and safe.

There are a series of steps to identify personal opportunity areas. Specifically, there are seven points, and they contribute to overcoming any obstacle.

1. Know ourselves

The first step is to delve into our being and recognize what are the main strengths and weaknesses of our life. This requires deep and honest introspection.

2. Analyze past experiences

You have to remember the experiences lived, to take the things that served as learning and apply them in a practical way.

3. Enhance the virtues

It is about recognizing the virtues and locating innate abilities and capacities, everything that makes us better. To do this, we must identify what we do well.

4. Write down the skills

It is advisable to prepare a detailed list of what are the best skills we have, including talents, hobbies, knowledge: all the areas that are most mastered.

5. Sort the listed skills

Based on these abilities and the activities that the person performs best, the activities written above must be organized in order of priority.

6. Select the best

Then, you have to choose the five best hobbies, skills, talents, gifts, among others: these define the new areas of opportunity, to get the most out of them.

7. Letting go

As a last step, you have to let things flow, once you have recognized your talents.

Opportunity areas of a company

It would be necessary to identify what are the failures or mistakes that are made in a business, to be clearer about the aspects in which we must work hard and improve.

Training is one of the best ways to improve in areas of opportunity. Simply, what the training needs are must be detected.

This methodology detects exactly what are the errors that we must work on without getting carried away by intuition. This program is carried out in four stages.

1. Ideal situation

Counselors must determine what knowledge, skills, and requirements are required, but which staff do not have and therefore cannot use to do their job to the best of their ability. This is called the ideal situation.

In turn, the ideal situation is broken down into several elements. In the first part, there are the material resources, which are the necessary equipment for the workers to carry out their function.

In addition, the functions performed by each person in the company must be described, as well as the work environment that each person needs to carry out their work optimally.

2. Actual situation

It is necessary to describe the real situation, where the knowledge and skills that the personnel who work on the site actually possess are established. For this, the help of interviews and questionnaires, among other tools, will be required.

3. Comparative analysis

A comparative analysis between the actual and the ideal situation should be included. After this and, based on the indicators previously placed, the results obtained are verified and related.

In this way, it will be known which are those factors that must be achieved and which are those that are already considered acquired.

4. Real training needs

The last step is to identify the actual training needs. This will let you know the areas where employees need help.

Businesses have different sectors in which to develop that can be an advantage according to the level of supply and demand in their country or region, and that could be considered as areas of opportunity.

Tourism, for example, is a business that increases annually and is currently one of the most demanded and used services by people.

It should be noted that first you must analyze whether the country where you live is ideal for doing this business. However, since it is a broad niche, with many competitors, it is recommended to offer new products that interest and attract the attention of customers, in addition to meeting their needs.

On the other hand, financial services have been booming in recent years, being one of the fastest growing business areas. The services to offer can be investment advice, for small entrepreneurs or families, it could also be advice with credit assistance or advice with payment methods.

The health area is a sector that never ceases to be valid. Above all, in recent years, diseases of all kinds have increased and, therefore, the demand has been greater, which makes this area a great opportunity.

In addition, personal satisfaction is obtained because people are helped to lead a healthier life. Another area of ​​opportunity can be electronic commerce, that is, making safe methods to buy different products and pay for them online.

In this sense, the increase in Internet access has influenced. The products to offer can be of various types, from clothing, shoes, jewelry, to household or cleaning products.

Another area of ​​opportunity is customer services, which exponentially increase the satisfaction obtained by users. No matter the company you work for, one of the most important elements is to please the customer, and in this way, win their approval and guarantee a next purchase.

In addition, in this way, these loyal customers, satisfied with the good service, can be made to recommend the business of their choice to their acquaintances.

Examples of opportunity areas of a company


Originally, Disney was just a company dedicated to making movies. He observed his success and set himself a new challenge.

Some time later, he had the idea for theme parks and a new line of products, including toys, dolls and costumes, among others.


Amazon went from being a store that sold only books to selling all kinds of products online, reaching the success it has today.


Originally created in the 20th century as one of the main companies that sold only computers, its greatest achievement came when it decided to broaden its horizons and release the iPhone.

4. Music market transformation

Finally, in the music and bands created in the 70s and 80s, the highest income received by singers was thanks to the records sold. Today, income comes in from concerts and tours around the world.

Examples of areas of opportunity for a person

1. Character

A bad character can be seen as an area of ​​opportunity, since by mastering it the person can significantly improve their personal relationships.

2. Change behaviors

Identifying a bad habit, such as procrastination (leaving for tomorrow what can be done today), serves as an area of ​​opportunity to eliminate it.

3. Improve self-esteem

Knowing one’s own talents well will increase self-esteem, and consequently, it will be an area of ​​opportunity to improve social skills.


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