7 junio, 2024

70 phrases to end a love relationship

Ending a love relationship can be a very difficult thing. Coexistence, sharing with that person who is no longer loved, or the disappointment and disappointment that we feel, often prevents us from finding the most appropriate and assertive words.

Without a doubt, love ends. And when that happens, the healthiest and fairest thing is for the other person to know our intentions so that they can also start their life over.

We have made a list of phrases to end a relationship love at a distance, forbidden or for infidelity. Above all, try to be direct and make the other person aware that the end of the relationship is permanent and not temporary.

Phrases to end a love relationship

-Some storms come to clear our way.

You’re perfect, but not for me.

-Just because a relationship ends does not mean that two people stop loving each other, they simply stop hurting each other.

-Leaving does not mean being weak, but that you are strong to let go of another person.

-It is necessary to accept that things end and that you have to move on to continue being happy.

I don’t abandon you, I let you go. I love you, but I want us to follow a better path.

-I don’t end this relationship only because I see a present that I don’t like, but because I see a future in which we are better separated.

-You broke my heart and I don’t know how to live like this.

-The relationship ends because there is no longer enough love to continue it.

-I prefer to end now well, than later without being able to speak again.

-Although I love you, the pain in my heart is stronger for continuing in this relationship.

It hurts to let you go, but it hurts more to continue like this.

-The sadness of this separation is necessary to appreciate how happy we were.

-Right now I can’t offer you more than my friendship and forgiveness if I hurt you.

-Even though I don’t like that it ends, I will never forget what we had.

-One of the saddest things about breaking up a relationship is losing your best friend.

-It ends today, but it was lost a long time ago.

You don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy.

-Better finish now that we have time to continue on another path.

-You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep reading the previous one.

-Even though deep down I don’t want it, I have to get ahead in my own way to find a better path.

-I do not regret what I lived with you and I hope that our future is better than what we lived in the past.

-You have to accept that we are no longer with each other to accept that we can be happy again.

-Continuing like this only hurts me and now it is necessary to forget our relationship.

-It hurts to love you, even though you are already so far away.

-Everything comes to an end on some occasion, although that supposes the beginning of something better.

-When a relationship ends, it is not the end of the world. An end opens a new beginning.

-I forgive you, although I walk away to follow another path.

-Being alone is better than being in a relationship that makes us sad.

-To grow you have to make decisions and leaving it now is the best we can take.

-The commitment is mutual, it does not go in one direction.

-I cannot continue in a relationship that causes me more harm than joy.

-There is no real end, our souls will continue to be together, our physical bodies are the ones that separate.

-Losing a love is changing a life, although the future life can become better.

-If I don’t make the decision to quit, I won’t have time to make decisions that lead me to the happiness I seek.

-This is the best time to finish before letting more time pass.

-Every end is a beginning. We just don’t know at the moment.- Mitch Albom.

-Good things come to those who wait long enough and I have waited long enough.

-If a relationship does not make you grow as a person, it is better to grow as a person without a relationship.

-What I want in a relationship is not to cry anymore, love and not to die.

-Being single is better than staying in a relationship with someone who fills your heart with doubts.

-Sometimes the solutions are not so simple. Sometimes ending is the only way.

-My desire to seek happiness exceeds the love I have for you.

-Someday another person will enter your life and you will understand why it did not work with me.

-As much as I love you, my life is my life and I don’t want to keep waiting to have what I want.

-It is important to know when something reaches its end and now I know that it does.

-If you are not happy alone, you will never be happy in a relationship. Get your own life first and then share it.

-A relationship is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

-The hardest thing about realizing that you don’t love me is that you spent a lot of time pretending that you did.

-No past love is as wonderful as a broken heart makes you believe.

-You’re a story I can’t go on with.

-Even unrequited love has its rainbow.

-Better to leave it now than later, because now the two of us are able to live separately.

-This small step to separate us is one of many to return to have the happiness that we once had.

-Sadness flies away with time.

-In the future I see myself without you.

-A relationship is not about kissing and dating, but about being with the person who makes you happy.

-Distance does not ruin a relationship, doubts do.

-Perhaps that within a year we will ask ourselves why we did not leave it then.

I won’t stress you anymore. Not worth it. I tried to get it to work but couldn’t.

-Having a relationship based on lies and secrets is bound to fail.

-Better quit today and stop crying than crying for hundreds of days more.

It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved.

-You learn more about someone at the end of a relationship than at the beginning.

-In the short term it will hurt us, but in the long term we will understand that the decision to leave it was the best we could take.

-I am grateful for everything we have experienced and now I feel that it is time for both of us to continue on different paths.

-The reasons that support our separation are much stronger than those that support us continuing together.

The hardest thing I’ll ever do is let you go when I still love you.

-The heart was made to be broken.- Oscar Wilde.

-Before our relationship we went to meet each other, but now we inevitably move in opposite directions.- Leo Tolstoy.

-Our love was an eternity while it lasted.

1-I know that my heart will never be the same, but I tell myself that I will be fine.- Sara Evans.

-Continuing with this hurts more than separating us.

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