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90 reunion phrases with your partner, family and friends

The reunion is one of the moments most awaited by people, whether they are friends, family or lovers. You can spend weeks and months thinking about what it will be like when you see that person again.

We have made a compilation of reunion phrases for couples, family and friends. You can use them to dedicate, share and reflect with that person you so hope to see again to enjoy unforgettable moments again.

love reunion phrases

When two old flames meet again, a lasting marriage is created. (Anonymous)

Many people who fall back in love with their former partners are able to spend the rest of their lives together.

The pain suffered in the separation is nothing compared to the joy that the reunion gives. (Charles Dickens)

All sorrow remains in the past when we meet the person we love.

I love being able to see you again and remember all the promises we made when we parted ways. (Anonymous)

When we are reunited with the person we love, all the things we said before we were apart come to us.

Each long separation is a test that shows us how powerful or how weak is our desire to meet again. (Mehmet Murat ildan)

By spending time away from the person we love, we really realize how much we want to see them.

It takes one person to forgive, and two people to meet again. (Lewis B. Smedes)

By reuniting with an old love, it is possible that we have already forgiven him and have a relationship again.

Never say goodbye without having words of love with the other person, since we never know when we will meet again. (Jean Paul)

We should always express our feelings with the people we love.

Maybe we needed to separate a little to be able to meet again, but with more love than before. (Leah Raeder)

Many times, being away from the person we love makes us realize how much love we feel for them.

Meeting you again makes me feel my heartbeat again. (Anonymous)

When we see an old love again, our emotions can be very strong.

You have no idea how much I missed your kisses and caresses all this time we spent apart. (Anonymous)

Reuniting with the person we love makes us realize how much we miss them.

At one point I felt as if our first date was not the first, and it was more than anything a reunion. (Gillian Flynn)

Many times we meet people with whom we connect at the first moment, and we feel that we already know each other from another life.

True love has no end, it always meets again. (Anonymous)

We always meet again with that person who made us so happy.

You should not worry about finding your other half, find yourself again. (Jason Evert)

In order to find love, we must first find who we are and be happy with it.

Sometimes the universe works in your favor and you meet again with the love of your life. (Anonymous)

It often happens that, over time, we realize that the person we were with was the one for us, and when we meet again, she thinks the same.

Over time, one learns that reuniting with old loves only makes us more lonely. (Anonymous)

Trying to fall in love again with a person we loved in the past is not always a good decision.

The time we’ve spent apart has created a void in my chest, which I know I’ll fill when we meet again. (Anonymous)

Nothing hurts us more than being away from the person we love, but when we see them again, everything returns to normal.

True love occurs when two halves of the same soul meet again. (Eliette Abécassis)

We only feel complete when we find our other half.

No reunion is given by chance. (Anonymous)

Many times fate makes us meet again with the person we love.

True love has the habit of finding itself again. (Anonymous)

As much as two people who love each other have separated; if the love between them was true, they will meet again in the future.

Some reunions make us rethink our lives. (Anonymous)

When we see a person we loved in the past, we often feel like being with them again.

Reuniting with music is similar to seeing our first love again. (Anonymous)

When we listen to songs that we haven’t heard in a long time, all those emotions that we felt when we heard them back then come back to us.

We talked, I laughed, and everything I had hated about you in the past was forgotten in that moment. (Anonymous)

When we meet up with an old love, it is possible that we see the things that happened to us from another angle, and we fall in love with him again.

People are capable of doing anything to rediscover our love. (Anonymous)

When we really love someone, we don’t care how far or how impossible it is to get back together with the person we love.

Let’s always meet again with a smile on our face, since the smile is the beginning of love. (Mother Teresa)

We should always treat all people with love and respect.

If two people are made to be together, they will eventually meet again. (Anonymous)

Separation can make us see how much we loved the person next to us.

Meeting again is something very sweet and that fills me with joy, but please, don’t go away for so long again. (Anonymous)

Reunions are always beautiful, but spending time apart from the person we love can cause us a lot of pain.

