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61 examples of qualities of a person

What are the qualities?

The qualities of a person They are positive physical or behavioral traits that define human beings. For example, it is said that someone has the quality of creativity when he is able to create something original and novel.

The word quality comes from the Latin qualitas, which expresses quality. Therefore, the presence of human qualities in an individual has a great positive value, and the presence of these determines the perception that others may have about a subject.

The opposite of a quality, a negative aspect value, is often known as a personal defect, also present in human beings. Examples of defects are selfishness, greed or laziness.

The qualities have the characteristics that they can be cultivated, being put into practice to the point where they become a normal behavior in someone’s personality. The presence of these qualities determine the most human traits of individuals, being a factor of great influence in social life.

Some examples of personal qualities


The ability of an individual to adapt to new environments, whether personal or professional, without affecting them psychologically or impairing other aspects of their life.


Not just physical, but mental. An individual who can act quickly in life situations, even taking the time to think about his actions, is positively considered an agile person.


Those who contribute without expecting anything in return are considered altruists. They are people who do not mind sacrificing their benefit or time in order to selflessly improve other people.


The ability of an individual to provide charitable affective treatment to another in any life situation. A being that possesses this quality is considered friendly.


The ease of learning in any context of daily life is considered a quality of great value for man, be it in the personal, educational or professional field.


The ability of an individual to perceive their environment attentively, and provide the same to all their activities to carry them out effectively. An attentive person is always valued.


It can be linked to negative concepts such as audacity and daring, but it can have a more positive meaning such as the courage to undertake difficult or risky actions to achieve an end.


The ability to demand of oneself to be much better in every possible aspect, and thus not incur in conformism, considered a defect.


It is the propensity to be good and perform good acts based mainly on the other. Those who act in this way are considered kind. It’s about doing good.

good character and attitude

This quality stems from the personality of each one, and their way of behaving in life. Even in negative scenarios, maintaining a good attitude can bring positive results and deepen interpersonal relationships.


Quality that prevents acting impulsively before life. A calm person has the ability to better understand the environment and act in the best possible way.


It is an attitude of solidarity with the pain of others. It differs from solidarity in that it has a closer religious bond and is born from one’s own initiative and not from help on the part of the person in need.


Determinant quality for dealing with others. A charismatic person is capable of «charming» others.


Knowing how to curb feelings, moments of passion or impulses at a critical moment is a quality that helps improve confidence, avoids emotional crises and generates well-being in the closest environment.


Although it may have certain negative connotations, competitiveness serves to make us try harder and improve our goal-seeking abilities.


The ability to get fully involved in any life project, with the aim of fulfilling it or bringing it to completion. A quality that determines the ability to meet goals.


The ability to find new ways of doing things and innovate in all possible contexts, using resources and experiences as a driving force. A creative person is capable of making things possible that many others have not even imagined.


Crucial aspect in interpersonal relationships. A person who inspires confidence will be able to have other people much closer, who will be able to count on him in a genuine way, and vice versa.


Ability to direct a series of acts, decisions and movements towards the right path. It can be a mental or physical exercise, individual or collective.


Quality that is related to others, such as attention, for example. A careful person in their actions will be much better valued and perceived by others.


The ability to consider scenarios and make them possible, without being overwhelmed by the obstacles that may arise.


Crucial quality for the human being today. A disciplined individual is able to carry out, in different aspects of life, their goals without distraction and in the best possible way.


It is being prepared to do something and finish it. A person willing to do something is someone who is prepared to face whatever it takes.


Important quality especially for interpersonal relationships. A detailed person is able to see what others do not, thus enhancing the emotional value of small things.


Innate and/or worked capacity with which a person is born and makes them stand out from other individuals.


The ability to express yourself verbally correctly and make yourself understood in any setting, without being hindered by physical or psychological defects.


Quality that allows a subject to understand the situation of the other by putting himself in their shoes, and thus be more respectful and reflective of what others experience.


Human capacity to acquire a series of skills and power to improve their situation. It usually implies an increase in confidence that generates the development of oppressed qualities.


Psychomotor human quality in which both physical and mind act in a coordinated and stable manner with less risk of harm or suffering.


It is the human capacity to create an art, concept or object with particularities that make it attractive to human perception. It can be the creation of a melody, the distribution of a home or a painting on canvas.


Ability to stretch or bend some joints of the body, as well as having the ability to adapt to circumstances that require rigidity.


Crucial quality to maintain sanity. Mental and emotional strength allows a person to face everything that life can throw at them with their head held high.


Inherent quality of physical appearance. The force allows the person not only to defend himself, but to be able to perform in areas not suitable for everyone.


From a psychological and emotional aspect, a person with willpower is capable of proposing new ideas and objectives, and wanting to go out and materialize them and turn them into reality.


It refers to the ability of an individual to share what he has with those who have less than him.


Quality that affects interpersonal and professional relationships. A person who stays clean will be much better perceived by others.


The ability to show and behave in a simple way in every situation in life, even if you have all the achievements and wealth in the world.


Essential quality for social and professional development. An intelligent person is capable of practically achieving whatever he wants with his life.


Closely related to creativity. An imaginative person can contribute and create new ways of seeing the environment around them.


Being loyal to those who have provided opportunities and support is an essential quality for preserving relationships throughout life.


The ability to be a leader, guide groups, train others and make everyone work as a team to achieve a common goal.


A person’s mental maturity is a great indicator of their ability to act correctly in all life situations, without their decisions negatively affecting others.


Related to a person’s ability to know when to act on something and when to keep their distance for the greater good.


It refers to the intrinsic goodness of a person who does not wish evil and is incapable of harming anyone or anything.


This quality allows you to always have a perception of certainty and security towards the future and towards the environment.


The ability to perform orally in public and before audiences. Indispensable quality for work and professional environments.


The ability to be organized, both spatially and personally, positively influencing many aspects of life.


Quality that allows not to fall into despair, and manage rationally and calmly the most stressful and unpredictable situations.


Although in excessive measures it can be considered a defect, perfectionism is a quality for those who always seek to improve their work and projects, so that they can deliver the best possible version to the world.


It is the ability to be constant and firm on a continuous basis in contexts in which the difficulties are notable or the situation is not comfortable.


Quality that allows not to give up and give in to failure. It’s about keeping trying with a view to achieving it, or doing it better.


It is a quality linked to the sharpness of people so as not to miss high details that most can miss. It helps to interpret contexts or solve complex situations.


Have a positive perception of life and the environment. Find the positive side of everything that seems negative and act based on that.


Behave and express yourself in a way that does not negatively affect others in moments of high sensitivity or tension.


It is about going to meetings or appointments at the time that has been agreed. It shows respect towards others and indicates that time is valued.


Being able to do as many tasks as possible in the shortest time helps to improve one’s own well-being and that of the affected environment. Being productive not only means finishing your work tasks, but also individual and domestic obligations.


Having a realistic vision, which does not separate from present conditions, can be considered a positive quality to have a better idea of ​​the environment.


Taking the time to reflect on previous actions and future expectations can improve a person’s relationship with their peers and their own environment.

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