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60 phrases by Charles Ans about life and love (of his best songs)

We leave you the best phrases of charles ans, one of the most outstanding exponents of Latin hip hop of the moment. This Mexican artist, born in Sonora under the name of Carlos Miguel Segura Ramírez, has a successful career in the field of music.

His songs include Here everything is fine, If it will never dawn, Time heals, Ynlpa, Suave, Leave me alone, I will be fine, Afrutadita, A piece that is not danced among many others.

His best phrases

Time heals all, but charges with life. (Time heals)

The passage of time allows us to forget the things that hurt us, but also that time does not return.

I want you to love me like I love you. (I don’t want to die)

We always want our feelings to be reciprocated with the same magnitude with which we feel them.

The heart will never die undefeated, we learned it out of love, how not to change teams. (to the same place)

It is inevitable that sometime we have to suffer in life.

I write alone most of the time, so it’s easier to find my faults. (October)

When we are alone, we are able to deeply analyze ourselves without being interrupted by other people.

If you fall you learn, man, nothing is in vain. (same roots)

We must know how to learn from our mistakes.

Every day the hangover is different, and from there I learned that nothing is forever. (Bohemian heart)

Everything in our life is changing, and everything always has an end.

And may sadness never be an impediment, there is no wound that does not heal over time. (The bus stop)

We must not let ourselves be defeated by bad times, we always have to keep doing what we want.

I didn’t always want how they wanted me. (Alone)

Many times two people love each other with different intensities, and this creates problems.

You gave me a slight wound, you marked my heart forever. (Forget the clock)

When a person we love hurts us, that memory always stays with us.

To return it is never too late. (Nothing is different)

We can always go back to the places we were happy.

Maybe I’ll lose my way and don’t ask me to come back, but there you are in every bottle to drink. (At a slow pace)

Many people turn to alcohol in search of comfort for a heartbreak.

We are only minutes of this complex life. (without suitcases)

Our life is very short, so we must enjoy it to the fullest.

I am the unsounded note that sounds good to you. (Amethyst)

Sometimes we like the person we least expect.

Because one day you leave without taking anything, you know. (The time has come)

It is of no use to us to keep material possessions, since when we die, only the memories are what we have left.

Today I start your yesterday, your doubts, your cold nights. (My eyes couldn’t see)

The pain of heartbreak makes us want to forget everything we have experienced with that person.

Do not overdo it, there are things that are not done; and no matter how good one is, there are those who just want a fight. (Don’t overdo it)

There are people who just want to confront us, no matter how hard we try to talk to them.

The clock shows 7:21 and the world will not stop turning. (7:21)

No matter what, life always follows its course, nothing stops.

I can’t love you the way I want, and I’ll always be far from what you want. (If it’s never going to dawn)

Sometimes we fall in love with a person at a time in our life where we are not able to do everything to be with them.

But chatting while drinking also sounds good; to relax and lose the stress that the routine of the month left in your body. (Grateful)

A drink is always good to relax and forget the problems of everyday life.

Far from my house I found this family; If tomorrow ends I’m going to laugh at life. (Tonight)

Many times, the people closest to us are not our family members, but the friends we make outside of it.

How many stories, how many lives the stories bring. (Don’t overdo it)

Memories bring people who are no longer close to us to life.

To this day, I still respect my roots; not like the politician who doesn’t know what he says. (to the same place)

We must never forget the place where we come from, nor the people who helped us on our way.

Life hurts, the good may be late; And still, look good no matter the details. (I don’t want to die)

We always have to see life with optimism, no matter how hard the moment we are going through.

But it all depends from the point of view. (last drink)

Each person has their own opinion on a situation, and each opinion is different.

We are what time leaves us. (The Last Supper)

Our personality and character are formed by the experiences and situations that we go through in our lives.

Sometimes a full head, others with nothing to tell you. (Time heals)

Artists often go through periods where they are not able to generate new content.

Do not fool yourself, be an honest person, only with time do some answers come. (The bus stop)

Maturity makes us understand many of the things that when we are younger we do not understand.

I remember her face, I smell her fragrance, she knows; love was killed by distance. (Without fear of losing you)

When two people who love each other are away for a long time, love can be lost.

Mom told me: Be careful what you speak, be careful what you say, be careful your words, that they are not so bitter in case you have to swallow them. (Alone)

We should never criticize the actions of other people, since we do not know if we will end up doing the same.

