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89 phrases from historical soccer coaches

A soccer coach he is more than a teacher or the person who talks to his players. It is an example to follow and the inspiration to give more on the field and even in life, since football is, above all, a metaphor for who we are.

We classify the sentences to make reading more enjoyable. This partition is made based on sentences about the concept of football, about the coaching profession, about success and failure, about the players and finally about the rivalries (the latter being the most morbid).

We have made a list of football coaches quotessuch as Sir Alex Ferguson, Pep Guardiola, José Mourinho, Carlos Bilardo, Johan Cruyff or Arrigo Sachi, illustrious representatives of the beautiful game and geniuses both in tactics and in the way of explaining football with words.

The best phrases of football coaches

1- Some people believe that football is a matter of life and death. I am disappointed in that attitude. It’s more important than that. -Bill Shankley.

2- Football is the most important of the least important. -Jorge Valdano.

3- To play soccer you should not suffer. What is done by suffering cannot turn out well. -Carles Rexach.

4- They say it’s easier to change women than soccer teams… And it’s true. – Pep Guardiola.

5- I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it. It’s soccer. Demons! -Sir Alex Ferguson after winning the 1999 Champions League final against Bayern Munich in discount.

6- Soccer is a simple sport in which while some like to talk, I love to win. -Fabio Capello.

7- In this life the only thing you cannot change is your mother and your team. -Diego Simeone.

8- Soccer is like that, just like life, it gives you surprises. If only the best won, this would be more boring than dancing with your sister. -Luis Enrique.

9- And win, and win, and win, and win again, and win, and win, and win, and that’s football, gentlemen. -Luis Aragones.

10- The most difficult thing is to find something to replace football, because there is nothing. -Kevin Keegan.

11- Playing against a team that defends itself is like making love with a tree. -Jorge Valdano.

12- To win a game, the easiest thing is still to have the ball. -Sir Alex Ferguson.

13- The goal must be a pass into the net. -Cesar Luis Menotti.

14- Soccer has taken more from me than it has given me. -Jose Mourinho.

15- Playing against the ball increases the possibility of losing, because the human being has a certain limitation of energy. The soccer player gets tired of running, the ball doesn’t, never. – Manuel Pellegrini.

16- The only way that I understand soccer is that of constant pressure, playing in the rival field and dominating the ball. I am an attack obsessive. I watch videos to attack, not to defend. Do you know what my defensive job is? We all run. -Marcelo Bielsa.

17- Playing soccer is very simple, but playing simple soccer is the most difficult thing there is. -Johan Cruyff.

18- I love fighting football: rainy days, heavy fields and seeing the footballers with dirty faces not wanting to play for the next four weeks. -Jurgen Klopp.

19- A game without goals is like a sunless Sunday. -Alfredo di Stefano.

20- I am here to defend football and the professionals that encompass it. -Luis Aragones.

21- Step on it, step on it, what the hell do I care about the adversary, ours are from Colorado. -Carlos Billardo.

22- Concentration has always been an important message in my speech. When the players leave the locker room, it’s always the last thing I talk to them about. Soccer is more and more like chess, and in chess, if you lose concentration for a second, you’re dead. -Sir Alex Ferguson.

23- Napoleon was not a tactician, but a strategist. If he had to change, he changed. That goes for football too. -Cesar Luis Menotti.

24- If you can’t win, make sure you don’t lose. -Johan Cruyff.

25- Soccer is always tomorrow. -Diego Simeone.

About the coaching profession

26- The most educational tool that I have had has been through sports. I have learned to accept defeat, that someone else is better, to get up after not having done things well, to strive to do better… -Pep Guardiola.

27- Coaches can commit two sins: make players who fly walk or pretend that those who can only walk can fly. -Marcelo Bielsa.

28- Training is a love story with a club; you have to hope it lasts forever and accept that it could be over tomorrow. -Arsène Wenger.

29- Not even a Ballon d’Or is worth as much as the esteem of your own teammates. -Vicente del Bosque.

30- Giving up personal values ​​to achieve an end would leave me more frustrated than not winning the title being consistent with the idea. – Manuel Pellegrini.

31- Nowhere did I learn so much from myself and from others as on a court. -Jorge Valdano.

32- The most pleasant thing is to dedicate myself to this profession. Just stepping on a field dazzles me, the smell of grass. -Luis Aragones.

33- There are coaches who believe they are more than the players. When that happens it is a serious problem to solve. -Zinedine Zidane.

34- As a player it is easy. You only think about yourself. Then, if you have a head, also think about the team. The coach has to think of everyone, on the contrary. -Diego Simeone.

35- The most wonderful thing about my profession is imagining the match that is going to happen tomorrow. – Pep Guardiola.

36- The coach is the reference of the team, but the relationship must be open, like the mind of each player. Everyone must do the same, pull in the same direction, to contribute to reaching the goal being pursued. -Louis van Gaal.

