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77 phrases by Andrés Calamaro to remember his best songs

Andres Calamaro (1961) is an Argentine singer-songwriter and record producer. He is one of the national rock icons due to his musical career with Los Abuelos de la nada, Los Rodríguez and as a soloist. From a very early age, Calamaro was interested in music, and at the age of 8 he had his first instrument, a bandoneon. He later he learned electric guitar and piano.

In the beginning he formed the band Proyecto Erekto with other musicians (including Gustavo Cerati), a band that would later become Soda Stereo, now without Calamaro. He is an artist of obligatory mention in Argentine rock, with at least 16 albums and a long musical career.

Below is a list of Andrés Calamaro quotes taken from songs like “Flaca”, “Cuando te conocí”, “Something with you”, “Loco”, or “La parte de adelante”, among others.

The best phrases of Andrés Calamaro

-I am a madman who realized that time is very little. -Crazy.

– Skinny, don’t stick your daggers in my back, so deep, they don’t hurt me, they don’t hurt me. Far away, in the center of the Earth, the roots of love, where they were will remain. -Skinny.

-Because of a postponed dream we get tired of fighting. Too many shirts and less and less dribbling, the smile costs more. –Clonazepam and circus.

-I don’t know why, I imagined that we are united, I felt better. But here I am so alone in life, what better I leave. – I distrust.

-How many disappointments for a head, I swore a thousand times, I will not insist again. But if a look hurts me as I pass, I want to kiss his mouth of fire again. -By a head.

-I suppose that nobody leaves at all, I hope that there is some place where the boys listen to my songs, even if I don’t listen to their opinion. -Guys.

-With you I learned to see the light on the other side of the moon. With you I learned that your presence will not change it for any. -I learned with you.

-If you ever don’t see me again, because I forget like everyone else, something will always remain inside you, something that I once left you. -Always yours.

-The night you love me, from the blue of the sky, the jealous stars will watch us pass. -The day you Love Me.

-I like it so much that I love it, that I want to madness to disarm myself in the sway of your waist, and row on your back and shipwreck you. -I’m yours.

-I have Lorena in my veins, she got into my blood. It’s like any other drug, it’s a need, it’s love. –Lorraine.

-I need to tell you that I’m dying to have something with you. It’s just that you haven’t realized how hard it is for me to be your friend. -Something with you.

-But you were not encouraged, you are fascinated by having a problem. You believed your baby face. You could be a queen and you didn’t bank. – You didn’t bank.

-Don’t forget to tell him, if one day you pass through the door of Lorena’s house, that I’m still alive and I never forgot to remember. –Lorraine.

-I have four carnations, one for each reason. The encounter, your gaze. My secret, our oblivion. I am playing with fire. -Play with fire.

-I’m going to go out and breathe, because nothing good is going to happen in the bar. Malasañero apocalypse, for a second it is not the end of the world. –Apocalypse in Malasaña.

-I don’t feel well. Today I lost faith. Luck plays with unmarked cards. It can not be changed. –Unmarked letters.

-When I met you, you were dating one of the few friends I had. You were the best of his life, but you were the best of mine. –When I met you.

-I can boast of little, because everything I touch breaks. I lent you a crazy heart that bends in the wind and breaks. -Everything else.

They are not absent women. They are not knives in the teeth. It’s not Carnival Tuesday in Brazil. –Brazilian Carnival.

-What more would I like than to spend my whole life, as a student on spring day. Always traveling in a first class seat, the commander of your wooden raft. -The front part.

-You think you are a consummate witch, and what happens is that you are intoxicated. And that you say that you no longer drink anything, but they tell me out there: “Yes, yes. Yes, yes”, and they say, they say… –Poison on the skin.

-Don’t tell me it’s too soon, it’s 7 pm here in Spain. No wonder you’re like that and laugh at me again. Do not have pity on me because I am real and it can hurt me. -The third of dreams.

-What a big mistake to see you again, to bring my heart broken. They are a thousand ghosts, when they return. Making fun of me, the hours of that dead yesterday. Like two strangers.

-But if now you only have half of the great love that I still have for you. You can swear that I bless the one who loves you. I want you to be happy, even if it’s not with me. Even if it’s not with me.

-Anguish of feeling abandoned, of thinking that someone else by your side will soon, soon, speak to you of love. Brother, I don’t want to lower myself, or ask, or cry. –Nostalgia.

-Only God is witness of how much I loved you. I would like to sleep but I can’t, I can’t stop thinking. Yesterday you were here with me, today I wouldn’t want to find you picking up your things. -Not knowing what to say.

– Mr. Banker, give me back the money, for now it’s all I want. I’m tired of those who come from friends, and just want to fill my hole. –High dirt.

-How many times I thought to return, and say that nothing changed in my love, but my silence was greater. And in the distance I die day by day without you knowing it. -Distance.

-It was a way of walking, it was just watching you go by. That’s getting into trouble, playing fair is not for me. Nobody gets out of here alive. «Nobody gets out of here alive.»

