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60 Popular Sayings and their Meaning

The popular sayings They are expressions that have figurative or literal meanings. Most of the people use them commonly in their day to day because they are part of their vocabulary.

However, since there are so many, on many occasions their meaning is not always recognized immediately. Sayings add something extra to the language and there are thousands of these phrases in every language. Most of the sayings have their origin in historical facts and folk events.

In linguistics, sayings are presumed to be figures of speech that contradict the principle of composition. The composition is the main key for the analysis of the sentences and it is emphasized in the majority of the sayings.

This principle states that the meaning of a whole should be constructed from the meaning of the parts that make up that whole.

In other words, one should be in a position to understand the whole if one understands the meaning of each of the parts that make up that whole.

List of popular sayings and their meaning

1- Blood is thicker than water

It means that family and blood ties come before everything else.

2- Curiosity killed the cat

It means a critique of human inquiring or prying, just as the cat is often the victim of its own curiosity.

3- You don’t look at the fang of a gift horse

It means that someone should not question a gift or something they received and should accept it as it comes.

4- They caught you red-handed

It means that you were caught doing something bad or wrong.

5- Faith moves mountains

It means that with faith everything can be achieved, even impossible things like moving mountains.

6- Break the ice

It means starting to talk to someone, starting a friendship or starting a project.

7- The fault is not the pig, but the one who feeds it

It means that the fault does not always fall on the one who committed the act, but on the one who allows it to happen.

8- Where there was fire, ashes remain

It means that time does not eliminate relationships between people.

9- A confession by one party, relief of evidence

It means that there is no need to go further or question whether someone has already admitted the fact.

10- Beggars cannot choose

It means that those who are asking for something have no right to demand conditions.

11- The cat ate your tongue

It means that a person was speechless, usually after being questioned.

12- Be on the same page

It means to think similarly or understand something in a similar way to other people.

13- Bread for today, hunger for tomorrow

It means that the measures that are taken to temporarily solve an issue will not always solve the problem in the long term.

14- My cup of tea

It means to find something or someone charming or nice. In other words, something that the individual likes.

15-They took you off base

It means catching someone off guard, just like a baseball player is caught off base.

16- Money does not grow on trees

It means that money is a resource that must be earned and not something that is easily acquired.

17- Kick the boat

It means to die.

18- When frogs have hair

It means something that will never happen.

19- God helps those who get up early

It means that positive things will happen for the one who gets up early.

20- Make a scene

It means behaving in a way that disrupts the audience, drawing negative attention to being dramatic.

21- Being in seventh heaven

It means having strong feelings of happiness or contentment.

22- Find the five legs of the cat

It means trying to find solutions or explanations without any foundation to real things.

23- Dog that barks does not bite

It means that those who talk a lot often do little.

24- Turn your back

It means that someone is not welcome or is rejected.

25- Tree that is born crooked never straightens its branches

It means that it is very difficult to modify the customs and habits of people.

26- Rats are the first to leave the ship

It means that petty or bad-hearted people give up at the first difficulty without accompanying others in difficult moments.

27- He has a heart of gold

It means that an individual is good and kind.

28- From saying to doing there is a long way

It means that there is a difference between saying something and doing it.

29- Let your hair down

It means to relax or be comfortable.

30- A shot in the dark

It means an attempt that has little chance of being successful.

31-Ships that pass in the dark

It means that two people meet for the first time, form a momentary relationship, and immediately go their separate ways.

32- Everything that goes up has to come down

It means that all things that are high at some point are going to decrease.

33- It costs an arm and a leg

It means that something is excessively expensive.

34- I would not hurt a fly

It means that someone is peaceful, gentle and non-violent.

35- Shrimp that falls asleep is carried away by the current

It means that an individual who is not attentive will suffer negative consequences.

36- Dirty clothes are washed at home

It means that problems should be solved in privacy without being exposed to the public.

37- Tell me who you’re with and I’ll tell you who you are

It means that people usually associate with individuals who have similar values ​​and behaviors.

38-The eagle does not hunt flies

It means that a superior individual should not occupy his time with trifles.

39- Like Pedro for his house

It means doing something with complete freedom; especially behaving in someone else’s house as if it were your own.

40- Like father like son

It means a comparison between members of the same family. It is often used to justify the similar behaviors of individuals from the same family nucleus.

41- For the money the monkey dances

It means that people will do anything for money regardless of the moral implications.

42- Talk up to the elbows

It means talking too much, sometimes even without making sense.

43- Biting the dust

It means destroying someone, either physically or morally.

44- Flour from another costal

It means that one topic is not the same as the other and must be differentiated.

45- Every madman with his theme

It means that each person has something that they are passionate about.

46- In the blacksmith’s house, wooden knife

It is a paradox that means that in a place where something should abound, the opposite happens.

47- A swallow does not make a summer

It means that a sporadic fact cannot be the reason for a generality.

48- They hung me the sambenito

It refers to when you are assigned an attitude or behavior unjustifiably.

49- You kill a cat and they call you a cat killer

Very similar to the previous one. It is a way of justifying that a specific event does not mean that he is going to do it more.

50- Giving a pig for a poke

It means that one thing has come to you when it really was another.

51- He went into the kitchen

It refers to when someone enters or meddles in something foreign.

52- Run away with the tail between the legs

It means that someone fled from a situation taking what they deserved or with great fear.

53- Bad bug never dies

It means that bad or cunning people usually get away from their bad deeds without consequences.

54- Soup and breast do not go into the same mouth

It refers to hoarding or selfish people, but without the ability to manage what they have in their hands.

55- He who does not fall, slips

It means that even the best person is not free from making mistakes.

56- A good understanding, few words

It means that if you are smart you will quickly understand the context without having to explain it to you.

57- To what is done, chest

It means that when a wrong act is committed, you assimilate the blame and put all your effort into making amends for the problem.

58- Clear things and thick chocolate

It is used when you want to put something on the table without rambling or getting involved in technicalities.

59- To the letter

It means when something is done faithfully to how it was explained or taught, without taking any kind of own initiative.

60- Do the tun tun

When something is done without any order or criteria.


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