8 junio, 2024

60 Bombastic Words and their Definition

The bombastic words They are words that usually attract attention because they are not used by the common denominator of the people and because they make a certain noise or rumble in the speech. They tend to cause confusion because, in addition to their little use, their meaning is little extended or known among the masses.

Etymologically, the word «bombastic» is made up of three terms: its root «bomb», from the Latin bombus, which in its translation means «noise»; the prefixes «re» and «in» have an augmentative character —which intensify the value of a word—; and the suffix «ante», used in the present participle of verbs.

Based on the above, the bombastic words are those that cause noise, that resound. The word «bombastic» serves as a qualifying adjective, adding the property of «force», «pomposity» or «rumbling» to the noun to which it is applied.

In contrast to what one might think, bombastic words are not barbarisms or far-fetched terms so that speeches have a certain intellectual air. On the contrary, bombastic words are part of the lexicon and are necessary, and although there are those who use them for pedantry, stopping using them denotes linguistic poverty.

Each speaker of a language has the obligation to study in depth the linguistic bank of his language; by doing that he acquires ownership at the time of communication. It is about seeking to exalt the richness of what has allowed us to define the world around us: our language.

List of bombastic words and their definition


It means sitting on a seat and positioning yourself comfortably, in an extended way.


It means to speak or converse.


This word refers to the smell that stones or dry soil give off when rainwater falls on them.


Indicates someone who behaves in a conceited manner.


To move a liquid from one container to another.


This word is a synonym for cane. It is how a stick or rod of some material that is used to support yourself when walking is designated.


It means sleep.


It means boring a lot.


Something bad, intense, difficult to bear.


Instructed, with high knowledge.


That he lacks skill.


It refers to something being clean or clear.


It refers to the fleeting, to the fleeting, to that which is momentary.


In its singular form it refers to a free person who lives in a dream world, totally detached from reality.


Resilience is understood as the ability that some beings may have to overcome adversity, to be calm in difficult times.


Procrastination is the tendency to postpone what has to be done. For example, leaving for another day cleaning the room or studying for an exam.

ring road

It refers to remoteness or deviation, it is a term applied to roads.


It means being lazy or unwilling to do something.


Synonyms are intelligent, wise.


It means expert, with high knowledge.


It alludes to a hint or insinuation, it is also related to «disguise» or lack of personality; that someone who claims to be who he is not.


The fallacy refers to a lie, to a falsehood. It is used to denote insubstantial arguments, without foundation.


It is a synonym for eternal, commonly used as one of the names of God. Something that is there forever and always will be.


Someone who presents great gifts of generosity, of excellence in his walk, who deserves to be praised.


Thoroughly search for something, examine, probe the spaces until what is sought appears.


That it is very difficult to carry out, that it tires, that it is tiring to carry out.


To denote weakness, weakness, lack of strength. Someone who is anemic.


It refers to a noise or disturbance that may occur somewhere, an event that brings about entanglements or trouble.


It denotes simplicity, it is used to refer to those people with greatness of soul.


Exaggerated movement that is made with the hands or the body in order to reinforce a speech, or to express a feeling without even issuing a word.


Something that is clean, that is free of impurities and banalities.


Something that is superficial, that is left over, that is in excess, that is not needed and, nevertheless, it is present.


It refers to an example to follow to have notions about something, it is a sample of what governs a whole. It can also be presented as a model or prototype.


Something that is continuous, that does not stop, that is always present.


It alludes to an infamy, to a discredit, to the dishonor of someone.


Something that causes tremor or that is in constant vibration.


It refers to things without a body, impalpable, subtle, typical of the spiritual or dream world.


Alluding to dreams, which belongs to the world that develops in the subconscious of being.


It is used to refer to dark and gloomy places, which arouse fears and fears when being close to them or simply thinking about them.


Person who works in the field.


Get out of a container.


It alludes to something extremely fragile, which is brittle and delicate, which must be treated subtly.

break out

Shout with a high effort.


It refers to something that is common or habitual, that is done or carried out in a customary way, usually.


This word refers to a dispute or quarrel, to a lawsuit that is taking place.


It refers to a fun or party, something that invites enjoyment, joy.


This word speaks directly of something wonderful or prodigious, which causes amazement when seen.


It refers to the weakness or weakness that a person can present. It is normally associated with hunger or frailty caused by hunger.


This word refers to those things that, due to their meaning for someone, emotionally or spiritually, cannot be measured. They usually have an intangible character.


Something that is not from this plane, that belongs to the spiritual plane and that, therefore, cannot be felt.

defecate or depose

It means to expel the excrement through the anus.


Quality that some possess to be totally serene. This word is a synonym for calm.


It refers to a lighting effect where light rays generate small colorful nuances, something like tiny rainbows.


Something that is pure, that is in a state free of stains or filth.


Serendipity refers to what suddenly appears to change an entire environment, just when someone was looking for something completely different.


This word refers to that which cannot see corruption, something incapable of withering or aging.


This word refers to something that can be recommended, that deserves recognition, that is worthy of praise.


This word refers to someone tearful, who complains about everything, who spends his time moaning and shouting his sorrows.


It expresses that something is certain, true. Synonyms are of course or clear.


It’s a word that can be classified as bombastic compared to others like hurry up or lighten up.

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