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60 population examples

A population It is a group of people or animals that have certain characteristics in common. Examples of populations are a certain group of horses, a pack of wolves, or the population of a city.

Populations are studied to reach conclusions. They are usually delimited in an area to be able to carry out statistics on them. For example, knowing the population of Colombia can be useful to know if there are more women or men, or to know how many children there are.

A population sample refers to a significant representation of the characteristics of a given population.

Many relevant studies or works can be carried out, for this reason the samples of a population are usually studied and the absolute population is not used, since it would imply more work.

Although the population can be clearly defined, on some occasions it is not possible to collect data correctly. For example, the expression «Earth’s population» can be used and it is understood that it is the number of people within the limits of the planet, whose information was obtained through a census.

However, a doctor could study the case «what is the average blood pressure of the English between 40-45 years old?», but not all English people live in England, for example, their socioeconomic profiles vary as well as the general state of health. health.

That is why statistics taken from a population, such as means and standard deviations, are referred to as population parameters.

Human and Animal Population Examples

– The population of mammals that are in danger of extinction in the Amazon.

– The rural population of Russia.

– The working population, also called worker, of a particular place.

– The population of trout in the rivers of Canada.

– The cattle population in Guárico state, Venezuela.

– The world aquatic population.

– The population of tomatoes grown in Italy.

– The elderly population of the European Union.

– The population of people hospitalized in 2016 in a private hospital.

– The total population of a particular country. For example, Spain, Brazil, China, Qatar, etc.

– The religious population of the Earth. It refers to people who live their lives in the religious world, no matter what religion they practice.

– The population of domestic cats in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

– The population of existing books in the Ateneo bookstore in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

– The fish population in the Nile River.

– The population of flies existing in a garbage container.

– The population of coyotes that inhabit the Mojave desert.

– The blind population of Ireland.

– The rabbit population in Egypt.

– The population of pines that exist in the forests of Idaho, United States.

– The population of stars in the Universe.

– The population of larvae in the standing water of an area.

– The population of Tokyo.

– The population of existing trees on Earth.

– The population of capuchin monkeys in a jungle.

– The criminal population of Jalisco, Mexico.

– The population of the African continent.

– The population of Latinos living in the United States.

– The population of E.coli that exists in an agar culture.

– The oceanic population, which would be the inhabitants residing on the continent of Oceania.

– The student population in Madeira, Portugal.

– The world population of preschool-age children.

– The population of ants in an anthill.

– The laborally inactive population in Bogotá, Colombia.

– The child population of the northern region of India.

– The disabled population of Switzerland.

– The military population of Germany.

– The stray dog ​​population in Helsinki, Finland.

– The floating population of Paris, France. The floating population is made up of people who work in that city during the day, but live somewhere else.

– The marginalized population in South Africa.

– The termite population in a cabin.

– The existing minority population in Europe.

– The population of Asia.

– The world urban population.

– The disadvantaged population of the African continent. It refers to populations that have some point of fragility.

– The world dog population.

– The population of cacti that exist in the Atacama desert.

– The European population living in Saudi Arabia.

– The population of ducks in a lagoon.

– The Bengal tiger population of India.

– The population of friendly bacteria living in the human body.

– The population of Argentine parrots in Madrid, pets that escaped.

– The population of snakes in danger of extinction.

– The population of axolotls in the channels of Xochimilco, Mexico.

– The population of pregnant adolescents under 15 years of age in Venezuela.

– The population of monarch butterflies before their emigration.

– The population of single women in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

– The population of young entrepreneurs in Santiago, Chile.

– The prison population in New York, United States.

– The population infected with the Omicron variant.

– The population that died from Covid-19 worldwide.


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