37- The most beautiful thing for a coach is field work, there you see that your influence can be greater. -Gerardo Martino.

38- Not only the player must understand the coach. The coach must also understand the player. -Diego Simeone.

39- What characterizes a good coach? What the players will say about him when it’s all over. – Pep Guardiola.

About success and failure

40- It is difficult to accept injustice guys. I know that nothing soothes them now, because they killed themselves for the party, they deserved it and they didn’t get it. Even if it is impossible for them, do not claim anything. Swallow poison. Strengthen yourselves, playing like this you will get what you deserve. Congratulations guys! Everyone, everyone! -Marcelo Bielsa.

41- There are those who laugh after a victory, for me there is no time to celebrate successes. -Jose Mourinho.

42- To be successful as a player, coach and leader you have to have a lot of discipline, a lot of luck and be born in the country and at the right time. -Franz Beckenbauer.

43- You go to the stadium to win. Cinemas and theaters are already there to have fun. -Marcelo Lippi.

44- Success without honor is the greatest of failures. -Vicente del Bosque.

45- Success is continuous. Does not exist. It is a night of celebration. Failure causes me pain. Because today the failure does not exist, even if he has the best intentions. Not for me, but because my environment suffers more. I know what a prize is. I like to be valued, not what I won, but how I won. -Jorge Sampaoli.

46- The finals are not played, they are won. -Luis Aragones.

47- Value what you have, you never know when your moment arrives. -Tito vilanova.

48- You can stop running, or stop playing for long minutes; the only thing that cannot be stopped from doing is thinking. -Cesar Luis Menotti.

49- The victory may remain in the books, but the way to achieve it will remain in the heads of the people. -Arrigo Sacchi.

50- Defeat is really a defeat when we do not use it to learn and improve; if we use it for one of these two purposes it is one more victory. -Andoni Bombin.

51- If we lose we will continue to be the best team in the world, but if we win we will be eternal. – Pep Guardiola.

52- The good guys don’t always win, those who fight win. -Diego Simeone.

53- In soccer the first is a God and the second is shit. -Marcelo Lippi.

54- You have to fight to win with strength and courage, until the stadium shakes, until the people shout: goal, goal. -Rafa Benitez.

55- There is nothing more dangerous than not taking risks. – Pep Guardiola.

56- We all want to win, but only the mediocre do not aspire to beauty. It’s like trying to choose between a good jerk or a bad smart one. -Jorge Valdano.

57- I’d rather lose a game by nine goals than nine games by one goal. -Vujadin Boskov.

58- I never let myself be tempted by praise. The praise in football is absolute hypocrisy. -Marcelo Bielsa.

About the relationship with the players

59- I will forgive players who don’t hit the mark, but I will never forgive them for not making an effort. – Pep Guardiola.

60- A selection does not necessarily take the best players: it takes those who can make up a team, which is what you earn in football. -Marcelo Lippi.

61- The only way to be successful is unifying the players from amateurism. You have to try to pigeonhole them in love for the shirt from enjoyment, not from obligation. -Jorge Sampaoli.

62- I consider myself different as a coach because I train for the brain. I train so that footballers think, and this is more difficult because normally footballers think with their stomachs. -Louis van Gaal.

63- Go out and do not forget that you are an example for many children, that we must set an example at all times, that they will be aware of us, of what we do. -Vicente del Bosque to the players of the Spanish team before the 2010 World Cup final.

64- The player of the 21st century will be precisely like Maradona. Short, but very athletic. With that magic that computers and Maradona also have. Helenio Herrera.

65- A woman is like a player: if she doesn’t want to be in a certain position, you don’t have to insist. -Carlos Billardo.

66- As a goalkeeper does not reach the locker room full of mud, he is not a goalkeeper. -Javier Clement.

67- My ideal team is the one in which, at any time and in any situation, all the players think in the same way. -Jose Mourinho.

68- No player is as good as all together. -Alfredo di Stefano.

69- I need to hug my players and explain to them, I need to convince them, there is nothing more wonderful than trying to put your ideas into your players’ heads. – Pep Guardiola.

70- Boys, kill yourselves because if there’s something I can’t stand it’s watching the finals on TV. -Carlos Billardo.

71- On Mondays I always think about changing ten players, on Tuesdays seven or eight, on Thursdays four, on Friday two, and on Saturday I already think the same bastards have to play. -JB Toshack.

72- Soccer players are like movie actors, they want to be applauded. -Luis Aragones.

73- Being the best takes away happiness, hours with your wife, with your friends, takes away parties, fun. You have a very big problem. Very very big. They have money but they don’t have time to enjoy the money they have. What money gives you in terms of happiness. I already know that because I’ve seen it countless times. -Marcelo Bielsa.

74- I try to create a protective atmosphere for my players, so that they can communicate with each other, so that they not only express themselves as players, but also as human beings. -Louis van Gaal.

75- It is very difficult to convince someone who thinks differently. One can…

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