8 junio, 2024

70 phrases of emotional and spiritual balance to reflect on

To lead a pleasant and fruitful life, it is necessary to emotional and spiritual balance. When intense situations confront us, we tend to avoid them or let them overwhelm us. Precisely finding a balance between these two poles will make our existence not an emotional roller coaster.

It is vital that we understand that by activating consciousness we can regulate the emotional force of life; and that it is in our hands to choose to own our reactions or drift depending on the mood we feel each day. That is wasting uselessly.

We have a list of the best balance phrases interior and spiritual by excellent authors such as Confucius, Albert Einstein, Steven Covey, Maxwell Maltz, Oprah Winfrey, Simon Sinek and many more.

The best phrases of emotional and spiritual balance

-Balance is the ultimate goal.- Ricky Lankford.

-Virtue is in the middle ground.- Aristotle.

-A well-developed sense of humor is what balances your path through life. -William Arthur Ward.

-Find your balance.

-Balance, joy and peace are the fruit of a balanced life.- Thomas Kinkade.

-The balanced and calm mind is the strong one; the agitated and in a hurry is the weak one.- Wallace D. Wattles.

-In all aspects of our lives, balance is the key. Moderation is the secret.- Catherine Pulsifer.

-Balance is not found, it is created. -Jana Kindsford.

-The best and safest thing is to maintain a balance in your life, to recognize the great power that is around us.- Euripides.

-Work, love and play are the great wheels that balance the human being.- Orison Swett Marden.

-Even nectar is poisonous if taken in excess.- Hindu proverb.

-Life is like riding a bicycle; To maintain balance you must keep moving.- Albert Einstein.

24-You can’t have everything and do everything at the same time.- Oprah Winfrey.

-Balance is the key to a successful life. Do not deny your mind, body or spirit. Invest time and energy in everyone equally.- Tanya Wheway.

-Be moderate to savor the joys of life in abundance.- Epicurus.

-The key to finding a balance in life is simplicity.

-Time for everything: to relax and to be busy, to have fun and to work, to receive and to give, to begin and to finish.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie.

55-Faith gives you inner strength, a sense of balance and perspective in life.- Gregory Peck.

-There is no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves.- Frank Herbert.

Life is a balance between holding on and letting go. -Rumi.

4-Without balance, it is not worth the effort in life.- Olen Steinhauer.

3-Next to love, balance is the most important thing.- John Wooden.

-There is no balance without happiness or happiness without balance.- Lifer.com.

5-Remain calm on the outside and without disturbances on the surface.- Confucius.

-Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance and order, rhythm and harmony. -Thomas Merton.

-Wisdom is the perspective in life, your sense of balance, your understanding of how various parts and principles relate to each other.- Steven R. Covey.

-The trick of balance is that sacrificing important things is not the norm.- Simon Sinek.

15-Man only maintains his balance when he moves forward.- Maxwell Maltz.

-The balance between life and work is one of the most significant struggles faced by modern man.- Stephen Covey.

-There is no decision that can be made that does not come with some kind of balance or sacrifice.- Simon Sinek.

-There is no such thing as work-life balance. There are vital decisions, you make them and they have consequences.- Jack Welch.

-Balance is learned. Balance is the key.- Mr. Miyagi.

4-Problems arise when you have to find a balance between what people need from you and what you need for yourself.- Jessye Norman.

4-We can be sure that the great hope of maintaining balance in every situation lies within us.- Francis J. Braceland.

-A human being in his perfection should always preserve calm and peace of mind, and never allow passions or transient desires to affect his tranquility.- Mary Shelley.

-If you try to balance a family and career, the options are complex because both are important.- Byron Pulsifer.

-There are times when saying that it is not the best way to find balance.- Catherine Pulsifer.

-The right balance must be found between speed and quality.- Clare Short.

5-Our world is so divinely organized that each of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else.- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

-If you want to balance work and pleasure, stop trying. Instead, make your work more pleasant.- Donald Trump.

-Everyone needs a house to live, but a family that supports is what builds a home.- Anthony Liccione.

Life is a balanced system of learning and evolution. Every situation serves a purpose.- Steve Maraboli.

-Everything is moderation, even moderation.

-Do not confuse having a career with having a life.- Hillary Clinton.

-You are not balanced if you dedicate your entire being to a single aspect of your life; whether it is a couple, leisure, family or work. Being balanced is dedicating a little of your time and interest to each of them.

-Find time for work but also for leisure. Too much of one ends up creating stress that nobody needs in life.- Catherine Pulsifer.

2-Everyone spends their lives trying to balance their world between good and evil.- Laurell K. Hamilton.

-Balance is achieved by your own control. Only in this way will you be able to manage the different aspects of your life.- Lifer.com.

-To reach what is considered balance, it is necessary that you are dedicating a large part of your time to a goal that you want to achieve.- Lifer.com.

-Balance is not synonymous with comfort. It requires effort, perseverance and not giving up. Only in this way can we later find the much-desired balance.- Lifer.com.

-To achieve balance in your life, work on yourself first. Only with a correct attitude and way of thinking will you get it.- Lifer.com.

-Balance is not constant happiness; includes an appropriate balance between misfortunes and joys, pleasures and displeasures.- .com.

-Balance is not on the outside, it is inside you.- Lifer.com.

-Everything can be harmonious on the outside, but if there is no calm in your mind, everything will seem chaotic.- Lifer.com.

-A balanced life requires controlling the pleasures of it. Too many always lead to one side of the scale weighing too much.- Lifer.com.

-That at one stage of your life you feel sad, does not mean that you will always be unbalanced. Precisely the ups and downs are part of the balance.- Lifer.com.

-The ability to lead a balanced life is equal to the ability to have peace of mind; without it you cannot fully enjoy life.- Lifer.com.

-If we did not know the sadness of life we ​​would never value its joys enough.- Lifer.com.

-What to one person may seem like a balanced life, to another person may seem like a chaotic life.- .com.

-Balance is in the mind of the one who perceives it, not in that of external observers.- Lifer.com.

-My order can be someone else’s disorder.- Lifer.com.

-Everything is relative, including balance; When you believe that you have enough of each aspect of your life (family, partner, work, leisure…), you will have reached balance.- Lifer.com.

-The best way to destroy the balance is to destroy the mental state that has guided you towards it.- Lifer.com.

-Emotional balance is achieved by accepting that in life there are sad moments and happy moments.

-Only balance undoes strength.- Simone Weil.

-You have to look for the good balance in movement and not in stillness.- Bruce Lee.

-Beauty is absolute balance.- Constantin Brancusi.

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