9 junio, 2024

7 traditions and customs of the Pacific region of Colombia

The traditions of the Pacific region of Colombia they are framed in the strong presence of Afro-Colombian culture. The way of dressing, the seasoning of its gastronomy and the festivities celebrated are some of its most pronounced customs.

These vary according to the region or the area of ​​the Pacific coast, although they generally come from the same traditions that brought the African ancestors settled in Chocó, to the north of the Pacific coast.

When the Africans arrived in these regions they spread their customs and culture, which are still deeply rooted in the Pacific region of Colombia.

Most popular traditions and customs of the Colombian Pacific region

1- Light and colorful clothing

The clothing of the inhabitants is characterized by the use of light garments and fresh clothes made of linen and cotton fabrics.

The women wear colorful dresses and headscarves, which refer to the ancient clothing of black slaves in colonial times.

In men, short pants, white cotton shirts and straw hats stand out, used with the purpose of withstanding the sun, water or saltpeter of the sea when they are engaged in fishing or harvesting crops.

2- Seasoned food

The food of the Pacific coast is usually very seasoned, with a domain of salty flavors. Seafood and fish are usually prepared, with the distinctive use of refried food from the Pacific region.

They also tend to use green plantains as the main component of Pacific gastronomy. This is present in almost all the meals of its inhabitants.

3- Fishing and planting

The inhabitants of the Pacific region of Colombia practice fishing and planting as the main economic and production activities on the Pacific coast.

Numerous fishing villages are distributed along the entire coast, and planting activities are common in the different departments.

These activities can become subsistence in very poor sectors, as well as marketing and export in high production sectors.

An example of the development of these economic activities is found in the department of Valle del Cauca, which has 5.37% of the national agricultural production and 36% of the country’s total fishing production.

4- Celebrations and festivities

The inhabitants of the Pacific are characterized by having a joyful spirit in their multiple festivities.

Accompanied by music and dance, they highlight the Afro-Colombian culture that stands out for them. The most important celebrations are the following:

– The Festivities of San Pacho, in Chocó.

– The Currulao Festival and the Carnival of Fire, in Tumaco.

– The Procession of the Virgin of Atocha, in Barbacoas.

– The Immaculate Festivities, in Guapi.

– The Folk Festival of the Pacific Coast, in Buenaventura.

5- Language

Perhaps the most characteristic custom of the inhabitants of the Pacific coast is their word and way of expressing themselves, known as peaceful Spanish.

Emphasizes the colloquial language and the substitution of consonants at the end of words. In the context of a conversation, «vos» is often used to denote the second person. This is known as “voseo”.

6- Reunions

Departments such as Chocó, Cauca or Nariño are among the poorest in Colombia. This implies that many citizens of these regions have migrated to other more prosperous areas of Colombia or even abroad.

However, the affective bond is not lost and migrants usually return home on specific dates such as Christmas, Easter or vacation times. Families meet again and exchange gifts or money.

7- Superstitions

The Colombian is very superstitious due to the legends and myths that exist in the popular fervor. In the Pacific regions, these types of mysteries multiply, with many legends being passed from father to son.

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