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80 phrases for grandparents of gratitude and to dedicate

A collection of phrases that you can use to dedicate to your grandparents

With grandparents we have a different relationship than we can have with anyone else. They offer dedication and love without expecting anything in return and have a special affection for their grandchildren.

A good grandfather is always willing to spend time with his grandchildren, teach them things, tell them stories and take care of them. If you’re here, you probably have a grandfather like that and you want to show him how much you love him.

On the other hand, did you know that there is a Grandfather Memorial Day? It is celebrated in many countries, including: July 26-Spain, August 28-Mexico, October 15-Chile, September 29-Ecuador, August 26-Peru.

The best phrases to dedicate to grandparents and grandmothers

use these phrases for grandparents to dedicate and thank on a special day, on an anniversary or at any time when you want to show your grandfather how much you appreciate him.

I love that you are my grandmother. You’re the best!

A short but beautiful phrase to dedicate.

Thank you Grandpa, for bringing wisdom, joy, warmth, and love into my life. (Anonymous)

People who become grandparents see life in a calmer way and are dedicated to enjoying their family.

A grandfather is a bit of a father, a bit of a teacher, and a bit of a best friend. (Anonymous)

Our grandparents teach us about life, they educate us, and they are also our best confidants.

Parents know a lot, but grandparents know everything. (Anonymous)

Our grandparents always have the right word for us, and it seems like there’s nothing they don’t know.

Grandparents create memories that the heart keeps forever. (Anonymous)

The moments lived with our grandparents are indelible for us.

Grandpa, I know you’ve loved me since I was born, but I’ve loved you all my life. (Anonymous)

A phrase to tell your grandfather how much you love him.

You are the sun, grandmother, you are the sun of my life. (Kitty Tsui)

The presence of our grandparents in our lives is always very positive.

There are parents who do not love their children; but there is no grandfather who does not love his grandchildren. (Victor Hugo)

There is nothing more unconditional than the love of grandparents.

My grandmother has taught me everything except how to live without her. (Anonymous)

To thank what your grandmother taught you.

A grandfather is someone with silver in their hair and gold in their heart. (Anonymous)

Our grandparents are those people who will always be there for us.

The best place to be when we are sad is in the lap of our grandparents. (Anonymous)

There is no better person than a grandfather to calm our sorrows.

A grandfather is old on the outside, but young on the inside. (Anonymous)

Grandparents always have a lot of vitality when it comes to sharing time with their grandchildren, they are always willing to play with them and have a good time.

Grandparents always have time to talk and make you feel special. (Anonymous)

Good grandparents are always willing to spend time with their grandchildren.

Grandparents are like stars; we don’t always see them, but we know they are there. (Anonymous)

Our grandparents are always there when we need them.

If nothing works, call your grandmother. (Italian proverb)

We tend to believe that our grandparents are capable of solving anything that goes wrong.

A grandfather is someone you can always look up to, no matter how old you are. (Anonymous)

We are always proud of our grandparents, no matter our age.

A grandmother is like an angel, she takes you under her wings, takes care of you and gives you anything. (Anonymous)

A nice phrase that compares a grandmother with a very special being.

The love of grandparents knows no limits. (Anonymous)

Our grandparents are capable of doing whatever it takes for us to be happy.

Grandparents are one of the best gifts your heart will ever know. (Anonymous)

The love that our grandparents give us cannot be compared to anything in the world.

Our grandparents hold our hands for a short time, but our hearts forever. (Anonymous)

Even if they are no longer with us, we will never forget our grandparents.

Grandparents are like magicians. They can create beautiful memories for their grandchildren out of nothing. (Anonymous)

Grandchildren always enjoy the stories their grandparents tell, and remember them fondly forever.

Being a grandpa means you can be as silly as you want. (Anonymous)

Grandparents always seek to cheer up their grandchildren by doing silly things to entertain them.

Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to the other. (Richard Garnett)

The best thing our grandparents give us is the unconditional love they have for us.

You never know the love grandparents feel until you become one. (Anonymous)

The experience of being a grandfather must be lived firsthand to know the quality and quantity of emotions that are felt.

Grandparents sprinkle stardust over the lives of their little grandchildren. (Alex Halley)

The love with which grandparents treat their grandchildren fills them with happiness.

A child needs a grandparent to grow more secure in such an unfamiliar world. (Charles Morse)

By spending quality time with our grandparents, they teach us how to move through life.

All people should be able to be grandchildren and grandparents to become a complete human being. (Margaret Mead)

The experiences and teachings that our grandparents give us cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Grandparents are for loving and fixing things. (Anonymous)

The experience gained in the years of life makes our grandparents very wise people.

