6 junio, 2024

Acrostic with the word Family: what it is, examples

A acrostic It is a literary composition or not where phrases or words are formed with the initial letters of another. The distribution of this figure is given vertically, where in front of each character, the new texts are formed.

It is said to be a literary or poetic composition because it is often used to create poems dedicated to a specific person. But acrostics can also be used for purposes other than poetic or literary.

For example, with the word bird:


Vlet’s wax

ANDin our combat

Within the formation of acrostics, the words that arise may or may not be related to the text from which it is built. That is, the new content created from the letters of the initial word may or may not be linked to it.

Normally, the acrostics are formed from the initial letter of the words, but there are cases in which these can be built from the final letter or from some middle. Similarly, new texts may or may not be related to the content from which they were created.

Acrostic with the word FAMILY

Next, two acrostics of the word family will be presented to graphically exemplify the concept.

Example 1

Fhappiness between brothers

TOdeath for all,

mtender and unforgettable moments,

Yoimportant and deep.

Lto family

YoIt implies tolerance, respect and, of course,

TOlove and gratitude

Example 2

Fformation of wonderful people.

TOThank you for having a united family.

mmoments full of happiness and love.

YoEssential to create united societies with values.

Lhe best moments are spent with family.

YoIt is very important to support each other.

TOfriendship and love always among all its members.

Explanation of the acrostic term and its use

The acrostic concept arises from the Greek words akroswhich means extreme, and from ethikoswhich means verse.

Initially, it was a term used for poetry, but over time it was extended to the composition of other words not considered verses.

As mentioned before, its formation starts from a word written vertically, where each of its letters in turn gives rise to a new text. Likewise, it can be formed by several vertical words.

Acrostics have become over the years a quite popular literary expression, being used in various ways. This form is observed from restaurant menus to massive advertising campaigns.

Other examples of acrostics

Next, two acrostics will be presented. In one of them there will be a relationship between the initial word and the new ones, while in the other there will be no link between the present texts.

Example 1

TOFriends and living beings are just as valuable as humans.

No.Or they should be mistreated.

Yoessential for life on planet earth.

mmammals, reptiles, insects, among others, are part of this kingdom.

TOBefore people, there were already millions of animals.

Lfill planet earth with good things

ANDspecies of all kinds that live with people

SYou are alive, in every way.

Example 2

youall people should try

ANDunderstand others and thus help

C.each one fulfills its objectives without the

No.need to affect the

EITHERafter people, who also want

Lachieve their goals through different

EITHERopportunities, which can be given

G.Thanks to the help and

Yoinformation that

TOOpenly everyone can toast and make known.

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