8 junio, 2024

71 Short Strings for Children

The string for children It is a literary resource, usually short, where a story is told, with rhyming verses, which in turn are sung in a melody. They are used in the form of word games, help verbal fluency, enrich the child’s language and encourage his imagination.

In turn, through this type of musical games, preschool children interact with each other, which constitutes a powerful integration and educational inclusion tool.

The string is not typical of any country or region, but it does adapt to the language in which it is written. It remains for years in the mind of the collective and is transmitted from generation to generation and is not tied to any specific topic.

List of popular children’s rehearsals

1- Cro-cro sang the frog

Cro-cro sang the frog,
cro-cro underwater,
cro-cro a gentleman passed by,
cro-cro with cape and hat,
cro-cro a maid passed by
cro-cro selling salad.

2- Sailor

Sailor who went to sea and sea and sea,

To see that I could see and see and see and

The only thing he could see and see and see,

It was the bottom of the sea and sea and sea.

3- The one who went to Seville lost his chair

The one who went to Seville

He lost his chair

The one who went to León

He lost his chair.

4- The one who went to the Villa lost his chair (variation of the previous one)

The one who went to the Villa lost his chair.

The one who returned took it off.

5- Sana sana, frog tail (to heal a wound)

Healthy, healthy, little frog tail

If it doesn’t heal today it will heal tomorrow.

6- While the Wolf is not there

We’ll play in the woods while the wolf is away

Because if the wolf appears, it will eat us all.

Wolf are you there?

7- From tin Marin

From tin Marín de do pingué

Cucara macara puppet was

I was not, it was tete

Hit him hit him that merit was.

8- Santa Rita, Santa Rita, what is given is not taken away

Saint Rita, Rita

What is given is not taken away

With paper and holy water

In heaven it is already written.

9- I have found one thing (to keep an object)

I have found one thing

I will say it four times

If its owner does not appear

I will stay with her.

10- In the house of Pinocchio

Everybody count to eight

In Pinocchio’s house

One two three four,

Five, six, seven and eight

There are strings dedicated to certain topics, for example, lost things:

11- Cricket cricket

cricket, cricket

who finds it

for your pocket.

12- If this book were lost

If this book were lost,

as it usually happens,

my name is chocolate

first cousin of coffee.

Strings to count:

13- The Francoline hen

Francoline hen

laid an egg in the kitchen.

put one, put two,

put three, put four,

put five, put six,

put seven, put eight,

put a cake bread.

14- Around my house

Around my house,

I met Pinocchio

And he told me to count

up to eight.

Pin one, pin two,

pin, three, pin, four,

pin five pin six

pin, seven, pin, eight…

15- At Renato’s house

At Renato’s house

everyone counts to four:

One, two, three, and four.

Everybody count to five

at Francisco’s house:

one two three four and five.

16- Uni, doli (to define who is left in a game)

Uni, hurt,

teli, catoli,

quiet, quiet,

being the queen

sitting in her chair

the king came

he extinguished the lamp,

lamp, lamp,

count twenty

that twenty is

17- Lelo, lelo

Read it, read it,

what are you doing

on that hill,

give him voices

to that goatherd,

What goatherd?

What pen?

who will

twenty stripes

without counting?


half Moon,

hot bread,


and twenty.

18- This one found an egg (to count with your fingers)

He went for firewood

this one helped him

he found an egg

he fried it,

and this chubby

ate it

19- What’s up? (to answer this question in a mocking way)

-What’s happening?

—Saliva down the throat,

the train on the track

and the arm by the sleeve.

-What’s happening?

-A donkey for your home.

-What’s happening?

—The flag for your house.

—It already happened to mine.

—And in mine it stayed.

infinite tales. The string repeats itself indefinitely:

20- The story of the bald rooster (whatever the answer is given, the same question is still being asked)

Do you want me to tell you the tale of the bald rooster?

21- My grandmother had a cat

My granny had a cat

with rag ears,

and the paper snout.

Would you like me to tell you again?

(The child can answer yes or no)

tell me yes

tell me no

that my grandmother had a cat,

with rag ears,

and the paper snout.

Would you like me to tell you again?

22- Five chicks

five chicks

my aunt has

one jumps,

another asked him

and another sings to him

The symphony

23- He who eats and does not invite

The one who eats and does not invite

He has a toad in his belly.

I ate and I invited him

and you have the toad.

24- A lioness in pajamas

At the zoo we saw

to a lioness in pajamas

flying from branch to branch,

singing «the cockroach»

There are also strings in the form of games: children commonly pass in line between 2 children, who select the chosen one when the string ends.

25- On a salad plate

On a salad plate

They all eat at the same time

and playing cards

Tin Marín of two pengué

cúcara mácara puppet was

White horse raises its leg

And look to see who it was

Apple, apple, rotten apple,

One, two, three and out.

26- I have a rooster in the kitchen

I have a rooster in the kitchen

What does the lie tell me?

I have a rooster in the corral

That tells me the truth.

27- A dola, bring it

One, pain, cloth, cinnamon,

Candle end,

Sumaqui, melon.

count the hours

The stubborn boy

28- In a cafe a cat is raffled

A cat is raffled in a cafe

to the one who touches

The number four:

One, two, three, and four.

29- My duckling

My duckling went to the fairs

To buy a pair of socks.

there were no stockings

My duckling laughed:

Ha, hee, hee, ho, ho.

