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70 phrases from Don Quixote de la Mancha and their meanings

A compilation of the most important literary work of Spanish literature; Don Quijote of La Mancha

Don Quixote de la Mancha is one of the most widely read and famous novels in the world. Not only the title, but the charismatic main character and his adventure companion Sancho Panza.

It tells the adventures of Don Quixote, an old man from La Mancha, somewhat delirious and too brave, who goes out in search of riches and honor with his horse Rocinante and his squire Sancho Panza. For the time it was an innovation and a mockery of chivalrous novels.

The best phrases of Don Quixote

We have made a compilation of phrases from Don Quixote and other main characters that appear in the novel. With them you will be able to remember the best moments of this work and reflect on the meaning and ideas that Miguel de Cervantes wanted to convey.

Things and cases happen to such gentlemen in ways never seen or thought of. (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote comments to Sancho Panza that being his squire he will be governor of the kingdom they win.

The things of war more than others are subject to continuous change. (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote’s comment to Sancho Panza when he reminds him that he told him that they are not giants, but windmills.

I know how to say that I have to complain about the smallest pain I have. (Sancho Panza)

Sancho tells Don Quixote that, unlike the knights, the squires did express their pain.

Be patient, what adventures will be offered where I can not only make you governor, but later on. (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote tells Sancho Panza that not all fights are over land, and that he must be patient so that he can keep his word to make him ruler of a land.

Where have you ever seen or read that a knight-errant has been brought to justice, no matter how many homicides he had committed? (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote explains to Sancho Panza that the Holy Brotherhood does not put knights on trial, regardless of their actions.

Here I bring an onion and a bit of cheese, and I don’t know how many crusts of bread, but they are not delicacies that belong to such a brave knight as your grace. (Sancho Panza)

Sancho Panza tells Don Quixote that he is not carrying decent food for a knight of his level.

Because of the knight-errantry you can say the same thing that is said of love: that all things are equal. (Don Quixote)

This is what Don Quixote says to Sancho Panza when he asks him to accompany him and eat by his side at the table.

But because then those who lived in it were ignorant of these two words of yours and mine. (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote explains to Sancho and the goatherds that in ancient times man did not need any effort to earn his daily sustenance, and there was plenty of food and water for everyone.

Scabies lives long; And if it is, sir, that you have to go around taunting me at every step with words, we will not finish in a year. (Pedro)

Pedro reproaches Don Quixote to stop correcting every word he says wrong and to allow him to finish his story.

It seems to me, sir knight-errant, that your grace has professed one of the narrowest professions on earth. (Vivaldo)

Vivaldo thought that Don Quixote was crazy, and he tells him this to make him talk more and to make fun of him.

But I am to blame for everything, for I was not to put my hand to the sword against men who were not armed knights like me. (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote excuses himself with Sancho belly saying that he did not win the battle because his opponents were not worthy of him.

I did not fall, but from the shock I took from seeing my master fall, my body hurts so much that it seems to me that I have been given a thousand blows. (Sancho Panza)

This is what Sancho Panza told the women who were treating Don Quixote from his wounds, trying to hide that they had been the product of a beating.

I believe, Sancho, that all this evil comes from not being knighted, because I believe that this liquor should not benefit those who are not. (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote said this to Sancho Panza, when he saw that the balm that had cured him caused his squire so much discomfort.

This is the day, oh Sancho!, in which one must see the good that my luck has in store for me. (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote’s comment to Sancho Panza to tell him that the dust that was seen on the road was that of an army marching into battle, and that in this he would see his worth as a knight.

I don’t know how it can be to straighten one-eyed, because you have made me one-eyed by right. (Bachelor)

This is what the bachelor said after being beaten by Don Quixote, when the latter explained to him that his duty in the world was to do justice.

Well, that’s right, Sancho, Rocinante can’t move, I’m content to wait for dawn to laugh, even if I cry as long as it takes to come. (Don Quixote)

This is what Don Quixote said to Sancho Panza, when he saw that his horse did not want to move during the night, and he wanted to continue advancing.

I laugh when I consider the great head that the pagan owner of this cap had, which resembles nothing more than a well-dressed barber’s basin. (Sancho Panza)

Sancho Panza laughed because Don Quixote believed that what the pagan had on his head was a piece of armor, when in reality it was a barber’s basin.

What is it possible that, as soon as you’ve been with me, you haven’t noticed that all the things of knights-errant seem chimeras, nonsense and nonsense, and that they are all turned upside down? (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote tells Sancho Panza that he is not capable of seeing the adventures they are going through, because they are all enchanted to generate discord between them.

And who are you, brother, that you know my father’s name? (Dorothea)

This is what Dorotea told Cardenio, upon hearing that he had recognized her without her saying so.

