9 junio, 2024

97 phrases from Snoopy, Charlie Brown and other friends

I leave you the best snoopy quotes and her friends Charlie Brown, Sally, Linus, Lucy and Charles. They are part of the comic strip Carlitos, Charlie Brown and Snoopy or Rabanitos.

Snoopy is the mascot of Charlie Brown, a character from the Peanuts comic created by Charles M. Schulz. He is a beagle dog inspired by one of Schulz’s childhood puppies.

Along with Charlie Brown, Snoopy is the only character to appear in every Peanuts movie and special. He first appeared in the October 4, 1950 strip, two days after its premiere.

Originally it would be called «Sniffy», although that name was already used in a different comic. The name first appeared on November 10, 1950.

– “There is no point barking so much if you have nothing to say.” –Snoopy

– “I developed a new philosophy! Only one regret a day!” –Charlie Brown

– “Everything is fine, that is my new philosophy.” –Sally

– “Life is like a ten-speed bicycle, some of us do not use all speeds.” –Linus

– “Happiness is a warm puppy” – Lucy

– “I promise to be there tomorrow sir. In fact, it’s already tomorrow in Australia.» –Marcie

– “When nobody loves you, you should act as if everyone loves you.” –Sally Brown

– “In the book of life, the answers are not on the back cover.” –Charlie Brown

– “Most psychiatrists agree that sitting in a pumpkin patch is excellent therapy for a worried mind.” –Linus

– “If no one answers the phone, dial louder.” –Lucy

– “My life has no direction, no objectives and even so I am happy. I do not know why! What am I doing right? –Snoopy

– “It is human nature, we all need to be kissed goodbye.” –Marcie

– “My life is like a messy coloring book.” – Rerun

– “My anxieties have anxieties.” –Charlie Brown

– “I love humanity, it’s the people I can’t stand!” –Linus

– “Sometimes I stay in bed at night and ask: ‘What can I do so that my life doesn’t go by so fast?’ Then a voice comes to me and says: ‘Try to brake in the corners’.” –Charlie Brown

– “Joy is in playing.” –Schroeder

– “Sometimes you go to bed at night and you have nothing to worry about, that always worries me!” –Charlie Brown

– «Teacher? What kind of test will we have today? Multiple choice? Good! I choose not to take it!” –patty

– “All you need is love, but a little chocolate now does not hurt.” –Lucy

– “Ugh! I was kissed by a dog! I have dog germs! Look for hot water! Look for disinfectant! Look for iodine!” –Lucy

– “Dear income tax, please remove me from your mailing list.” –Snoopy

– “Do you still make wooden Christmas trees?” –Linus

– “Exercise is a bad word, every time I hear it I wash my mouth with chocolate.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “Sometimes I stay in bed at night and ask myself: ‘What have I done wrong?’ And a voice tells me: ‘This will take more than one night’.” –Charlie Brown

– “Sometimes I stay in bed at night and ask myself: ‘Life is a multiple-choice or single-choice test’ And a voice from the darkness tells me ‘We are sorry to say it but life is a thousand-word essay.’ ” –Charlie Brown

– “I think I have discovered the secret of life, stay until you get used to it.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “This is my depressed pose. When you get depressed, your posture makes a difference. The worst thing you can do is stand up straight and put your head up because that will make you feel better. If you’re going to take advantage of being depressed, you have to use this pose.” –Charlie Brown

– “Are you depressed, my friend? Have you stayed up worried? Do not worry I’m here. The flood will pass, the famine will end, the sun will rise tomorrow and I will always be there to take care of you. –Charlie Brown

– “All his life he tried to be a good person. He many times he tried but failed. After all, he was only human, he was not a dog.» –Charles M. Schulz

– “Try not to have fun, after all, this is educational.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “Why can’t we make all the people in the world that we like come together? I guess that wouldn’t work, someone would leave. Someone always leaves, so we’d have to say goodbye, I hate goodbyes. Do you know what I need? More hellos.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “Loneliness makes the heart more affectionate, but it makes the rest of you feel alone.” –Charlie Brown

– “Just thinking about a friend makes you dance with happiness, because a friend is someone who loves you despite your flaws.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “Happiness is waking up at night, looking at the clock and realizing that you have two hours of sleep left.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “I think I am afraid of being happy because when I am very happy something bad always happens” – Charlie Brown

– “Learn from yesterday, live for today, aspire to tomorrow, rest this afternoon.” –Snoopy

