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80 Examples of sentences with b

There are a variety of sentences with b that we can find every day. Of course, to form them there are certain spelling rules that must be followed. With this letter you can make nouns, adjectives, verbs and other types of words.

As we know, b is the second letter of the alphabet and also the first consonant. There are several ways to call it to differentiate it from the «v»; some of the shapes are: “b high”, “b labial” or “b big”. Likewise, in the Spanish language there is an extensive regulation to avoid spelling errors with the letter b.

There are many areas where the letter «b» is used by itself, with some specific definition. For example, in music it represents the note «si». In chemistry, for its part, the symbol of «boron». Next, a variety of sentences with b will be presented according to the ways of using it.

List of short sentences with b

Sentences with “bl”

– Today we went on an excursion to the library.

– My mother prepared some vegetables for me that were left soft and very rich.

– On my birthday they gave me many blocks of colors.

– Francisco is a very noble.

– I will take my teacher red flowers and white, they are his favourites.

– The concert was fantastic, everyone public he applauded standing up.

– In religion class we read several verses from the Bible.

– I like to go to the park and talk with my friends.

– Banks have a security system armored.

– For today’s exam I put on my blouse Lucky.

Sentences with «br»

– For literature class I made a story brief.

– There are a lot of stars shiny in heaven today.

– The breeze of this day is very fresh.

– I love eat broccoli at lunch.

– Every Sunday we have the habit Going to eat ice cream with the family.

– There are approximately 60 thousand species of vertebrates.

– I’m shaking, the night is so cold.

– I would like to eat a hamburger double.

– There are many stories that ensure that the witches they fly with brooms.

– Cousin Fernando is one of the most jokers of the family.

Sentences with words beginning with the syllables “bi” or “bis”

– Next year is leap year.

– We are preparing the welcome of the grandparents who will visit us tomorrow.

– There are many bugs in the garden.

– My dad left the moustacheI think it looks great on you.

– Tomorrow we will go to tour the city in bicycle.

– When I finish my English studies I will be bilingual.

– Today I felt very good.

– It is a fortune that I can still share with my great grandfather.

– The bison They are artiodactyl mammals that have short legs and a hump.

– The biology It is one of my favorite subjects in school.

Sentences with words whose first syllable is «bu» «bur» and «bus»

– Today I will use the scarf blue to protect me from the cold.

– Every day is good to smile.

– I must look for the books to study for tomorrow’s test.

– On the farm there were two cows, three pigs and a donkey.

– We must be quiet, there is a lot of noise in the classroom.

– He ox It is used to do agricultural work.

– It is bad make fun from other people for some mistake made.

– He owl It is a nocturnal bird of prey.

– I have several days in the search from a book that was recommended to me.

– He bureau of police officers in the city has managed to solve many cases this month.

Sentences with words ending in “bilidad”

– We all have responsibility about what happened yesterday at school.

– We need an accountant to carry out the accounting of the company

– My new office colleagues received me very warmly. kindness.

– With my new glasses will improve my visibility.

– Maria and I have a lot of compatibility.

– With the new teacher, there is more flexibility in the classroom rules.

Sentences with words ending in “bundo” or “bunda”

– There are several vagabonds in the village that we are going to help to recover.

– In this month abound crabs on the beach

– It is difficult to see a person almost dying.

– Garbage has an odor nauseating.

Sentences with past perfect verbs whose ending is «ba»

They called me just when ended to eat.

– This afternoon played with the team when it started to rain.

– She swore to me loved.

– I the courted when I came on weekends.

– All chanted the most famous songs of the group.

Sentences with verbs ending in “bir” or “buir”

– I like it a lot write at school.

– We can all contribute to keep the city clean.

– I love receive gifts on my birthday

– I have to increase three floors to my math class.

– Going to ban ride a motorcycle starting at 6:00 pm

– In the company we must to distribute all new merchandise.

– We can not succumb in despair.

– I must transcribe the songs I composed.

– I’d like give back everything my parents have given me.

Sentences that have b after “cu”, “ta” and “tur”

I want to learn how to form a Cube from rubik.

– The doctor said that it was necessary to operate on my partition.

– There was a lot on the flight turbulence.

– He smoking It has claimed many deaths around the world.

– In class there is a very good friend of origin Cuban.

– Turbo It is one of my favorite animated movies.

Other sentences with b

– My house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

– In the school garden there are many trees fruit trees.

– The snakes change your skin regularly.

– I would like to give you many kisses.

– I have been sick and I have felt something weak.

– It fills me with joy receive the blessing my parents.

– This vacation we will go to the cabin from my uncle Mauricio.

– He aim of the meeting is to find a solution to the problem of the trash.

– My cousin Luisa gave me a fan that he brought from Spain.

– Today trembled in several cities of the country.

– Ought Carry one bottle with water to exercise.

– I love dance sauce and meringue.

– It is fashionable that men leave the beard pronounced.

– It seems very pretty Jose’s new car.

– I I was going walking to the park when I saw the beautiful garden flowers.

– My sister has two you drink beautiful.

– I wish I could hug you at the moment.


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