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Adjective phrases: what they are, types and examples

What are adjective phrases?

The adjective phrases They are sets of words that fulfill the function of describing someone, something or a particular place. Its nucleus of meaning is always a qualifying adjective, which attributes characteristics to a noun: “completely alone”, “well-filled”, “absurdly happy”, “annoyed with living”.

Usually, they are formed with two structures:

– Adverb + Adjective: passionately happy, potentially disastrous, tragically overwhelming, completely empty.

– Adverb + Complement: full of people, tired of living, tired of explaining, short of breath, far from here.

The phrases are not sentences, and should not be confused with the subordinate ones, which are usually introduced into the discourse with the link «that». Sentences, by definition, do not have a verb.

Types of adjective phrases


They seek to describe the subject:

– The car is yellow.

– The shoes are green.

– The backpack is enormous.

– The test was amusing.

– The girl is very calm.


They give a sense of possession or belonging:

– These rugs are yours.

– A daughter mine built it.

You Sister put her car up for sale.

– These snails are her.

– The boss broke their glasses.


They denote some location, direction, or pointing made on a subject.

That horse is a thoroughbred.

Those boys are very polite.

– I like it more this armchair that that other.

Are oranges are very acidic.


As long as they do not indicate a specific amount, they will fall into this category:

– Have very little money.

The rest of students will be late.

– Have enough hours to finish the job.

– Exists very much information about it.

Examples of Adjective Phrases

1- Starting tomorrow the days will be remarkably short.

2- My daughter is the girl highest of the class.

3- That final exam was terribly difficult.

4- Everyone was absolutely delighted when the winner was announced.

5- It takes a person smartest than me to solve this.

6- The movie was not so long.

7- That cake is too richbut also extremely expensive.

8- The new uniform is beautiful and it is not expensive.

9- Mom says that the price of the car is very high.

10- Faster than a turtle and so strong like a mouse.

11- The students, terribly unhappy for the tuition increase, they are protesting.

12- That residential complex has apartments very small but cheap.

13- His hair was very beautiful.

14- In the end, it was the emotional actor who gave a speech something cheesy.

15- Your dulce de leche smells very delicious.

16- Eating after hours is not something very healthy.

17- Your neighbor’s cat is So fat who can’t even walk.

18- She is too kind with the people.

19- At the end of the day I was too boring to be with him.

20- Those guys are extremely fanaticto have painted the body like this.

21- A dog completely covered of mud was just cleaned with your car.

22- The T-Rex was the dinosaur more powerful of his moment.

23-A sewn mat beautifully handcrafted worth its price.

24- The scene of the cowboys riding towards the horizon has been used too many times at the end of the movies.

25- They danced happy of life.

26- The movie is turning more and more terrifying.

27- I was so annoyed to waitwho decided to continue on his way.

28- The watchman dressed suspiciously with hood He told us we couldn’t stay here.

29- Low-fat food is the healthier.

30- I was very proud that your child won the science fair.

31- Those animals tenderly snuggled in the corner were the ones we rescued today.

32- My brother is greater than I.

33- That stone is the more heavy of all.

34- I am too much in love of the.

35- The neighbor’s music last night was very high.

36- Carlos was very anxious to get out of there.

37- I love the taste so sweet of the peach juice.

38- The waiting lines were exaggeratedly long.

39- I feel sorry for the people who live in those streets, terribly neglected.

40- The dance was exquisitely rewarding.

41- She is the chief surgeon of this wing. She is very prepared.

42- The candy you gave me was deliciously dark.

43- Dehydrated food has a flavor very unpleasant.

44- somewhat distractedsaw that the window did not have glass.

45- It’s a man extraordinarily handsome.

46- Marge, you are so pretty like Princess Leia and smart like Yoda. –Homer Simpson.

47- Light as a feather, stiff as a board. –Young Witches.

48- And tomorrow we will have so much work like today.

49- My dad is the man stronger and braver Worldwide.

50- That child cries stronger than any child I have ever met before.

51- I’ll wait for you in the building higher from the city.

52- There is no girl Prettier than your sister the redhead.

53- The albino boy in our class was the the only one who failed.

54- The apple tree in my garden is totally dry.

55- Again the alley dog ​​chased me, macabrely black.

56- Don’t you remember her? The girl with the glasses, the one with the hair excessively straight.

57- They watched a movie horribly boring.

58- The words flew through the air, subtly deadpan.

59- I still must a lot of money.

60- It has a taste very similar to the chicken

61- My mom is the one with the hairstyle more outdated.

62- That boy throws balls very fast.

63- The dancers floated slightly wingedlike swans, in the last scene.

64- My house shines wildly amazonianI have many plants.

65- That bird has a song sadly beautiful.

66- The day is hellishly hot.

67- The eyes of that girl are very green.

68- My mom says I have shoes very funny.

69- I ate a lot of popcorn while we watched the movie, so long.

70- This pillow is so soft like a little cloud

71- The walks were quietly quiet.

72- The last phone is so thin like a sheet of paper.

73- The houses in this neighborhood are remarkably new.

74- The candy left my tongue completely bluelike that of a smurf.

75- The dream was especially harrowing at the end, before waking up.

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