Separating from someone hurts, but if you really love that person you must let them go and maybe one day you will meet them again. (Anonymous)

We should never cling to the person we love; if you really want to be with us, we’ll meet again eventually.

True love is rediscovering yourself. (Anonymous)

We always have to know each other and value ourselves as we are, that is the only relationship we should try to maintain.

My feelings for you have not changed one bit since we said goodbye, until today when we meet again. (Anonymous)

Some people stay forever in our hearts and we love them no matter how much they are with us or not.

A chance reunion was the least casual thing in our lives. (Anonymous)

Sometimes an accidental reunion with an old flame is all it takes to get back together.

True love does not mean that you will not part; It means that you will meet him again. (Anonymous)

People who truly love each other always come back together, no matter how long they were apart.

Friends reunion phrases

There’s nothing like meeting up with old friends to realize how much we’ve changed. (Anonymous)

Our childhood friends make us remember how we were back then.

True friends only part to meet again. (John Gray)

We always meet our best friends again, no matter how much time passes.

The best reunions are with those friends you didn’t want to get away from. (Anonymous)

Many times life situations make us have to go away from our friends; therefore, seeing them again fills our souls.

Meeting up with old friends is like finding a treasure. (Anonymous)

When we meet again with friends from our childhood, all those indelible memories of moments lived with them come back to us.

The reunion reveals the potential for friendship that has not been shown in the past. (Beta tuff)

When we see our friends again, after not doing so for a while, we realize how much we missed them.

We only leave to meet again. (John Gray)

Sometimes life physically takes us away from our friends, but we always meet them again.

Reuniting with friends from school reminds us of who we used to be. (Anonymous)

The passage of time and the experiences we live change our way of being, and we can notice this change when we see a friend we haven’t seen for a long time.

The nice thing about meeting up with friends is that you realize that the friendship hasn’t changed at all, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen them. (Anonymous)

True friendships remain intact over time.

The fun thing about meeting up with old friends is seeing what kind of person you hung out with in your teens. (Jon Hurwitz)

Our first friends say a lot about who we used to be when we were younger.

If two people are made to be friends, no matter how far away they are or how long it takes, fate will always make them meet again. (Anonymous)

We always meet again with those friends that we appreciate very much.

Sometimes two friends have to drift apart just to realize how much they appreciate each other and meet again. (Anonymous)

Fighting with our friends makes us realize how much we love and need them by our side.

Reuniting with our friends after a long time without seeing them is better than a wedding night. (Chinese proverb)

Nothing is more enjoyable than spending time with our friends again.

Forgive yourself and your friends will help you rediscover happiness. (Anonymous)

Our friends are always there when we need them, helping us get back on track.

It is always necessary to take our time to meet again with those friends that we do not see so often. (Anonymous)

We should always find some time to see those friends we haven’t seen for a long time.

Friends are like the headlights of a car; they do not shorten the distance, but they light the way and make the reunion worthwhile. (Anonymous)

Our friends always teach us the path we should choose.

Friends come and go, but best friends always find a way to meet again. (Anonymous)

We always do our best to see those friends we love very much again.

Take shelter in reunions with your friends. (Anonymous)

Meeting again with those people we love very much can make us change our state of mind and get us out of a bad moment.

It takes a lot of guts to go to a school reunion. (Dick Cavett)

Reunions with schoolmates can bring back memories that we wanted to erase.

Do not be discouraged by goodbyes, they are necessary so that there can be reunions; and meeting again after a long time is for those who are really friends. (Anonymous)

When we meet our true friends again, we feel again as if we had never been separated from them.

Reuniting with my old friends gives me the opportunity to share memories and listen to our music again. (Ricky Nelson)

Seeing our friends again makes us relive our past.

We all take different paths in our lives, but no matter how far we’ve gone, we always find ourselves again. (Tim McGraw)

It is always important to keep in touch with those friends of our youth, since they know us like no one else.

Friends are like good glasses, when you meet them again you see everything more clearly. (Anonymous)

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