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9 Institutions that Protect Human Rights in Mexico

The institutions that protect human rights in Mexico they have existed from the moment the country signed its first international agreements with the Organization of American States and the United Nations.

Even so, the official Mexican institutions to deal with this matter are relatively recent, given that they have only existed for 25 years.

The main human rights violations that are carried out in Mexico are homicides, assassinations and intimidation of journalists, and forced disappearances. According to the United Nations Organization, Mexico is one of the 30 countries in which human rights are most frequently violated.

The defense of human rights in Mexico was constitutionally recognized on January 28, 1992. The mention of human rights was added as a section to article 102 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, through a decree.

Since then, several national and international organizations have been in charge of ensuring the defense of human rights in the Aztec nation, a fact of great importance since the increase in violence that the nation has experienced since the last decade of the 20th century.

The main institutions that defend human rights in Mexico

1- National Human Rights Commission

Originally founded in 1992 as the General Directorate of Human Rights, it is the main government entity in Mexico in charge of ensuring human rights, especially violations by public officials or the State.

2- Organization of the United Nations

It has been present since 1947 in Mexico, a country that is a founding member. The United Nations Organization has 20 specialized agencies and more than 800 officials in the country, with the intention of promoting inclusion and equity for all citizens.

3- Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

THE IACHR is an autonomous body that is part of the Organization of American States in charge of the promotion and protection of human rights in the American continent.

Based in Washington, it carries out its work based on an individual petition system.

In addition, it monitors the human rights situation in the member states and provides attention to issues that are a priority for the continent.

4- Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

The UN OHCHR leads UN human rights efforts in all member states including Mexico.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights is the United Nations’ chief human rights official.

5- Human Rights Watch

It is a non-profit NGO, founded in 1978 and focused on human rights. He guides his work by international human rights, humanitarian law and respect for the dignity of every human being.

It presents more than 100 reports on human rights in 90 countries each year, and meets regularly with the governments of member countries, the UN and the European Union.

6- National Network of Civil Human Rights Organizations

Known as Red TDT, this association promotes meetings and collaborations between different human rights organizations to join forces and develop joint strategies.

It is located in 23 states of Mexico and has up to 86 organizations linked to its network.

Its mission is to achieve all the rights that human beings deserve, and not just some of them. It declares itself independent and is not governed by partisan or governmental interests.

7- Amnesty International

Institution created in 1961 and with presence in more than 150 countries, including Mexico. It is one of the most active human rights movements and with the most members (7 million people).

Its mission is to fight for human rights and denounce cases of abuse against them.

8- International Brigades for Peace

PBI (for its acronym in English) is an international NGO created in 1981. Its mission is to protect human rights and promote non-violence. Among its main focuses is the protection of all those who fight for human rights and who are threatened.


The International Service for Peace) is an international organization born in Mexico, the main focus of action. Created in 1995, its main involvement has to do with the fight for human rights, the search for solutions to armed conflicts, the deterrence and prevention of violence.

Murdered journalists

The organizations place special emphasis on the murder of Mexican journalists that began in 2006.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, practicing the profession in Mexico is as dangerous as in Afghanistan.

The wave of violence against journalists includes threats, kidnappings and murders of journalists, especially those covering the war on drugs and individual investigations of drug cartels.

This constitutes a double fault against human rights, since it threatens life and freedom of expression.


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