Forge your destiny, don’t trust luck. (The bus stop)

We must fight for everything we want, only then will we get it.

Let’s forget about the clock because time seems strange to me, each time it passes it hurts us. (Forget the clock)

There are moments that seem perfect to us, but with the passage of time they no longer feel the same.

There are moods that sometimes a fan doesn’t understand. (Tonight)

Fans think that artists are always fine and have no problems in their lives, but that is not so.

The heart forgives, but you know it never forgets. (Here everything is fine)

When a person dear to us fails us, it is very difficult for us to forget about it.

Life is not for crying but for dancing, breathe. (At a slow pace)

We always have to enjoy life, without getting carried away by problems.

If it will be another Tuesday that you leave for the two of us, where I forget about this and remember to be me. (If it’s never going to dawn)

When we spend time with the person we love, we take off the mask that we usually wear when we are in society, and it is us.

If something is clear to me, it is to be humble; because in the end we are eaten by worms. (to the same place)

We must never lose humility and believe ourselves better than others, since in the end we all end up the same.

I saw you and I recognized myself in you, more than in front of a bloody mirror. (7:21)

Sometimes when we meet a person we are immediately attracted to them.

Tell the betting guy I’m going 100% all in. (Papered)

When we see a person we like, we do everything in our power to be with them.

I do not understand love, nor its monotony. (Grateful)

Many people do not believe in the idea of ​​being committed to a person, and are more free when it comes to being with someone.

You started to be everything after being nobody. (Metaphors of you)

When we fall in love, the person we love becomes the center of our life.

The clock marks the time, the calendar the day; Better save the claims for another life. (The Last Supper)

We must try to live our life without so many worries and prejudices, and enjoy the time we have.

Money? Of course I want to, I’m the first. And even if he changes people, he returns to the lighter train. (Tonight)

Money transforms people, but it also makes some aspects of life easier.

Not you, not me, not them; empty bottles only. It is not easy to forget yesterday, but I must leave the memory and heal. (My eyes couldn’t see)

Sometimes it is very difficult for us to forget the person with whom we were happy, and all the moments we lived with him.

And if a door closes, a lot, they’re still open. (The bus stop)

We must never give up when something goes wrong, we must always try elsewhere.

If I can do it today, I won’t leave it for later. (Ten o’clock)

We should never put off the things we can do today.

Today he is happy showing off about his son, but he missed the dedication of each record. (Tonight)

There are people who approach us only when we achieve something and are successful.

Look at the turns that the world gives; for wanting to arrive first, I have not even arrived second. (The Last Supper)

We should never rush things, we always have to go safely and calmly towards what we want.

All the time I wasted I will not repeat it. (Alone)

We must make the most of each day of our lives, because time cannot be turned back.

All the gold I make today tastes like copper to me. (Here everything is fine)

When we are not emotionally well, we are unable to enjoy our achievements.

I don’t want to stop you, I just want to tell you that nothing can please you if you can’t see yourself. (Time heals)

If we don’t see ourselves and analyze ourselves to know how we are, we will never be able to achieve happiness.

That there is no better value than love and attitude, and if you learn to listen, it will always be a virtue. (The bus stop)

We must always live our life with love, and paying attention to the people we love.

Unfair only time, which takes all the living. (I don’t want to die)

Inevitably, human beings have a limited time to live; and, sometimes, the loss of our loved ones can seem very unfair to us.

And they say that time heals all wounds, but there are scars that are not forgotten. (to the same place)

Some pain caused by other people is very difficult to forget.

Life and its roulette brought me to the same place, fortunately I’m still the same guy. (to the same place)

Many times, the unpredictable paths of life make us return to the same place where we came from.

Some people believe that the feeling is a disease. (fruity)

Many people prefer not to get romantically involved with anyone, for fear of getting hurt.

And I learned that what is complicated is not good for the heart. (If it’s never going to dawn)

Loading ourselves with problems only hurts us, we must know how to make bad situations not hurt us.

Each person is more than what in her time. (Grateful)

What we see of a person does not fully represent their way of being; To know more about them we must know them in more depth.

If you feel bad just breathe; nothing is that bad, just imagine. (Tonight)

We should never get carried away by problems, we always have to pause to think better.

The atmosphere is burning. (Leave me alone)

There are places where the tension is felt in the air.

I am smiling at life and its situations; Heart breaks, watch where you put it. (I don’t want to die)

We must take the problems of our life with joy, so we will be able to face them better.

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