-I have every nonsense and I can be wrong, but I was not wrong with you. I have the minibar open and my heart closed, and it only beats, and it only beats for both of us. -5 more minutes (minibar).

-If it turns out that she is, you will be able to understand what is happening to me tonight, she is not coming back. And the sorrow begins to grow inside me, the coin fell on the side of loneliness and pain. –Perfect crimes.

I don’t care about all your problems. Don’t push me to leave you again. It’s not an easy drink for me. Dancing on the blood of others –Don’t push me.

-I always followed the same direction, the difficult one, the one used by salmon. I feel reaching the total emptiness, I’m going to let go of your hand. -Salmon.

-In the palace of flowers there were flowers of all colors, it was in Basavilbaso, I haven’t been there for a long time.- The palace of flowers.

-She said “have a good time”, and I said “good luck and see you later”, and I will never see her again, or maybe it will be for some time. Good luck and see you later.

-I want to choose a nameless place from the map to go to. It will be the place where what remains to live lives. That’s why I bring back lost luggage from each trip, that’s why I’ve decided never to forget, never to forget. -Where the sailor commands.

-How green was my valley when there was always a china in my room. Of course, the bed is never empty, but it is not the same. It is never the same. -It’s never the same.

-It’s what I like about being free like a free bird, looking for the bone that one will never find. That which one will never find. The bone that one will never find. -True freedom.

-I love you, I don’t know if I’m awake, or if my eyes are open. I know that I love you and that more airports await me. I love you, you took the candle and left me the burial. First I love you the same. -I love you just the same.

-The January breeze to the shore arrived. The night of time fulfilled its hours. And when dawn arrived, the stone sang, splitting the peach that fell into the river. And the split peach already bleeding is under water. –Bleeding peach.

-From a distant time to this part he has come lost without knocking on my door, nosy memory. From a forgotten time has come a wet memory of a rainy afternoon, of your tangled hair. -To not forget.

-Waiting and waiting, because living is playing, and I want to keep playing, I told my heart. Without glory but without pain, do not commit the crime, man, if you are not going to serve the sentence. -Pigeon.

-And in a duel of losers, I lost a package with illusions. Those of us who can’t sleep at night… because my teeth are clenched. -The clenched teeth.

-The other night I waited for you in the rain for two hours, a thousand hours like a dog. And when you arrived, you looked at me and said «crazy, you’re wet, I don’t love you anymore.» -Thousand hours.

-Today, if I don’t have you it will be ruin for me, when you decide I may not be here anymore. You’re staying, yes, you’re staying with me, I’m crazy about you! -Crazy for You.

-Everything you say is unnecessary. The lights always turn on in the soul. And when I get lost in the city, you already know how to understand. – A dress and a love.

-An angel came looking for me. The same, the same I do not want to continue. He tells me people to stop thinking like that, but I’ll still wait for you, somewhere I’ll wait for you. I will find somewhere.

-We will have to see if the Verónica chronicle reacts, half Verónica, has very little evil, but she is tired of waiting… –Half Verónica.

-If at night I can’t sleep anymore, it’s your kisses that I will never forget. By looking at you I lost hope of being able to fall in love with you again. A second that changed my life, an instant that I will never forget. -For looking at you.

They say you have poison on your skin. And it is that you are made of thin plastic. They say you have a divine touch. And whoever touches you stays with him. -Poison on the skin.

-And die with you if you kill yourself, and kill me with you if you die. Because love when it doesn’t die kills, because loves that kill never die. -With you.

-I have a single feeling inside my chest, as if I had swallowed a bag of cement. -Who roasted the butter?

-That private is in love, the barracks have not treated him well. And he forgot about his heart, with your name tattooed on his skin, I forgot about the others. I forgot about the others.

-Last time we saw each other we were cousins, next time we may be strangers. As the years go by, it may be that he becomes an old stranger, the boyfriend of oblivion. -The boyfriend of oblivion.

-It seems that my slow camera has already lost count and is not happy, my voodoo doll was lost in the storm, with a thousand pins stuck in my heart for sale that nobody comes to buy it. -Heart for sale.

-When I was a child and I saw the Aztec stadium I was hard, it crushed me to see the giant. When I grew up, the same thing happened to me again, but I was already hard long before. -Aztec stadium.

-What do we talk about when we talk about love? Romeo said to Juliet on the balcony. It sounds bad and no matter the reason, you can’t live on love. -You can not live on love.

-It is the time that left me ruined, by looking at you I did not fall in love again. And the moon was our companion, the morning also caught up with us. Sailing on a wooden raft, the slaves of the crazy heart. -For looking at you.

Those who lost her know her, those who saw her go very far up close, and those who found her again know her, the prisoners, freedom. -Freedom.

-I didn’t want to hurt you, I just told you no, you won’t be used to feeling rejected, ok sorry, it was unintentional. -Ok sorry, it was unintentional.

-A pool of oblivion, the mirror of slipping memories, of ice cubes that do not cool, of rock and youth. –Rock and youth.

I thank heaven for what happened to me. Who…

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