My duckling will be you!

30- In Noah’s Ark

In Noah’s Ark

they all fit, they all fit

In Noah’s Ark

Everyone fits except you.

31- Pito Pito colorito

whistle whistle, colorful,

Where are you going so pretty?

to the true era,

pin, bread, out.

In other types of games, it is used to select between two hands, in which a hidden object is found.

32- China China, nasturtium

china, china,


in this hand,

there is China.

They can also stand in a circle and perform an action upon completion, such as crouch.

33- To cover the streets

to cover the streets

let no one pass

what happens to my grandparents,

eating plums.

yellow tortillas,

get them on their knees.

Another type of game is with a garment that is given to each child, which they must deliver at the end of the string, to the indicated person.

34- To the gifts, gifts, gifts

To the gifts, gifts, gifts

that the mice send it

come and go

and don’t stop.

To give a kiss to… (the name of a boy or girl in the room).

Finger games:

35- Five little wolves

five little wolves

had the wolf

five little wolves

behind the broom

five had,

five bred

and all five

I gave them tits

five little wolves

had the wolf

five little wolves

behind the broom

five washed,

five combed

and all of them,

to the school he sent.

36- Pancakes

Pancakes, pancakes,

pancakes for mom;

pancakes for dad

The burns for mom.

The pretty ones for dad.

Pancakes, pancakes,

pancakes for dad

Pancakes for mom;

bran tortillas

for dad when he’s mad.

butter pancakes

for mom who is happy.

palm, palm,

palmita with butter

My mom gives me the cookie

and my dad with the flip-flop.

37- What a cute little hand

what a cute little hand

who has the baby

How pretty, how cute,

how beautiful she is.

Little fingers.


let it turn, let it turn

like a sunflower

palms, palms

figs and chestnuts

oranges and lemon,

for my child they are.

38- Cakes, pancakes

cakes, pancakes

that dad is coming

cakes, pancakes

that will soon come

And bring a puppy

what does wow, wow

clapping palms,

that dad is coming

And bring a sheep

that says: baaaaa.

To jump rope: They are recited while a participant performs jumps on the rope.

39- Put put

PON Pon.

Who is it?

The postman.

You want?

A letter.

For whom?

For you.

40- He had a dove

I had a dove


but it’s gone

point and followed.

He went to Mars

new paragraph.

was an animal

very sensational.

Point and end.

41- Under a bridge

under a bridge

there is a snake,

with glass eyes

to go to the hospital.

42- At one o’clock the mule walks

At one o’clock the mule walks,

at two throw the kick,

at three pull again,

at four he jumps,

at five he jumps,

at six jump as you see,

at seven jump quick and go,

at eight sherry and sponge cake,

at nine nobody moves,

at ten he jumps again.

To one, to the other,

to the mare, to the filly,

to the potrín, to the potrón,

the one who loses to the corner.

43- To the chair the queen

To the chair the queen

that never combs,

one day he combed his hair

and the chair broke.

By the way, by the way, by the way.

Trot, trot, trot.

Gallop, gallop, gallop.

Rehearsals for memory:

44- In the city there is a door

In the city there is a gate,

the door faces a street,

The street goes to a square,

in the square there is a house,

in the house there is an entrance,

the entrance goes to a room,

in the livingroom there’s a table,

on the table a cage,

inside the cage a parrot,

that singing says to everyone:

get me out of the cage

what is on the table

what is in the living room

which gives to the entrance

who is in the house

what’s in the square

which faces the street

who goes to the door

What is there in the city.

45-To jump and jump

jump, jump,

San Francisco.

If I do wrong

heal me

Saint Paschal

46- Saint Magdalene

Saint Magdalene

Don’t break my leg

St Thomas

let the bird fly

47- Blind Man’s Hen

blind man’s hen,

What have you lost?

A needle and a thimble.

take three turns

and you will find it

48- Garments

Anton, Anton

lollipop Anton,

each one, each one

take care of your game

And the one who doesn’t attend to it

will pay a garment

49- To break the piñata

– I don’t want gold, nor do I want silver;

What I want is to break the piñata.

-Give it, give it, give it; Do not loose the focus,

Cause if you lose it, you lose the way


you give it

you take it,

give it to who

you want more

51-Sawdust, sawdust

«Sawdust! Saw!

The woods of San Juan,

they ask for cheese and they give them a bone

they ask for bread and are not given.

52-Sawdust, sawdust (another version)

sawdust, sawdust,

the woods of San Juan,

they ask for cheese,

they ask for bread;

those of Roque,


those of Rich,


those of Trique,


53- To raffle 1

In Noah’s Ark

they all fit, they all fit

In Noah’s Ark

Everyone fits except you.

54- To draw 2

white shoe,

blue shoe,

tell me how many years

have you.

55- To whistle

come out, come out,

dick, salt

of the tower


sweat, sweat,

mule paw,

you sweat,

I whistle

sweat, sweat,

mule paw,

you sweat,

I whistle

9-To be persecuted

Here I wait for you

eating an egg,


and a candy

56- To stay with something found 1

I have found one thing

I’ll say it four times

if its owner does not appear

I will stay with her.

57- To stay with something found 2

who sees it first

he takes it

to his barn.

58- I have

I have, I have, I have

you have nothing.

I have three sheep

in a cabin

One gives me milk

another gives me wool,

and other butter

for the week.

59- We make a line

I’m going to India


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