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87 Tide Phrases to Remember Your Best Songs

A compilation of one of the most successful and beloved Spanish bands; Tide

Marea is a rock band founded in Navarra by Kutxi Romero -the vocalist-, an author and composer. Its other members are Eduardo Beaumont (bass and vocals), César Ramallo (guitar), David Díaz Kolibrí (electric and acoustic guitar) and Alén Ayerdi (vocals and drums).

They have released seven studio albums, the first being La patera (1999) and the latest El azogue (2019), although their biggest hit is 28,000 stabs (2004). His songs include Corazón de mimbre, En tu agujero, Ojalá me quieras libre, La una me sabe a poco, El hijo de la Inés, Que joda el viento, among others.

The best phrases of Marea

We have made this collection of Tide phrases in which you will be able to remember the best lyrics, the genius of their compositions and messages, and the themes of their songs.

-I’ll go barefoot and you naked to the sound of love from the hoarse drum played by the Moon.-Fuck the wind.

-I just want them to love me, like you, like everyone else.-Pins.

-What is your life?, I’m glad to see you. Alone like never, alone as always… I skin a heart in the brambles of my voice and the same Sun that shines on you kills me.-Skin.

-And there we laugh watching how each minute hand is devoured by the waves.-Fuck the wind.

-At the height of the parsley all my dreams have remained, I make myself a dress with everything I have lost and it already makes sense to smile.-Veins with smoke and words.

-Before cutting my veins that they give you ass, I paint a heart.-The Shrimp already said it.

-What the hell will happen to him that he no longer flies? Perhaps the wind from the moon wet its feathers?-Wicker heart.

-Here I will be, waiting for you to step on all the gray mornings and the one-eyed afternoons.-Among concrete.

-Bathe in my eyes, fuck the sea that wants to rock you at will.-Fuck the wind.

-Tell me about the rain, about the days of shit and spoon, about the strange rottenness of love.-Shit and spoon.

-Let me tell you my tale of wounds and caresses, my story of no one, my nanny of hunger, all my lies.-Fuck spring.

-Sleep with me, if you’re a stone it doesn’t matter, I’ll be a rocky road. Sleep with me, I sing to you, I lull you to sleep, I tuck you in, I shelter you, I pamper you.-Sleep with me.

-We started screwing in a screw and it got out of hand and kicked with the pieces, nobody could undo this big-headed puzzle.-To the ass of a worm.

-They don’t even kiss like those who know they don’t know how to kiss.-To the ass of a worm.

-That my pillow is full of when you were not there, of songs that you never sang, of those kisses that you never gave me.-Sleep with me.

-That my bed is made where there are no windows, where the looks want.-Sleep with me.

-And for some time now I decide to dream of you, tarnishing my path with mud and shitting all over the fly, and you see, I wake up as I went to bed. -Sleep with me.

-And she looks at me out of the corner of her eye when she thinks I’m not looking at her, how I’m not going to look if it burns like stubble when I neglect it.-She sleeps with me.

-She feels good, I sit quietly on the ground to look at her.-Trasegando.

-Boy get up! I don’t feel like balls today I’ll stay in bed.-Trasegando.

-What do you want honey? Well, we are already two.-Trasegando.

-Tomorrow I’ll be back, everyone tells me that, go on, kiss me and leave.-Trasegando.

-I try to do it well, but we are left alone, me and my little silver moon.-Trasegando.

-I don’t even feel alone without you, in short, to rack without more or more.-Trasegando.

-It is the whim of the eye that sees how he dies alone through the same peephole, through the same door that he wants to break. It is a hand trying to take a piece of love.-The time of the flies.

-What do the guts of clenched fists know? They know that bitter drinks water them, they know everything and more about standing up, about loneliness, they know why bread is always hard.-Hard bread.

-It’s so simple to make me happy, let the air hit my face, let the Kolibrí’s guitar play, dance at dawn if I feel like it, let the door ring and ask for me, your hands open, open your lips, to see you smile, to you.-As your grandmother wants.

-That’s you and me, the sky and the ground, whores and love, laziness and sleeplessness, sandpaper and velvet.-Sandpaper and velvet.

-The disheveled smile of going against the winds, of going against the winds.-Petenera.

-Blacker than firebrand, harder than ciborium, stiffer than a plank, my heart gets every time you say no.-Mojama.

-My heart chimes por bulerías if you look at me.-Varnish.

-My house is where you are, the same eyes, the same light. -The same nails.

-Meanwhile, between the holes that time leaves us, let your hair fly… -Fuck the wind.

-Don’t pay me any fucking attention if I pass by you selling failure as if it were peppermint.-The trail.

-I don’t want your temporary love, your flow of bile, your desire to lose, although I know that if you leave I’ll be nothing.-Temporary love.

-I am nothing more than what you saw in your day, my gray smile, my sad eyes, trying to get off the ground.-Complain.

-Do not fall asleep in my broken lullaby, which is the song with which the sun wakes up.-Breakdown lullaby.

-Cousin Sadness, you who show the panties to life, you don’t forget to get out of my head. You stretch and in my veins you put tears of wax like fists, so that when crying it hurts.-Cousin sadness.