– “Be yourself, no one will tell you that you are doing it wrong.” –Snoopy

– “Christmas does a little extra for everyone.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “Sometimes I am awake at night and ask why me? And a voice replies: ‘Nothing personal, I just came up with your name.’” –Charlie Brown

– “If I am here, I can see the red-haired girl when she leaves her house, if she sees me watching her from behind this tree, she will think that I am the dumbest person in the world, but if I don’t, I will never be able to see her, it means that Yes I am the dumbest person in the world. That explains why I’m standing in poison ivy.» –Charlie Brown

– “I never made a mistake in my life. I thought I had, but I was wrong.» –Lucy

– «I know the answer! The answer is within the heart of humanity. Is the answer twelve? I think I’m in the wrong building.» –Lucy

– “There are three things that I have learned not to discuss with people: religion, politics and the great pumpkin.” –Linus

– “Happiness is anyone and anything loved by you.” –Charlie Brown

– “Never go to bed asking yourself questions you cannot answer.” –Charlie Brown

– “There is no weight greater than that of great potential.” –Linus

– “There is nothing more attractive than a good smile.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “That is the secret of life, replace one concern with another.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “No problem is too big or so complicated that you cannot run away from it.” –Linus

– “There is a difference between philosophy and a sticker.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “The night is darkest before you can see absolutely nothing.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “I gave everything to try to understand people. Now I let them try to understand me!» –Charles M. Schulz

– “Yesterday I was a dog, today I am a dog, tomorrow I will probably still be a dog. – Sigh – There is so little hope of progress.” –Snoopy

– “This is the last day of the year. Another year, and what have I done this year that I haven’t done another year? Nothing! How constant can I be?” –Snoopy

– “Life is like ice cream, you have to lick it one day at a time.” –Charlie Brown

– “If you grit your teeth and show determination, you will always have a chance.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet lollipop.”

– “I do not know the meaning of life. I don’t know why we are here, I think life is full of anxieties, fears and tears. There is a lot of lamentation and it can be severe. I don’t want to be the one trying to tell others what life is all about. It’s a total mystery to me.» –Charles M. Schulz

– “Sometimes, when you are very depressed, you do not want to do anything. All you want to do is rest your head on your arm and stare into space. Sometimes this can last for hours.” –Charlie Brown

– “People should not be ashamed because they are caught acting like fools.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “Either it is flu or it is love, the symptoms are the same.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “On a day as beautiful as this it would be better to stay in bed, so you don’t get up and ruin it.” –Charlie Brown

– “A touch on the nose is a sign of great affection.” –Lucy

– «Beauty tips. How to look younger: Don’t be born so early. –Charles M. Schulz

– “Love is letting him win even if you could destroy him.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “I am dying and all I hear are insults.” –Charlie Brown

– “Don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will soon be today and before you know it, today will be yesterday!” –Charles M. Schulz

– “It is better to live one day as a lion than twelve days as a sheep.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “My dear, how I love you. Words cannot say how much I love you. So forget about it.» –Charles M. Schulz

– “I wonder if there are spiritual dentists? I think my personality is full of cavities.» –Charles M. Schulz

– “Love is not knowing what you are talking about.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “Only in mathematics you can buy sixty apples and nobody is going to ask you what the hell is wrong with you.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “If I were to give a gift to the next generation, I would give each one the ability to laugh at themselves.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “Have you seen someone who is happy and still sane?” –Charles M. Schulz

– “Don’t be a leaf, be a tree!” –Linus

– “It does not matter what you believe as long as it is sincere.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “If you can’t beat them, cooperate with them until they die.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “Life is full of decisions, but you never have to make any!” –Snoopy

– “Yes, there are instant products in the supermarket, instant coffee, instant tea, instant pudding, instant cereal, instant disgust.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “Snowflakes fascinate me, millions fall gently to the ground and they say that no two are alike! Each one is different from the others, they are rugged individualists!” –Charles M. Schulz

– “You try to have happiness and what do you get? A couple of memories and a fat stomach!” –Charles M. Schulz

– “Do you know what my best quality is? I think I’m good at accompanying. I would hate not to be around!» –Charlie Brown

– “For a brief moment victory was within our reach! And then the game started.» –Charlie Brown

– “The world is full of single marriage counselors.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “It is a mistake to want to avoid unpleasant things in life, but I am beginning to consider it.” –Charles M. Schulz

– “This is my report on how to live, they say that the best way to live is one day at a time. If you try to live seven days at a time, the week will end before it…

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