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50 Phrases of the Little Prince that will excite you

I leave you the best phrases of the little prince about love, the fox, the rose, life, adults, friendship, overcoming and much more. It is the third best-selling book in history, after The Bible and the capital of Karl Marx.

Its author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, was a pioneer pilot of modern aviation. The impression of the death of his 15-year-old brother from rheumatic fever is reflected at the end of the book.

The main character of the story (the pilot) is obviously based on the writer, since on December 30, 1935 he crashed in the Sahara. La Rosa is inspired by his wife Consuelo, and the Baobabs symbolize Nazism.

-Saint-Exupéry disappeared on July 31, 1944 during a reconnaissance mission and his whereabouts were never known. As a curiosity, andThere is a French note worth 50 francs in honor of Saint-Exupery.

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The best quotes from The Little Prince

-The essential is invisible to the eyes.

-I wonder if the stars light up so that one day everyone can find their own.

-It was the time you spent with your rose that made it so important.

-Walking in a straight line one cannot get very far.

-When one is very sad, sunsets are pleasant.

-When a mystery is too impressive, it is impossible to disobey.

-What really beautifies the desert is the well that is hidden somewhere.

-If you come, for example, at four in the afternoon, I will begin to be happy from three.

-He fell in love with his flowers and not with his roots, and in autumn he didn’t know what to do.

-No one is ever happy where they are.

-It will be necessary for me to support two or three caterpillars, if I want to know the butterflies; I think they are very beautiful.

-It is much more difficult to judge yourself than to judge others. If you manage to judge yourself well, you are a true sage.

-The men? The wind carries them, because they do not have roots and not having them causes them bitterness.

-It’s crazy to hate all roses because one pricked you. Giving up on all your dreams because one of them didn’t come true.

-I lived a lot with older people and I have known them very closely; but this has not greatly improved my opinion of them.

-It is very sad to forget a friend. Not everyone has had one.

-Nothing in the universe remains the same if somewhere, you don’t know where, a lamb that we don’t know has eaten, or not, a rose.

-You just have to ask each one what each one can give.

-I thought I was rich with a unique flower and it turns out that I only have an ordinary rose.

-The baobabs begin by being very small.

-Older people can never understand something on their own and it is very boring for children to have to give them explanations over and over again.

-Only children crush their noses against the glass.

-Nobody believed him because of his way of dressing. Older people are like that.

-The little prince, who asked me many questions, never seemed to hear mine.

-Having a friend is a real privilege and if you forget about them you run the risk of becoming like older people who are only interested in figures and numbers.

-On the planet of the little prince there were, as on all planets, good herbs and bad herbs and, therefore, seeds of one and the other.

-You have to uproot the baobabs as soon as you distinguish them from the rose bushes because they look very similar when they are tiny.

-If a lamb eats bushes, it will also eat the flowers, right?

-The flowers are weak. They are naive. They defend themselves as they can and the thorns are their defense.

-If someone loves a flower of which there is only one copy among millions and millions of stars, it is enough to look at the sky to be happy because they can say satisfied: «My flower is there, somewhere…»

I should have judged her by her actions and not by her words.

-It will be necessary to bear the trouble of two or three caterpillars, if I want to know the butterflies; I think they are very beautiful.

-Whether the volcanoes are extinct or wake up is the same for us. The interesting thing is the volcano mountain and it never changes

-Men get into trains but don’t know where they are going. They don’t know what they want and don’t know what to look for.

It’s the same with the flower. If you love a flower that lives in a star, it is very sweet to look at the sky at night. All the stars have flourished.

-I can judge myself anywhere and I don’t need to live here.

-For the vain all other men are admirers.

-Well! I admire you, but what good is it for you?

I drink to forget that I am a drunk.

-It is useful, then, for my volcanoes and for my flower that I possess them. But you, you are of no use to the stars…

-He is the only one who does not seem ridiculous to me, perhaps because he deals with something else and not with himself.

-I’ll look at you out of the corner of my eye and you won’t say anything. The word is a source of misunderstandings.

-Only children know what they are looking for. They waste time with a rag doll that comes to be the most important thing for them and if they take it away, they cry.

-What a strange planet! It is dry, pointy and salty. And men lack imagination; They just repeat what they are told.

-Men go into the rapids but do not know where they are going or what they want. Then they shake and turn.

«He was just a fox like a hundred thousand others.» But I made him my friend and now he is unique in the world.

-I shouldn’t pay attention to it, you never have to pay attention to flowers, just look at them and smell them. My flower embalmed the planet, but I didn’t know how to enjoy it.

-Of course, since we know how to understand life, we calmly make fun of numbers. I would have liked to start this story in the manner of fairy tales.

-The soil of the little prince’s planet was infested with baobab seeds that
if they are not uprooted, they have just emerged and as soon as they are recognized, they can cover the entire planet, pierce it with their roots and, if the planet is very small and the baobabs are many, they make it explode.

-If you ever travel this can be very useful. Sometimes there is no harm in leaving work for a little later; but in the case of baobabs, delay is always fatal.

– Only what is domesticated is well known. Men no longer have time to know anything; they buy everything already made. And since friends are not sold in stores, men no longer have friends. If you want to have a friend, then you must tame me!

-People have stars but they don’t mean the same thing to everyone. For some, those who travel, the stars are their guides. For others they are just lights. For the wise, the stars are a reason for study and for my businessman, they were gold.

And therein lies the great mystery. For you who love the little prince, the same as for me, nothing in the universe will have changed if somewhere, who knows where, an unknown lamb has eaten or not eaten a rose…

-The elders really like numbers. When told about a new friend, they never ask essential questions like: “What tone does his voice have? What games does he prefer? or whether or not he likes to collect butterflies? Instead they ask, “How old is he? How many brothers? How much does it weigh? How much does your father earn? Only with these details do they think they know him.

-My drawing did not represent a hat. It represented a boa snake digesting an elephant. I then drew the inside of the boa snake so that older people could understand. These people always need explanations.

-Earth is not just any planet! One hundred and eleven kings are counted in it (without forgetting, of course, the black kings), seven thousand geographers, nine hundred thousand businessmen, seven and a half million drunkards, three hundred and eleven million vain people, that is to say, around two billion old people.

-When you finish getting ready in the morning, you have to carefully clean the planet. It is necessary to dedicate yourself regularly to uprooting the baobabs, when you distinguish them from the rose bushes, to which they look very similar when they are tiny. It is a very tiring job but very easy.

-I know a planet where a very red man lives, who has never smelled a flower, nor has he looked at a star and who has never loved anyone. In all his life he has done nothing but sums. And he spends the whole day repeating like you do: «I am a serious man, I am a serious man!»… Apparently this fills him with pride. But that’s not a man, he’s a mushroom!

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