A grandfather always makes you feel like he’s been waiting all day to see you, and now his day is complete. (Marcy DeMaree)

Grandparents always welcome their grandchildren with great joy.

Every house needs a grandfather in it. (Louisa May Alcott)

Everyone should be able to enjoy the company of their grandparents.

Grandparents are the precious gems at the center of the family. (Chinese proverb)

We must value our grandparents, since they are a fundamental part of our family.

Grandparents are like little old-fashioned children. (Anonymous)

Many grandparents play with us as if they were still children.

Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary for the growth of children as vitamins. (Joyce Allston)

In childhood, it is essential that children spend time and enjoy the company of their grandparents.

Grandma serves up kisses, tips, and cookies every day. (Anonymous)

We can always count on the love and wisdom of our grandparents.

When grandparents walk in the door, discipline flies out the window. (Ogden Nash)

Our grandparents give us many more freedoms than our parents.

Grandparents always have time for you when everyone else is busy. (Anonymous)

We can always count on the time and wisdom of our grandparents.

Our greatest blessing is our grandparents. (Anonymous)

Having grandparents is one of the best things we can experience in our lives.

It is when they become grandmothers that our mothers reach the fullness of their grace. (Christopher Morley)

Becoming grandparents is a big change for people; a change that gives them a lot of energy and love again.

Some of the best educators in the world are grandparents. (Charles W. Shedd)

The experience granted over the years and the love for their grandchildren make grandparents one of the best references for young people.

If you are lucky enough to still have your grandparents, visit them, take care of them and celebrate them while you can. (Regina Brett)

We should always spend time with our grandparents, since we don’t know how much longer we can enjoy them.

Grandparents are a delightful mix of laughter, loving deeds, wonderful stories, and love. (Anonymous)

Our grandparents always spend quality time with their grandchildren.

There is nothing more wonderful than the love and guidance that a grandfather can give to his grandson. (Edward Fays)

Grandparents always advise their grandchildren with great affection, ensuring that nothing bad happens to them.

It is impossible for a grandmother to understand that very few people, if any, find her grandson as endearing as she does. (Janet Lanese)

For grandmothers, their grandchildren are the best thing in the world.

Grandmas never run out of hugs and cookies. (Anonymous)

Our grandmothers always have affection to give us, as well as cookies.

A grandpa is the one who pretends not to know who you are on Halloween. (Erma Bombeck)

Our grandparents always follow our games so that we can enjoy them.

There are no words to describe the happiness of holding your child’s child. (Anonymous)

The emotion generated by being able to see a grandson is indescribable.

The simplest toy, the one that even the smallest child can use, is called a grandpa. (Sam Levinson)

Grandparents always seek to entertain us and make us spend pleasant moments.

A grandmother is a safe heaven. (Suzette Haden Elgin)

When we are with our grandmother we feel protected.

When it seems the world doesn’t understand us, your grandfather is there to hold your hand. (Joyce K. Allen Logan)

Our grandparents are always by our side supporting us and giving us their love.

Grandparents are the best kind of adults. (Anonymous)

When we are children, our grandparents are our favorite people.

Sometimes our grandparents are like our angels. (Lexie Saige)

Our grandparents are always watching over us.

All generations rebel against their parents and befriend their grandparents. (Lewis Mumford)

Grandparents don’t go against us, that’s why we get along better with them than with our parents.

The grandparents are there to help the child to perform those mischief that he had not yet thought of. (Gene Perret)

Our grandparents always give us ideas of things to do that are fun.

Grandparents have ears that listen, arms that always hug, love that never ends, and a heart made of gold. (Anonymous)

The attention of our grandparents is always focused on us, we must enjoy it and be grateful for it.

No one can do for children what grandparents are capable of doing. (Alex Halley)

A grandfather is capable of doing anything as long as his grandchildren are happy and safe.

What children need most are the things that grandparents provide in abundance; unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, life lessons, and most importantly, cookies. (Rudolph Giuliani)

For a child it is always better to be able to count on the love of their grandparents.

Becoming a grandmother is fabulous. In a moment you are simply a mother. Then, you become a wise and prehistoric person. (Pam Brown)

Grandchildren always seek the advice of their grandparents because they inspire confidence and wisdom.

Surely two of the most satisfying experiences in life are being a grandson or being a grandfather. (Donald A. Norber)

Grandparents and their grandchildren always get along better with each other and become true friends.

Being grandparents is love without discipline. There are no thorns on the rose. (Joyce Brothers)

Grandparents do not have the same pressure to educate the child as they had to educate their children, that is why they do everything with much more love and fewer rules.

Our grandparents are often a great resource. Just being around…

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