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Aemon Targaryen: situation, family tree, curiosities

Who is Aemon Targaryen?

Aemon Targaryenalso known as Maester Aemon, is a fictional character in the work of George RR Martin song of fire and ice, and the television series Game of Thrones, broadcast on HBO. Aemon’s parents were Lady Dyanna Dayne and King Maekar I; Aemon was son number three.

Although he was originally given the title of prince, he lost it when he was sent to the Citadel as a child to become a maester. Upon graduation, he returned to Dragonstone to serve his brother Daeron. However, after his death, he returned to the Citadel until his father died and a power vacuum arose in the House of Targaryens.

Due to his status as a master, he had to renounce his hereditary rights and even his last name. He excelled as an advisor to Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, and as Master of the Night’s Watch until his death at age 102.

Situation in Game of Thrones


Aemon Targaryen was named after his great-uncle Aemon, also known as the Dragon Knight.

He was sent to the Citadel at age 10 in order to study to become a teacher. This decision was prompted by his grandfather Daeron II, who thought that the number of heirs to the throne could put the Crown in danger.

Upon graduating and taking his vows at the age of 19, Aemon relinquished his privileges as a potential heir to the throne, including his name.

Shortly after finishing his studies, he served an unknown monarch until he was called by his father to serve him at the court of the Iron Throne. Since that could compromise his functions as a teacher, he preferred to go to his brother, Daeron.

However, after his death, Aemon returned to the Citadel until his father died, which represented a kind of power vacuum, since the heirs to the throne (males) had died or were unfit.

The Great Council

In view of the situation, the Great Council wanted to offer him the Iron Throne but he rejected the offer, so Aegon, who was his younger brother, assumed power.

In order not to pose a threat, Aemon decided to join the Night’s Watch. From there he became an important figure, as he used to advise the Lord Commanders to assume leadership.

He witnessed the fall of the Targaryen House and the way in which its members were eliminated by their enemies. According to him, each teacher goes through a test that could challenge his vocation and this was his, although he preferred not to intervene.

Participation in the series

In summary of the appearances of this character throughout the series were the following:

During the first season, he met Tyrion Lannister at Castle Black and requested that Queen Cersei send more men so they could defend the Wall. He showed concern at the possible appearance of the white walkers.
He was assisted by Samwell Tarly in reading and receiving documents, as Maester Aemon was blind.
When Jon Snow learns of Ned Stark’s imprisonment, he prepares to leave the Night’s Watch when he is intercepted by Aemon. At that moment he confesses to her about his past as a Targaryen, as well as the death and fall of his family. He hinted that his duty as a member of him was more important than going to defend his family.
The danger posed by the presence of the white walkers becomes increasingly palpable in the third season. Aemon, with the help of Sam, sent out a series of requests for help throughout the Seven Kingdoms, but received no response.
In the fourth season, Aemon was part of a commission to judge Jon’s actions: from the murder of Qhorin to his relationship with the wild woman Ygritte. Despite the accusations and likely actions against him, Aemon sided with Jon to defend him and prevent his execution. Once again his nobility and wisdom was demonstrated.
He shared certain confessions with Sam by mentioning that at some point he may have become king thanks to his title as prince.
He makes his last appearance in the fifth season, when he was responsible for defining the tiebreaker between Jon Snow and Alliser Thorne as the new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Ultimately, Aemon voted for Jon.
In this part of the story, he learns about the existence and hardships that his great-great-granddaughter Daenerys Targaryen is going through.
Due to his advanced age, Aemon Targaryen loses his strength and sense of reality by having «conversations» with his younger brother, Aegon. He dies at the age of 102, making him the oldest man in Westeros.

Family tree

Next, part of the family tree of the Targaryen House will be presented:


Aemon was characterized as a wise man and a great source of knowledge, so he tried to advise those who requested his recommendations.
He had no natural inclination for power, even though he went through a turning point that almost called his duty and vows as a maester into question.
Both the actor and the character are blind.
Unlike several members of his family, he did not suffer from any madness (imbalances generated as a result of marriages between themselves), since he was characterized by being analytical, sharp and for having an exceptional memory.
Although he chose not to take the Iron Throne in order to save his family, Aemon went on to state that the destruction of his home was devastating to him.
They used to call their sister Aegon «Egg», affectionately.
He showed great respect to Sam despite his cowardice and overweight. In the end, both established a deep friendship.
Some fans of the series believe that the maester knew of Jon’s true identity despite the fact that only a few know this fact. As indicated, the first hint was in chapter 9 of the first season.


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