8 junio, 2024

75 phrases to welcome home, school or work to dedicate

give the welcome it is telling others that we are happy to have them in our life. It is to encourage them, it is to promote a harmonious environment where everyone feels good. Welcomes are the best greeting we can give and receive.

A warm welcome can make a difference in a person’s life. We feel part of something bigger, that accepts us and embraces us.

We have made a list of beautiful phrases to welcome home, school, work, for family, partner or friends. They are words to reflect on or dedicate to your loved ones.

Welcome Phrases List

-There are moments in life that are special on their own, but sharing them with the people you love most makes them unforgettable moments. Thanks for being here today. Welcome!

-Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it is learning to dance in the rain. Say goodbye to fear, say hello to life.

-With sun or rain every day is a blessing. Welcome a new day!

-Swagata, Namaste, Dobrodosli, Yôkoso, Benvenuti, Willkommen, Welcome, Welcome!

-When you are sad, look at the sky and you will realize that the sun is also alone, but it continues to shine. Welcome this new day!

-This time that you were away we really missed you, now that you are back, please, feel at home and stay as long as you want, welcome back!

-Smile at life and good things will come alone. Welcome!

-The simple fact of waking up to live a new day is already a miracle, accept it with humility and be glad. Welcome!

There is no greater gift than the gift of life. You are welcome!

-The word Welcome has so much power, that it is the only one capable of making a soldier collapse with happiness upon arrival at the airport.

-The most beautiful words in the world are those that do not translate concepts but emotions, one of the most beautiful is: Welcome.

-You have changed a lot in the time you were away, but you are still that same person that I never stopped missing. Welcome!

-No matter how long you stay, I want to express my joy for being able to share these days with you. Welcome!

-The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why it is called the present. Receive this gift with much love. Welcome!

-The smile is the universal way of saying: Welcome!

-That a person welcomes you into his home is his greatest sign that he appreciates you, trusts you and sees you as a member of his family.

-Welcome every morning with a smile. See the new day as another special gift from the creator.

-Today, dare to do something that has eternal consequences. Welcome a new day!

-Waking up next to you every morning is my biggest reason to welcome each new day with the best of my smiles.

Dream big and big things will happen. Welcome!

-Tears, sweat, few hours of sleep, but above all a lot of work. Welcome!

-There is only one person in the world capable of saying welcome in 1,000 different ways despite only speaking one language: your mother.

-If you do not receive the day with as much enthusiasm as a rooster does when it crows, you are doing it wrong. He repeats after me: Welcome today!

-If you are one of those who say «good morning» when you wake up even when no one is there, welcome to the club of those who think and live positively!

-Goodness is just around the corner, you just have to go out and look for it. Welcome!

-Good wishes are expressed in different ways, sometimes with gestures, sometimes with words; and one of those words is Welcome!

-Saying Welcome to someone is the best way to express that you have decided to believe in him.

-From the nostalgia of your absence to the joy of your arrival. You are always welcome.

-Keep your soul always open to give a warm welcome to each day.

-Welcome back, little angel. Your birth is the wind of hope that will brighten our days.

-After so many sacrifices and hours of study, the time has come to rest. Welcome home!

-When we think of you, we remember the importance of camaraderie and good teamwork. What a joy to have you back at work!

-Every challenge you set yourself can meet thanks to your dedication and perseverance. For me it is a joy to be able to have you at home again. Welcome!

-It is always easy to miss you when you are absent, I am very happy to know that you are always back. Welcome, my love!

-Honest people are always welcome wherever they go. Dare to always be one of them.

-Try to welcome the unwanted, take care of those most in need, appreciate your enemies and always do good to others. Life will know how to reward you.

It’s always a joy to have you at home. You can come whenever you want, because you always radiate happiness in this space.

-Old friends are always welcome no matter how many years have passed since their last visit.

-Thank you for welcoming me when others thought I might not be able to get the job done. Thanks for believing in me!

-There is no one like an old friend who has shared our morning days. There is no greeting like welcome from him and no homage like praise from him.

-At work, we must try to welcome the future by remembering that it will soon become the past, we must also respect the past, remembering what once was.

-I never tire of welcoming you. Important people are always preserved in the soul regardless of time or distance.

-I always pride myself on having an extra bed for all my friends. They are always welcome at home!

-It is very nice to have a guest who is welcome!

-My family and friends are welcome at all opportunities, as are the flowers in May.

-Regardless of being a peasant or a king, a person finds the peace he needs in his home. Welcome home!

-The greatest of comforts is always found at home.

I wish the rest of the world was lucky enough to have a family like mine. Welcome back!

«Home, the most blessed place on earth, the place dearest and sweetest of all.»

-There are no words or melodies that allow to explain what I feel when you are near. I’m glad you’re back!

-The day I found out you were coming back, I felt like I had won a number in the lottery.

-Sometimes we are so fast counting days, that we forget that the days count. Welcome back!

-This welcome will open a new place in our hearts, where we can receive new friends and enjoy shared moments.

-It will always be surprising to have you close every day. You are welcome!

-There is no greater hospitality than understanding, all the places where you are always well received are admirable.

-The glare of the sun is much like someone who is welcomed because it always gives a lot of shine.

-Completing a school year allows us to welcome new memories.

-For reasons of luck, the weather has aligned perfectly with our wishes. The sun, the wind and I welcome you to work.

-Don’t look back, this is a new beginning for you. Welcome to your first day at school!

-You can’t continue the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading the penultimate one. Today, I welcome you to the next adventure!

-Remember that in some circumstances, the smallest step can become the most significant in your life. Welcome to your new position, we wish you the greatest success!

-Don’t be afraid to dare to do amazing things, remember that you are always welcome when you need help.

-Welcome to this new beginning where fear and doubts are on vacation!

-Moment by moment, the winter of life turned into a rose, leaving a reflection: we moved from a goodbye to a welcome.

-Never be afraid to start over, there is always a new opportunity to be welcomed and to be able to rebuild what you want.

-It is very beautiful when the sea gives you a welcome like the one a mother gives when her children return after a long absence.

-After packing your bags with care, love and commitment, give yourself the opportunity to live this new welcome!

-I crossed the line and became a free person, but I understood that it was strange because nobody welcomed me.

-Kindness is always in fashion and on all occasions it is welcomed by everyone.

-The soul must always be ajar, with the intention of receiving and welcoming people.

-If you already know that you are going directly home, the trip will never be too complicated. Welcome home!

-My favorite part of the welcome are the hugs, the smiles and the tears that are shed for joy.

-Thank you for never giving up, for making a difference and for always trying again in the work team. You are always welcome!

-Dare to forge the success of your professional career and your life project with us. Welcome to your new job!

-One is always welcome to the places where he began to love.

-Home is the center, the beginning and the end of most of our lives. Welcome home!

-No matter your defects, at the end of the day what really interests me is that you are here again. Welcome home, honey!

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