-Someone bring me a rum, but without ice and without Coca-Cola, because Coca-Cola makes me lose sleep over enjoying it.

-That they say that the night has fallen short, it doesn’t matter to you and I don’t care, and yesterday, what am I going to do if yesterday was yesterday? -Inés’ son.

-What do you care if I drag, if I twist the path, if I put the wine, I tell you. What does it matter if I urinate in that destiny for which I was born, I tell you.-Trasegando.

-That we don’t want to be that much. We want to be a bit of sun and a bit of night, we want to be windy and calm, storm, rain and the smell of wet earth.-Like the trileros.

-Let the sun fall in chunks, and with it the drunken god who wanted to make you suffer.-Cut out my tongue.

-That I’m tired of rowing, companion solitude, from your door to mine.-A thousand carats.

-That I am flapping again, that I break the glasses toasting your steps between flight and flight.-Virgin of failure.

-She’ll comb her hair a little and she’ll get so pretty and she’ll go out muttering her things at dawn…

-If I cut the ropes of the trapeze, it was to go up and tie them, and see the moon again.-The trapeze.

-If we are nobody, nobody will find. -Fuck the wind.

-I was always that black sheep that knew how to dodge the stones that were thrown at it, and the more the years go by, the more I stray from the herd because I don’t know where it is going… -Like the west wind.

-And when the stars come out, I’m already hanging from the shred of a dream, the whole world is worthless to me, last night I was small.-The green dog.

-And the olive trees tell me that I get tired of dreaming about you, that I am cornered and I have no shots left, that it is time to wake up.-On horseback.

-And if you want to add salt to the wounds, you will only find locks and the scars of loneliness. -Fuck the wind.

-I’m dispersing gray clouds that can provide shade when I finish burying my heart.-Blood reaches the sky.

-A city separated from fear, always multiplies its doors.-The city of gypsies.

-He made a deal on the mattress. With his foam he created his heart, last night it was rock and at dawn he became wicker. Now instead of breaking, he is able to bend before.-Wicker heart.

-I reinvent myself another planet where there are open doors and where kisses do not taste like shit.-The green dog.

-Today I have decided to sow ardent paths with the tip of my body. Today, I accept myself as I am without looking at myself with a frown.-The green dog.

-We are going to place the tablecloth, stay by my side. We will devour the sunrise with what our hands desire and for dessert we will have an unhappy sun that ends up driving us crazy. You already know that the moon always knows me little.-The moon knows me little.

-I told him that at night seas came out of my pores, dreaming that he was talking to me and holding onto his vocal cords, that there is no one who can sleep listening to my heartbeat, which seems to be chewing crystals.-The moon tastes little to me .

-Stubborn, foul-mouthed and worried I cross my legs, I die in a roar, my half smile tells you that I have been the river that loves you and has loved you in the half light of the field.-A room without windows.

-I dreamed of provoking you below the navel… I fantasized, that I wanted to dream of you.-Sandpaper and velvet.

-If you stay here with me, you will recognize that my word is dressed in meaty red.-Nana of grief.

-Squeeze hard to the bustle and you will realize that the effort comes from your bowels. That force turns the mud into sawdust or more blood with which it can be written.-Nana de quebranto.

-I make silence with what there is, because what there is is what it touches and to caress the heart it is best not to open your mouth.-Veins with smoke and words.

-I know that between the seas crystals will rain on us, and I will go uncovered and you naked to the sound of love, of the hoarse drum that plays the moon.-Wind.

-I have my body destined for abandonment, screaming to want to touch you. I have a beautiful voice from singing to you so much and my hands are so soft from caressing you so much.-Red ears.

-And if the dark clouds return to our madness, they will have us face to face, side by side and we will be more and more alone despite the fact that we find ourselves surrounded by so many people.-Wind.

-If they want to put chains in your life, you know that you must break them day by day. If you believe in freedom, it is always time to start singing.-Victor Jara did not die.

-I am not going to stay for a moment, not even a minimum moment to plan who will pay for the pipers of my despair.-The veins with smoke and words.

-Today I want to put all my spoils in these places, where the first time we both placed at dawn to juggle. Things still go wrong for me when I look back.-Veins with smoke and words.

-I even get scratched by the spider legs in her hair… When she kisses me, the ground shakes.-You and me.

-Hold me to the ceiling with rusty nails, leave me hanging there, I assure you I won’t feel anything.-You without panties, me without panties.

-Let morning come slowly, stay a while lying here in my bed, I don’t know if I’ll see you again and I’m dying to go with you to wait for our gray hairs to come out.-You without panties, me without panties.

-I no longer miss anything that comes from you. If I fight in the duel I get confused and die. I’d rather go to hell than crawl into a gray sky.-I have a plan.

-I will always be waiting for you on the other side where the mud is mud, where it is not necessary to pretend.-I have a plan.

-Come closer and you’ll see, I don’t know how to make it worse.-I’m a clown.

-I’m going to sleep covered with frost, tucked in with jumpers, thinking of you and a present for both of us. If you want, come, I already have a look at a secluded place around the moon so you can fly, a kiss, come on, don’t forget me, it seems that they are following me and I have come without papers.-If the I blinked

-I swear on my dad that I have nothing to…

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