I grant and grant you, as long as there is no damage or decline to my king, my homeland and the one who holds the key to my heart and freedom. (Don Quixote)

This is what Don Quixote tells Dorotea when she asks him to do her a favor to get up first.

I’ll do that willingly, if it doesn’t make you angry to hear pity and misfortune. (Dorothea)

Dorotea says this to Don Quixote before telling him her story.

Here, Sancho son, help me undress, I want to see if I am the knight that wise king prophesied. (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote wanted to see if he had the mole at the point where he told the false story of Dorotea.

Discreet lady! That must have been from reading it slowly and having fun with it. (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote comments this to Sancho Panza, fantasizing about how Dulcinea must have read the letter, which was never delivered.

That may well be so, and I have it by good use, but that must have been in the past, when now it is only necessary to get used to giving a piece of bread and cheese. (Sancho Panza)

This was Sancho Panza’s answer to Don Quixote’s question about what jewel Dulcinea had given him for having brought him news about him.

So it will be, because in good faith Rocinante walked as if he were a gypsy donkey with quicksilver in his ears. (Sancho Panza)

Sancho Panza replied this to Don Quixote when he asked him how he was able to go to Toboso and return in such a short time.

They have to give me a part of the kingdom, so that I can give it to whoever I want; and giving it to me, who do you want me to give it to but you? (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote’s comment to Sancho Panza, telling him that he will fulfill his promise to give him a kingdom once he gets it.

That I also know how to take them to the corral or to the fireplace, because there is really a very good fire in it. (The barber)

This is what the barber told the priest, expressing that he could also get rid of the books that he wanted to destroy.

So, is everything that poets in love say true? (Camila)

Camila said this to Anselmo to express that she did not believe in everything the poets said.

Hold on, thief, scoundrel, jerk, I have you here and your scimitar won’t work for you! (Don Quixote)

This was said by Don Quixote dreaming that he was fighting against the giant of Micomicón, while brandishing his sleeping sword.

Well can your greatness, tall and beautiful lady, live today more secure than this ill-born creature can do her harm. (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote, asleep, said this to the priest, thinking that she was the princess Micomicona, and dreaming that he had killed the giant.

At a bad time and at a diminished hour, this knight-errant entered my house, whom my eyes had never seen, how expensive it is for me. (The landlady)

The landlady shouted this disconsolate for the losses caused by Don Quixote, having damaged his leathers and wine.

Let me reach the wall of whom I am ivy, the wall of whom your importunations have not been able to separate me. (Luscinda)

This is what Luscinda said to Don Fernando, so that he would release her and let her go into the arms of her lover, Cardenio.

Your grace may well, Mr. Sad Figure, sleep all you want, without caring about killing any giant or returning the princess to her kingdom. (Sancho Panza)

Sancho Panza said this to Don Quixote when he woke up from his sleep, sad to realize that he was not going to get any kingdom.

And what do you say, crazy? Are you in your brain? (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote’s comment to Sancho Panza, seeing that he did not believe his story of having killed the giant.

No, it shouldn’t be like that, I want Dorotea to continue her invention. (Mr.Fernando)

Don Fernando told the priest that they should continue with their lie to help Don Quixote.

Be attentive, your graces, and you will hear a true speech to whom it could be that the liars that with curious and thoughtful artifice usually compose themselves will not arrive. (The captive)

The captive said this to those present, implying that his story was true.

Anyone who says that I have been enchanted with just title, as my lady princess Micomicona gives me permission to do so, I deny him, I laugh at him and challenge him to singular battle. (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote said this to the people who had seen him fall from the horse.

That you will not do, if it is not taking me dead; although in whatever way you carry me, it will be to carry me lifeless. (Don Luis)

This is what Don Luis said to the servants who wanted to take him back to his father.

Beautiful maiden, your request has not been granted for now, because I am prevented from meddling in another adventure as long as I do not complete one in which I have put my word. (Don Quixote)

Don Quixote tells the landlady’s daughter that she cannot help her father until Princess Micomicona approves.

He is as pack-saddle as my father, and whoever has said or will say anything else must be made of grapes. (Ranger)

A cuadrillero interrupted the discussion saying that what they were saying was a pack-saddle, it really wasn’t, and that they must be drunk for saying that.

Hold on everyone, everyone sheath, everyone calm down, listen to me everyone, if everyone wants to stay alive! (Don Quixote)

This is what Don Quixote shouted to calm down the fight that had taken place at the inn.

Because to be what she says, she wouldn’t go snouting with any of those who are in the wheel, around the head and every transposition. (Sancho Panza)

Sancho Panza said this to Don Quixote to…

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